Solo Sikoa a Real Threat to Break Up Bloodline for Massive Heel Run with Roman Reigns

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured Columnist IVDecember 25, 2022

The Roman Reigns-Bloodline saga is a long-running storyline so rich in storytelling, nuance and hints that endless theories about where it might go next and ultimately end up all make sense and are worthwhile.

But most everything seems to miss Solo Sikoa.

Despite his size, abilities and presence, Sikoa has been sort of off to the side of pretty much everything happening, both figuratively and literally.

He is, after all, only a "recent" NXT "call-up" who hasn't really solidified himself on the main roster yet in the minds of most fans. His storyline and possibilities aren't anywhere near as attractive as the plight of Sami Zayn, Jey Uso or even The Rock and Cody Rhodes. And he's quite literally solo, at least compared to the Usos.

Which makes him the sleeper agent to watch when it comes time to break down the Bloodline.

Say one thing about Sikoa so far, it's that he's been loyal to Roman. One can't look at any segment, interview or downright fight and find him not running to Reigns' defense, acting as a personal bodyguard ready to do the dirty work or take the hit.

The mannerisms and demeanor just aren't the same when Roman isn't around Sikoa, though. Nobody else is the head of the table. Nobody else had a role in his rise. Nobody else is responsible for their running the entire promotion or untouchable status. He has to answer to nobody else and will do whatever is necessary to keep things that way.

Seriously, this is just one example of what's starting to slowly become viral when it comes to how fans pay attention to the group as a whole:

{R}Needle Mover{R} @RomanNMReigns

Solo with Roman<br><br>Solo without Roman <a href="https://t.co/Dfyo4D19cL">pic.twitter.com/Dfyo4D19cL</a>

Coincidence, or very, very nuanced storytelling?

Because from a storytelling and fan reaction perspective, just imagine the heat if it's Sikoa who turns on and brutalizes Zayn. It's Sikoa who turns on the suddenly sympathetic Usos, demolishing them at the request of Roman, whose tightening the circle the closer Mania gets.

In fact, this might just be the perfect play for WWE.

It's still safe to presume that Roman either loses at Mania or retains and lets the titles go. The end of an era is here, and he's probably headed for a near-part-timer status, letting him work fewer dates but keep the same aura in a Brock Lesnar-sense.

One of the big questions has been where does WWE go once he's gone? Whether the belt(s) is on Rhodes, Zayn or somebody else, the programming needs a monster heel to occupy the top feuds and not many in the company currently have genuine heat.

If done well, though, Sikoa could 100 percent be that guy. A career-defining betrayal of everyone who isn't Roman before attempting to move into that void left by Roman's departure post-Mania would instantly build a new "top guy" for WWE at a time potential picks like Austin Theory look fine, but feel not ready.

This isn't saying a Sikoa betrayal would come close to say, Seth Rollins turning on The Shield. But him being evil enough to stamp out his own family members and squash the beloved Zayn would just complete the package—he's already a unique monster in the ring. He's just missing those defining promos and developments to keep him in the main event scene for a decade-plus.

WWE probably didn't intend for this to be the route things go when bringing up Sikoa to take part in the storyline initially. Just like it probably didn't realize Zayn and his Ucey promos would unbelievably revive a fading, plodding storyline fans wanted to just end.

But that's the beauty of pro wrestling. Letting things organically develop can lead to unexpected results that keep everyone happy. And right now, Sikoa's on the outskirts of this whole thing looking like a solid sleeper to upend it all and leave himself, fans and WWE itself much better off for the long run.

So while Zayn or somebody else might feel like the catalyst to all of this popping off, just don't ignore Sikoa off to the side too much—he might storm the stage before long.