Updated 2023 NFL Draft Order Following Week 15 Results

Joe TanseyDecember 19, 2022

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 18:  Kansas City Chiefs safety Justin Reid (20) dives underneath Houston Texans running back Royce Freeman (26) in the fourth quarter during the NFL game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans on December 18, 2022 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Houston Texans and Chicago Bears were competitive in Week 15, but neither team affected their 2023 NFL Draft stock.

Houston took the Kansas City Chiefs to overtime, but lost after a Davis Mills fumble set up the game-winning touchdown from Jerick McKinnon.

Chicago played well at home against the Philadelphia Eagles, but it failed to keep up with Jalen Hurts and Co. in the second half.

The Texans and Bears are the only two NFL teams with fewer than four wins heading into Week 16.

The Denver Broncos' win over the Arizona Cardinals moved their pick that transfers to the Seattle Seahawks to No. 3.

Updated 2023 NFL Draft Order

1. Houston (1-12-1)

2. Chicago (3-11)

3. Seattle (from Denver - 4-10)

4. Arizona (4-10)

5. Detroit (from L.A. Rams - 4-9)

6. Indianapolis (4-9-1)

7. Atlanta (5-9)

8. Carolina (5-9)

9. Philadelphia (from New Orleans - 5-9)

10. Green Bay (5-8)

11. Las Vegas (6-8)

12. Jacksonville (6-8)

13. Houston (from Cleveland - 6-8)

14. Pittsburgh (6-8)

15. Seattle (7-7)

16. New England (7-7)

17. New York Jets (7-7)

18. Detroit (7-7)

19. Tampa Bay (6-8)

20. Tennessee (7-7)

21. Washington (7-6-1)

22. Los Angeles Chargers (8-6)

23. Miami (8-6)* forfeited pick

24. New York Giants (8-5-1)

25. Baltimore (9-5)

26. Denver (from San Francisco - 10-4)

27. Cincinnati (10-4)

28. Dallas (10-4)

29. Kansas City (11-3)

30. Minnesota (11-3)

31. Buffalo (11-3)

32. Philadelphia (13-1)

Houston is in terrific shape to land the No. 1 overall pick.

The Texans are 1.5 games behind the Chicago Bears in the overall record column.

Houston finishes the season with games against each of its three AFC South rivals. The Texans are 1-1-1 against the division so far this season.

Chicago ends the regular season against the Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings, all of whom will be playing for something in their respective playoff races.

The Bears need to lose out to ensure they pick second.

The Denver Broncos' win over the Arizona Cardinals allowed that scenario to come into play. Denver, Arizona, Indianapolis and the Los Angeles Rams all have four wins.

Fans of the Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions will watch the results of the Broncos and Rams closely over the next few weeks.

Seattle gets Denver's selection and the Lions will receive the Rams' first-rounder.

The Broncos and Rams play each other on Christmas Day, so either the Seattle or Detroit fan base will come away from that game with a better chance to land in the top five.

The Philadelphia Eagles will also have their eyes on the draft order despite being in the playoff mix.

Philadelphia owns the first-round pick that belongs to the New Orleans Saints.

New Orleans, Atlanta and Carolina are all still alive in the NFC South title race and in the top 10 of the draft order.

The Saints' battle with Cleveland next week will also have the interest of the Texans, who have the Browns' top pick.

Houston's rooting interest should shift directly to the Browns' opponents, especially if the top pick is locked up in short order.