NFL Playoff Picture 2022-23 Week 15: Standings, Scenarios After 49ers vs. Seahawks

Doric SamDecember 16, 2022

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - DECEMBER 15: DK Metcalf #14 of the Seattle Seahawks carries the ball against Fred Warner #54 of the San Francisco 49ers \d3q at Lumen Field on December 15, 2022 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Christopher Mast/Getty Images)
Christopher Mast/Getty Images

Week 15 of the 2022 NFL season is officially upon us, bringing new opportunities for teams looking to make a push for the playoffs.

The San Francisco 49ers kicked off this week's slate with a 21-13 win over the Seattle Seahawks to improve to 10-4 this year. With the win, the 49ers have clinched the NFC West.

Multiple teams have playoff implications this week. Here's a look at the current postseason picture and this week's clinching scenarios:

AFC Playoff Picture

  1. Buffalo Bills: 10-3
  2. Kansas City Chiefs: 10-3
  3. Baltimore Ravens: 9-4
  4. Tennessee Titans: 7-6
  5. Cincinnati Bengals: 9-4
  6. Miami Dolphins: 8-5
  7. New England Patriots: 7-6
  8. Los Angeles Chargers: 7-6
  9. New York Jets: 7-6
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars: 5-8
  11. Las Vegas Raiders: 5-8
  12. Cleveland Browns: 5-8
  13. Pittsburgh Steelers: 5-8
  14. Indianapolis Colts: 4-8-1
  15. Denver Broncos: 3-10 (eliminated)
  16. Houston Texans: 1-11-1 (eliminated)

NFC Playoff Picture

  1. Philadelphia Eagles: 12-1 (clinched playoff berth)
  2. Minnesota Vikings: 10-3
  3. San Francisco 49ers: 10-4 (clinched NFC West)
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 6-7
  5. Dallas Cowboys: 10-3
  6. Washington Commanders: 7-5-1
  7. New York Giants: 7-5-1
  8. Seattle Seahawks: 7-7
  9. Detroit Lions: 6-7
  10. Green Bay Packers: 5-8
  11. Carolina Panthers: 5-8
  12. Atlanta Falcons: 5-8
  13. Arizona Cardinals: 4-9
  14. New Orleans Saints: 4-9
  15. Los Angeles Rams: 4-9
  16. Chicago Bears: 3-10 (eliminated)

Week 15 Clinching Scenarios

In the NFC, the Minnesota Vikings will be looking to join San Francisco in wrapping up a division title this week. The Vikings haven't won the NFC North since 2017, and they have a pretty simple route to get there.

Minnesota would clinch the division with a win over the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday. If the Vikings stumble against the 4-8-1 Colts, they can still win the division title with a loss by the Detroit Lions against the New York Jets. However, the Lions are surging and defeated the Vikings 34-23 on Sunday.

The only other NFC team with a chance to clinch a spot in the playoffs is the Dallas Cowboys, who will be facing the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. A win or tie gets Dallas its second straight trip to the postseason.

Over in the AFC, the first-place Buffalo Bills can punch their ticket to the playoffs with a win over the Miami Dolphins on Saturday night. Buffalo lost the first matchup 21-19 in Week 3 and will undoubtedly be looking for revenge.

The Kansas City Chiefs have the chance to clinch their seventh straight AFC West title with a win over the Houston Texans. A loss by the Los Angeles Chargers will also wrap up the division, but Kansas City will be playing the last-place team in the AFC and will surely want to secure the crown with a victory.