Video Shows 'Clipper Darrell' Being Punched in Face on Concourse at Crypto.com Arena

Adam WellsDecember 14, 2022

STUDIO CITY, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 06: Darrell Bailey aka Clipper Darrell attends "Rockin With The Stars" - Laugh! Clap! Dance! event on August 06, 2019 in Studio City, California. (Photo by Robin L Marshall/Getty Images)
Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

Darrell Bailey, better known as Clipper Darrell because of his love for the Los Angeles Clippers, was punched on the concourse at Crypto.com Arena after Monday's game against the Boston Celtics.

In footage obtained by TMZ Sports, Bailey appears to be in an argument with an arena security guard. The guard put up his forearm near Bailey's neck to prevent him from walking by, and Bailey swiped at his arm to push it off him.

"That's when the man in the red balled up his fist and swung on Clipper Darrell—connecting straight with the superfan's jaw," TMZ Sports wrote. "Darrell crashed into a nearby trash receptacle...and appeared to lose consciousness."

Lee Zeidman, the president of Crypto.com Arena, told TMZ Sports that Bailey received immediate medical attention and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and further evaluation.

"An investigation of the incident was launched which determined the employee's behavior to be a direct violation of our training and approved responses resulting in the immediate termination and arrest of the employee by the LAPD," Zeidman added.

According to TMZ Sports, the Clippers are aware of the incident. Bailey told the site he is on medication and has been suffering from headaches.

Clipper Darrell has been featured on several local and national talk shows where he speaks about his fandom. He told HBO's Real Sports in 2020 that rooting for the team became a lifeline for him after he was fired from a job.

"My boss told me I'd never amount to anything in life," he said. "You know how you get fired, you feel sorry for yourself. Went home, plopped on the couch, turned the TV on. The Clipper game comes on. They said the same thing about them, how horrible they was, how they'd never amount to anything. I said, 'This is gonna be my team.' We're gonna ride and die together."

Per his website, Bailey has been a Clippers season-ticket holder since the 2000-01 season, and he dons a half-red, half-blue suit on game day. He also "dances, leads cheers and taunts the opposing team" during home games.