Breaking Down the Hottest Stories in Pro Wrestling Right Now

Kevin BergeDecember 11, 2022

Breaking Down the Hottest Stories in Pro Wrestling Right Now

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    The Bloodline stands tall after Sami Zayn sets them up for success inside WarGames.

    Professional wrestling is on the rise. With a new regime in charge of WWE and All Elite Wrestling hoping to make a splash as a still-young company, both shows are bringing out stories that no one will soon forget.

    WWE especially is riding a high with the road to WrestleMania on the horizon. The Bloodline has taken over the company, but no one is a bigger star right now than Sami Zayn, who is proving himself step-by-step.

    Becky Lynch and Bray Wyatt are back in wrestling, and both are making an immediate impact. The two look ready to define the road to the future of wrestling.

    AEW is not quite at its hottest but has some major angle running. No one is bigger than MJF at the moment. Jon Moxley has found a dangerous rival in "Hangman" Adam Page, who is pushing him to be more brutal than ever.

    The angles that are the hottest in wrestling right now could define not just the end of 2022 but a wild 2023 to come.

WWE: Bray Wyatt's Struggle with His Identity

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    Bray Wyatt's return to wrestling was the boldest reintroduction in modern WWE. He was treated as the biggest deal, and the fans were glad to welcome him.

    Since that time, Wyatt has taken his time slowly building up to his first match back. He has been tormenting LA Knight but more importantly tormenting himself.

    While the real Wyatt has been the one speaking for himself, his alternate personalities have been interrupting and twisting his words. We have seen at least two other personalities.

    Uncle Howdy, who seems to be styled after wrestling legend Barry Windham, has taken the blame for Wyatt's more violent actions while another mysterious figure in a strange mask has questioned the honesty of the Superstar.

    The Eater of Worlds is still teasing more than delivering, but it helps that he is completely unique. In a world of wrestling that feels too similar from performer to performer, Wyatt is an original.

AEW: Jon Moxley vs. "Hangman" Adam Page

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    Jon Moxley has been the Most Valuable Player in 2022 for AEW. Through so much drama, he has been a stalwart. He dropped the AEW World Championship to MJF and moved right along to a rivalry with "Hangman" Adam Page.

    If anyone can match Mox for reliability in AEW, it is The Cowboy. He has been a part of the company from the beginning, and his AEW World Championship victory is still the biggest title win the company has ever seen.

    The two are on a collision course, fighting each other around the arena every chance they get. It is the angle in AEW with the purest heat, especially playing off the first match between the two.

    Mox nearly broke The Cowboy's neck and has not shown any remorse since. In fact, Moxley has gloated over the injury, seemingly slowly turning heel.

    The story between these two men is the kind of angle AEW needs more. It is an easy angle to understand as a former champion demanding respect from The Heart of AEW in the only language Mox knows: violence.

WWE: Becky Lynch vs. Bayley

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    Becky Lynch is The Man again. After a long heel run where she did everything she could to put over the rest of the women's roster, Lynch is once more the top woman in wrestling.

    Her first rival back is Bayley, a woman she knows well even though they have never directly feuded. The leader of Damage CTRL is the top heel on Monday Night Raw and has done everything in her power to take out The Man.

    The red brand is different when Lynch and Bayley are in the same ring together. No story for Raw is hotter, arguably even when The Bloodline makes surprise appearances.

    Even though WWE has had trouble booking Damage CTRL as dominant over the last few months, the group is established well enough to be a reliable challenge to anyone on the roster.

    Add to that a battle of the two most popular women in the company, and it is a recipe for success that should make it to WWE Royal Rumble 2023 at least.

AEW: MJF's Reign of Terror

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    Maxwell Jacob Friedman is AEW. After years of building his star power, the AEW world champion is the most exciting star to watch in the whole company.

    He can feud with so many stars and make an impact for months and years to come. That will start with Ricky Starks, who will fight at AEW Dynamite: Winter is Coming.

    MJF and Starks sold their feud over just a couple weeks, making the match to come more anticipated than most of the AEW Full Gear card.

    The Reign of Terror is only beginning, and that is purely due to The Devil's reliable presence in AEW. He can make anything feel special against so many top names.

    After Starks, Bryan Danielson, Jungle Boy, Darby Allin, Eddie Kingston and Hangman Adam Page all could step up next. These matches and more will define AEW for the next year and more.

Wwe: Sami Uso and The Bloodline

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    The Bloodline was set up over a year ago as the top stable in WWE, but the momentum of the group has swung up and down since. That all changed with the addition of Sami Zayn.

    Affectionately labelled The Honorary Uce, Zayn has made himself the star of the show. The crowd loves him, and Roman Reigns, The Usos and Solo Sikoa are rising to the challenge of meeting his work.

    While Kevin Owens is set up as the next major rival to The Head of the Table, that match-up only seems to be more fuel for Zayn's rise, especially given Zayn's relationship with KO.

    Every week, the question hangs in the air: will The Bloodline turn on The Honorary Uce? How long will Reigns enjoy the fun and games before it becomes a distraction?

    When we finally get Reigns vs. Zayn, there will not be a bigger match in WWE. It will likely not happen at WWE WrestleMania 39, and that may be a genuine mistake.