Stevie Johnson Benched: Why Happy New Year's Celebration Will Hurt WR

Dan Renfro@danrenfroCorrespondent IIIJanuary 1, 2012

According to NBC Sports, Buffalo Bills receiver Stevie Johnson could be facing a pretty hefty fine for his celebration against the New England Patriots.

Forget about the money he might lose. Johnson needs to stop the celebrations.

Today, when he scored against the Patriots, he lifted up his shirt just to say "Happy New Year" to all his fans.

Why, Stevie? Why?

The celebration isn't that original, funny or worth it. 15 yards might not be a big deal (it didn't lead to the Patriots scoring), but it's the idea of it.

Johnson knows what his celebrations will do to his team (and his wallet), and he doesn't care. He's one of the Bills best players, but he acts like he's above the team. When he's acting like that, it's tough to think of him as a team player.

I love fun celebrations. They're great to watch and as long as they're in good taste, no one should care. With that said, Roger Goodell cares.

As long as he's fining people, Johnson needs to lay off the celebrations.

Especially if they aren't that creative.

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As a player, you need to think about the team, especially when you're trying to sign a new contract. Johnson isn't doing that and it will come back to bite him.

General managers might not want to deal with a player who acts like he's above the team and isn't that great. Johnson is, no doubt, one of the best young receivers in the league. That being said, there are plenty more Johnson's coming out of college ever year.

As such, Johnson should start acting like he cares about the team, or it will cost him more than a small fine.


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