Drew McIntyre Cuts Legendary Promo, Bobby Lashley's Career Year, More WWE Raw Takes

Kevin BergeAugust 16, 2022

Drew McIntyre Cuts Legendary Promo, Bobby Lashley's Career Year, More WWE Raw Takes

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    Credit: WWE.com

    WWE Raw has found a new normal under Triple H, and it is built on the back of a term that was taboo under Vince McMahon: professional wrestling.

    On Monday's edition of the show, Drew McIntyre highlighted what it means to be a wrestler. His passionate speech elevated him and the program that followed to new heights.

    Bobby Lashley has been on his own special run and put in another stellar performance against AJ Styles, which solidified this moment as the best The All Mighty has been.

    Theory main-evented the night in his first appearance since SummerSlam. He got a chance to battle Dolph Ziggler and pick up a necessary win.

    The Judgment Day opened the night, attempting to build back some momentum by taking out Rey Mysterio. However, while Damian Priest and Finn Balor stood tall, Rhea Ripley is the only star standing out.

    The August 15 edition of Raw was arguably the best in a long time and was built on the performances of WWE's excellent roster.

Drew McIntyre's Greatest Promo Establishes Him as Voice of the New WWE

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    Drew McIntyre cut a promo on Monday night that had everyone buzzing. Filled with passion, he talked about his journey back to WWE and what it means to him to be a representative of the company.

    The Scot even ended by calling himself a "wrestler" on a "wrestling show." It came off as a statement on the changing landscape of WWE.

    As he prepares for a title match with Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle on September 3, McIntyre represented himself as a true top talent. He cut the promo of his career while setting up a match with Kevin Owens that was fantastic before The Usos interrupted.

    A single question has lingered over the upcoming Reigns vs. McIntyre match, though: Can The Scottish Warrior truly defeat The Head of the Table? Is he a big enough star for that moment?

    On an edition of the red brand that was missing its top champion, the Scot was the star of the show and performed like a man who could truly defend all the gold for Raw and SmackDown in the coming months.

    While Reigns has been the star of the last Vince McMahon-led era, McIntyre came off as the voice of the Triple H generation.

Bobby Lashley on the Best Run of His Career

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Bobby Lashley and AJ Styles wrestled for the first time on Monday's Raw, and it was one of the best matches of the year for the red brand.

    For The All Mighty, though it was just another week after stealing the show with Ciampa the previous week as well. He has been the MVP of Raw recently during the best run of his career.

    That is a major statement given Lashley's history in the company. He is a two-time WWE champion and has had multiple memorable performances at WrestleManias over the years.

    Despite all of this, he is making this United States Championship reign bigger than anything in his past. He is working with some of the absolute best like Styles, and he is challenging them to be better.

    Lashley also no longer needs MVP to speak for him. He is a top talent on every level, and he genuinely comes off as the No. 1 on Raw.

    Even if Roman Reigns appeared more regularly on Monday nights, The All Mighty would still outshine him at the moment.

Rhea Ripley is the Only Star of The Judgment Day

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    Credit: WWE.com

    When Edge formed The Judgment Day, it was supposed to elevate young stars. Damian Priest got a major rub off the bat, but the stable's evolution has left most of its talent falling down the card, except Rhea Ripley.

    The Nightmare looks rejuvenated as the villainous female presence of the group. She is unafraid to perform with the men, and she even comes off more imposing. She has stood up to Rey Mysterio and Edge without fear or hesitation.

    The way she has tormented Dominik Mysterio has aided in this.

    WWE does not use intergender matches often. There is a stigma against the stipulation that has made many forget how good they can be. Ripley could break through that barrier, much like Chyna did two decades ago.

    It is genuinely believable that she could defeat Dominik any time, and with the right build, she could well challenge two WWE legends in Rey and Edge.

    The Judgment Day need a star at their head, and neither Priest nor Finn Balor has been able to fit that role. The Nightmare, on the other hand, carries the threat of the group in a way no one else can.

Theory Needs Wins More Than World Title Right Now

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    Theory is back, and he is finally winning matches.

    Since he become Mr. Money in the Bank, the 25-year-old has not been able to buy a victory. That was until he defeated Dolph Ziggler in a heated main event bout that left a lasting impression on Monday.

    It always helps to work with The Showoff when he is motivated, but Theory has consistently shown what he can do when it matters. His in-ring work is stellar and highlights his strengths.

    However, wins and losses count. No matter how much WWE has attempted to devalue match results in recent years, fans recognize talent as either winners or losers.

    Theory's Money in the Bank victory came after a string of losses and continued right into more defeats. He may have a guaranteed title shot, but it will mean nothing if he isn't a believable talent.

    He needs to put the MITB briefcase aside for a while. He has plenty of time to pull out a shocking win, but now is the time to build him as a top guy. Keep pairing him with great wrestlers and let him win, even if it takes some underhanded tactics.


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