Cowboys' Trevon Diggs Talks 2022 Season, Playing with Micah Parsons, More in B/R AMA

Tyler Conway@@jtylerconwayFeatured Columnist IVAugust 4, 2022

Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Trevon Diggs isn't just the NFL's leader in interceptions—he's also a burgeoning designer.

The Dallas Cowboys star recently teamed up with Lids on a pair of hats that will be available in areas surrounding Dallas ahead of the 2022 NFL season. He sat down Thursday for an AMA on the B/R app to discuss his love of hats, the Cowboys' season prospects and ways he hopes to improve in 2022.

The following is a full transcript of the AMA.

So I understand you're here in partnership with Lids. Can you tell the fans a little bit about that and what you've got cooking with them?

It's a cool collaboration and they had me make a customized hat. They helped me go through the design process and it was really unique. I had a good time with that whole process.

Tell us more about what went into the 2 new Cowboys hats they've got dropping and what went into them. Do you have a favorite between the two?

The blue one and the off-whitish one with the old logo.

Every athlete has a unique sense of style whether it's their gameday fit or how whatever you're wearing on off days. How would you sum up your personal sense of style and where headwear fits into that?

I like to wear a hat every day. I'm a hat person. It really was perfect.

@Sxmplymade When did you first start playing football and were there any sports you played before that?

I started playing football at 4. I also played basketball. I was a shooting guard. Football and basketball my whole life.

@SMXC Do you have any special things you do to prepare for games?

I just try to keep the same routine, just getting ready, eating the same things, waking up at the same time. I try to do the same things every game.

@Nathan_Todd Do you ever still wish you could go back to playing WR? Was there a certain point where you realized you were better off as a DB?

I think I could still go back and play WR. Do I want to? Maybe a little bit. But I'm good over here.

@Islander48 Looking back at your time at Alabama, is there a favorite play or memory that sticks out to you the most?

Winning a championship was cool. My senior year I think I had a fumble recovery. That was also cool.

@Joke13Dallas Coming off a really great season, what areas do you hope to improve in this year? Is there a total number of INTs you're setting the bar at?

I just want to go out and be better than last year. Be an all-around better football player.

@Wrestlingfan11 Speaking of great seasons, do you think you and Micah can become the best defensive duo in the league?

As long as we keep working, we got all the talent and all the ability.

@NeckbeardSports How does your family decide whose games to go to when they're at the same time?

My mom typically splits it up in half but she never goes to Buffalo in the winter time.

@LetAthletesSmoke When was the last time you raced Stefon and who won?

We never raced before. Maybe when we were little but not recently.

@Westside361CCTX Do you hope your son, Aaiden, follows in your footsteps to play football?

I really want him to play golf. I feel like it's a lot less contact, a lot less on the brain.

@MrBoban__ Favorite athlete from another sport?

My favorite player is KD for sure, then Kyrie. They're my two favorites.

@Jasok Who has the best dance moves on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball on the Cowboys and who wins that dance off?

Best dance moves on offense is probably Zeke. Best moves on defense, probably Micah. Going with Micah.

@Nathan_todd Drums or flats?


@TGLJamius Name your top 5 WRs you've had to defend during your career?

CeeDee, Amari Cooper. We'll leave it at that.

@Splashout Out of those 5, is there a favorite for you to go up against?

I love going up against CeeDee and Coop, I feel like they help me elevate my game the most.


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