Updated WWE SummerSlam 2022 Match Card and Predictions Before Go-Home Raw

Erik BeastonJuly 25, 2022

Updated WWE SummerSlam 2022 Match Card and Predictions Before Go-Home Raw

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    WWE rolls into Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday night for SummerSlam, the summertime spectacular headlined by yet another showdown between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

    With title clashes and grudge matches making up the rest of the card, and a very public change at the top of the company behind the scenes, interest in the pay-per-view will be at a high.

    What does the card look like ahead of the go-home episode of Raw and who should fans expect to see win the top matches at Nissan Stadium?

    Take a look with this preview of the broadcast.

Logan Paul vs. The Miz

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    Logan Paul may be a social media star and his in-ring work at WrestleMania 38 may have taken the wrestling world by surprise, but there is little about his feud with The Miz that has fans eagerly anticipating their showdown on Saturday.

    Both are showmen and likely to lean on that aspect of their performance to deliver a contest that keeps fans engaged, but that is no certainty, especially taking into consideration a die-hard WWE fanbase that is unlikely to embrace Paul as a favorite in the match.

    Less questionable is the outcome. Paul did not come back to lose his second match with WWE, and Miz is largely bulletproof from a heat perspective at this point in his career.

    The A-Lister will lose to the YouTuber, and everyone will happily move on to the next match.

    Prediction: Paul

Riddle vs. Seth Rollins

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    Riddle and Seth Rollins may be victims of circumstance, left to compete against each other only because there was nothing better for either of them to do, but fans should expect them to have one of the better matches on the card.

    Neither man can afford a loss at this point but if one has to, Riddle should probably eat the pin. He is a comedic babyface who can ramp up the intensity when necessary, but his connection with the audience is one that does not need a boatload of victories to work.

    Rollins, on the other hand, has spent too much time looking up at the lights in 2022 for a guy who was seconds away from beating Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble in January.

    For a company still grasping for any legitimate star power it can get its hands on, sacrificing Rollins in a throwaway match would be a massive misstep.

    With Triple H and Stephanie McMahon now in power positions in WWE, and their connection to Rollins dating back to his days in NXT, expect him to get back to his winning ways.

    Prediction: Rollins

Raw Women's Championship: Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch

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    For the second time this year, Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch will battle in a stadium setting with the Raw Women's Championship at stake.

    Their rivalry began a year ago at this event, with the surprise return of Lynch and a humiliating 26-second defeat for Belair.

    The EST of WWE may have defeated Big Time Becks at WrestleMania 38, but the mental hurdle of doing it again, at the same event in which her first reign ended so quickly and emphatically, will be an entirely different challenge for her to overcome.

    There is reason to believe Lynch will dethrone Belair again, especially after the apparent downfall she suffered before clawing her way back into title contention. This is a different EST, though. She is smarter, more experienced and knowledgeable of the shortcuts the heel will try to take in order to dethrone her.

    In short, she is better prepared than she was when Lynch stunned the world with her unadvertised comeback last year in Las Vegas. That will be the difference.

    Belair wins, retains her title and moves on to a different challenger as soon as Monday night. What that means for Lynch and her role on Raw for the immediate future remains to be seen.

    Prediction: Belair retains

Pat McAfee vs. Happy Corbin

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    Pat McAfee will defeat Happy Corbin in Nashville. That much is not up for debate.

    What is arguable, though, is just how good the match will be.

    The intensity has been off the charts, and the physicality to this point has been more significant than expected for a match featuring an untrained color commentator.

    Given their history and the audience's love for McAfee, there is every reason to believe the competitors will be met with a red-hot crowd that will fuel them to have one of the surprise bouts of the card.

    Corbin will be just fine in defeat. He is a masterful heel who knows how to get under the skin of the WWE Universe and will resume doing so the following Friday.

    McAfee, meanwhile, will run his in-ring record to 2-0, with several more to come if his performance lives up to what he accomplished at WrestleMania in April.

    Prediction: McAfee

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship: The Street Profits vs. The Usos

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    The Usos and The Street Profits tore the house down in Las Vegas on July 2 in an Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship match that stole the show from the Money in the Bank bouts.

    It was a hugely dramatic bout that had fans inside MGM Grand Garden Arena on the edge of their seats, thanks to some expertly timed near-falls and high spots. Look for more of the same in Nashville, with Jeff Jarrett as special guest referee.

    There is no real reason for the WWE Hall of Famer to be involved other than to give him the hometown exposure, but he is a grizzled vet who has been in his own fair share of outstanding championship matches. He will likely add to the bout in some regard, while potentially taking away from it simply by giving fans another body to keep track of.

    Regardless, the fight should still be extraordinary. Both teams have a track record of showing up and showing out in big-match situations and this is certainly another one.

    Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are headed toward a split that will see them go their separate ways, while The Usos make up two-thirds of the top main event act in the company.

    Jimmy and Jey retain here, although the tag team division for them to work with becomes smaller sooner or later.

    Prediction: The Usos retain

United States Championship: Bobby Lashley vs. Theory

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    There is no match on the card colder than Bobby Lashley's defense of the United States Championship against Theory.

    That is no fault of either man, it is simply the result of WWE Creative focusing too much attention on the heel potentially cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase and almost none on his chase for the title he lost just four weeks earlier.

    Throw in side-feuds with Madcap Moss and Dolph Ziggler, and it appears A-Town has his attention on everyone but Lashley. That makes the outcome of this particular bout that much less dramatic.

    Theory is on the fast track to the main event and does not need the U.S. belt to get there, nor does he need a win over The All Mighty. He is an insufferable heel with the ace of spades in his back pocket in the form of the MITB briefcase.

    He will lose to Lashley, maybe even by disqualification, but he will recover nicely and possibly even factor into the closing moments of the PPV.

    Prediction: Lashley retains

SmackDown Women's Championship: Liv Morgan vs. Ronda Rousey

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    Liv Morgan's magical cash-in of the Money in the Bank briefcase and resulting SmackDown Women's Championship victory came at the expense of Ronda Rousey.

    At SummerSlam, they clash once more for title, with a decided lack of build or anticipation for the bout.

    In fact, there is a sense of dread hanging over the bout surrounding the potential for Rousey to simply tap out Morgan and take back the belt just in time for the return of Charlotte Flair and the renewal of a rivalry no one wants to see.

    Fear not, though, as it appears WWE is genuinely invested in Morgan and the response to her title win by its fans has been overwhelmingly positive.

    If anything, do not be surprised to see management utilize this match to ignite a Rousey heel turn that will only serve to enhance Morgan's status as lead babyface on Friday nights.

    Even if there is no heel turn by The Baddest Woman on the Planet, Morgan wins.

    Prediction: Morgan retains

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns

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    Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar as cleanly as one could imagine at WrestleMania 38, unifying the WWE and Universal Championships in hopes of presenting one titleholder across both brands.

    Then, The Tribal Chief signed a new contract for less dates.

    Saturday's match marks just the second title defense by Reigns since beating The Beast Incarnate at WrestleMania on April 3. The stipulation? Last Man Standing, which should help the overall quality of the contest.

    Too often, Lesnar and Reigns rely on repeated use of their trademark and finishing maneuvers. They will be able to mix in some brawling in a match that will likely spill to the floor and the stands, while even utilizing The Usos and Paul Heyman as storytelling devices.

    And don't forget about Theory, who has vowed to cash in and leave Nashville with the unified titles.

    In the end, though, it still feels like Reigns will continue his historic run as champion, with WWE keeping alive the hopes of a WrestleMania 39 showdown against The Rock.

    Prediction: Reigns retains


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