Speculating on Who Is the Big Reveal in WWE's Mysterious Vignettes

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured Columnist IIIJuly 18, 2022

One of the most effective ways to get people talking is to present them with a mystery to try to solve. WWE is no stranger, with two of those marketing techniques going on right now.

In NXT, a QR code has popped up twice with the words "scan here"—one stating 8:10:11 and the other being a Wordle-inspired puzzle with the solution HAVOC. Since Halloween Havoc was eight months and 10 days from that initial teaser and the last time we saw Zoey Stark in action, it seems that is indicating her return to the ring.

But with that solved, what is going on with the vignettes that have been airing on Raw since Money in the Bank?

Each week, a cryptic video plays with vague imagery of candles, someone's feet walking on steps, a series of dilapidated buildings and other miscellaneous iconography, and nothing concrete.

However, if you look at the clues, a picture is forming that points distinctly in one person's direction: Edge.

Most of these vignettes are just filler to set the mood and can be ignored. After all, WWE couldn't just show the clues and nothing more, as that would be too obvious.

A shot of a tree in front of the moon means nothing. Cobwebs on a stairwell and a lock jiggling on a door are all just atmosphere or poetic metaphors for things such as The Rated-R Superstar having something locked up inside him, tapping into his dark side and so on.

Considering he was just excommunicated from The Judgment Day—a gloomy faction he created—that was what the character was last up to. But it is actually the allusions to other parts of his career that pinpoint how this is a series of Edge vignettes and not just something about Rhea Ripley, Finn Balor, Damian Priest or another new member.

For example, all the candles, churches, crosses and similar symbols evoke Edge's days in The Brood as a vampire.

The empty streets with graffiti on the buildings at night are reminiscent of how Edge originally debuted in WWE as a "tortured soul" who would wander the streets filled with rage.

The biggest Easter eggs come in the fashion of former opponents Edge has feuded with, though.

First, Jeff Hardy's arm bands were next to a pair of glasses with tape in the middle, referencing the three-way feud between Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz.

That was followed by a gold medal in reference to Kurt Angle and a Texas license plate with the words "Latino Heat" to callback El Paso-born Superstar Eddie Guerrero's signature car and moniker.

After airing the same vignette several times, a new one just appeared on this past episode of Raw with some other Superstars referenced to seal the deal.

Mick Foley's iconic red flannel shirt catching fire is shown several times. He and Edge had a brutal match at WrestleMania 22 featuring a spear through a flaming table that will forever be one of the standout moments in that event's history.

Even more blatantly obvious is an RKO shirt. Randy Orton not only teamed with Edge to form Rated-RKO, but the two feuded to kickstart Edge's return to action after nearly a decade on the shelf.

"You can't see me" has long been a John Cena slogan, but you can't miss his hat a moment later. Those two have a long history together, with a notable moment seeing Edge cash in the first Money in the Bank contract to steal Cena's WWE Championship.

Finally, a goblet with blood ends the vignette, once more referencing Gangrel's entrance from The Brood.

Not only does everything point toward Edge being the focal point of these vignettes, there isn't anyone else even remotely hinted at. Unless this is all just a wholly illogical bait and switch for the pure sake of playing "gotcha" with the fans, look out for The Rated-R Superstar to return soon.

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