Kingsley Enagbare NFL Draft 2022: Scouting Report for South Carolina EDGE

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BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA - OCTOBER 24: Kingsley Enagbare #52 of the South Carolina Gamecocks in action against the LSU Tigers during a game at Tiger Stadium on October 24, 2020 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

HEIGHT: 6'3 3/4"


HAND: 10 5/8"

ARM: 34 3/4"


40-YARD DASH: 4.87




BROAD: 9'9"


— Excellent length. Makes it easier to keep OL out of his frame.

— Flashes of quick, strong hand usage.

— Above-average explosiveness. Has moments where he flies off the ball.

— Good speed and comfort in space. Better than his tall frame would suggest.

— Above-average eyes and discipline against the run.

— Moments of functional anchor with room to improve.


— Below-average acceleration when attacking the edge.

— Poor bend and flexibility.

— Below-average balance. Struggles to recover after being knocked off his initial path.

— Anchor is inconsistent. Base can get too skinny at times.

— Physicality wavers in congested areas. Sometimes too hesitant to strike the OL.


12 G, 43 TOT, 7 TFL, 4.5 SK, 1 FF, 1 FR


— 4-star recruit in 2018.

— Two-year starter.

— 2020 second-team All-SEC.


Kingsley Enagbare is a long, lanky player with experience both with his hand in the dirt as well as from a stand-up alignment. Thanks in part to his long arms, Enagabre wins most of his reps through active hand usage and the ability to keep offensive tackles out of his frame. When combined with his flashes of burst off the line of scrimmage, Enagbare shows moments of being able to rip down a blocker's arms instantly and muscle past him.

However, Enagbare does not generally accelerate through his second and third steps very well. He also struggles to turn the corner, which is both a function of stiff hips that prevent him from getting low and poor ankle flexion. Enagbare is too easily knocked off his outside path as a result.

In run defense, Enagbare runs hot and cold. He has moments in which he sets his base and strikes first with his long arms, giving him a stable base and control of the blocker's frame. That said, Enagbare is just as liable to get too skinny with his base and be late with his hands, leading to him getting washed completely.

He does show impressive speed and control after freeing himself of blocks, though. Enagbare has the skills to be a valuable run defender, but he will need more reps to iron out his technique. He could also stand to bring a bit more confidence and physicality when presented with congested areas, particularly against the run.

Enagbare has the length, motor and explosion to be a functional starter in the NFL, but his ceiling is capped by his inability to win around the edge.

GRADE: 6.9 (Potential role player - 4th Round)



PRO COMPARISON: Carl Granderson

Written by B/R NFL Scout Derrik Klassen