Becky Lynch Says She Doesn't Talk to Charlotte Flair amid WWE Backstage Rumors

Mike Chiari@@mikechiariFeatured Columnist IVNovember 11, 2021

Photo credit: WWE.com

Ahead of their upcoming match at Survivor Series, Raw Women's champion Becky Lynch commented Thursday on reported backstage issues between her and SmackDown Women's champion Charlotte Flair.

Appearing on the SI Media Podcast with Jimmy Traina (h/t WrestlingInc.com's Jason Ounpraseuth), Lynch divulged that she and Flair are no longer close despite previously being great friends:

Jimmy Traina @JimmyTraina

On this week's SI MEDIA PODCAST, I asked WWE superstar Becky Lynch about a recent backstage incident with Charlotte Flair and their real-life heat. Lynch did not pull any punches. <a href="https://t.co/A6BAlsrEmO">https://t.co/A6BAlsrEmO</a> <a href="https://t.co/zo8zFwyWLT">pic.twitter.com/zo8zFwyWLT</a>

Last month, PWInsider (h/t WrestlingInc.com's Sai Mohan) reported that Lynch and Flair got "heated" with each other backstage following a segment on SmackDown.

When asked about the reported confrontation and her relationship with Flair, Lynch told Traina: "I don't know, man. We don't talk anymore. We don't talk. So all I'll say is the locker room needs a hero sometimes. And sometimes somebody's gotta be a hero. I'm all right being that hero. That's what I'll say on that matter."

The segment was an exchange of belts since Lynch was the SmackDown women's champion moving to Raw and Flair was the Raw women's champion moving to SmackDown as part of the WWE draft.

Things quickly seemed to get contentious, as Charlotte dropped the SmackDown women's title on the canvas and Becky later threw the Raw women's title at The Queen.

Flair was reportedly against doing the segment because she felt it would make her title reign look weak. The Man reportedly felt Charlotte was "trying to make her look bad" by dropping the belt.

Alex McCarthy of TalkSport later reported that Lynch and Flair have had a "strained" relationship since 2018 when Becky called Charlotte "plastic" in a promo.

Lynch and Flair will have to try to put their differences aside when they clash at Survivor Series in a champion vs. champion match on Nov. 21.

Regarding whether not being on the same page with Charlotte could make performing more difficult, Lynch said on the podcast:

"Oh, 100% more difficult. ... That's the thing. When you've got two people that are wanting to work together to make magic, then you make magic. Sometimes when there's hostility, when you can't trust the person, then you never know what's going to happen. You always have to be on guard. It's like a game of chess. You have to be thinking two steps, three steps, four steps ahead. What are they gonna do? How am I gonna handle it? If they do this, if they do that, whatever.
"This business is built on trust and working together, that's the art of it. That's the beauty of it. If I make you look good, you make me look good. It's an art. It's a beautiful art, it's an art I love more than anything. If people don't know how to make that art, then it becomes difficult. It becomes tricky and you never really get the full potential. But there's intrigue there, too, because we never know, was this meant to happen? Was that not meant to happen? What's gonna go down? There's interest in both ways. One way, it's the beautiful pure art of pro wrestling. The other way is a bit of a s--t show. So we'll see what happens."

Lynch was also asked if she trusts Flair, and she said she did not. Additionally, Becky said she and Charlotte "used to be best friends" when asked if they were no longer friends.

While there seems to be an obvious fissure between Lynch and Flair, it does make the prospects of their match at Survivor Series more exciting.

Becky acknowledged that there is added intrigue because of how things went down during the title exchange. It is unclear if any of that was by design, but there is no question that Lynch vs. Flair at Survivor Series is now a can't-miss match for wrestling fans.

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