Trai Turner Discusses Signing Steelers Contract, Justin Herbert, More in B/R AMA

Tyler Conway@@jtylerconwayFeatured Columnist IVJuly 7, 2021

FILE - In this Dec. 13, 2020, file photo, Los Angeles Chargers offensive guard Trai Turner (70) blocks during an NFL football game against the Atlanta Falcons in Inglewood, Calif. Turner has been released by the Chargers, less than a year after he was acquired in a trade from the Carolina Panthers. (AP Photo/Peter Joneleit, File)
AP Photo/Peter Joneleit, File

Trai Turner was a shocking departure from the Los Angeles Chargers this offseason, but he's found a new home in Pittsburgh.

The five-time Pro Bowler sat down with B/R for an AMA on Wednesday.

Here is a full transcript of the conversation. 

@Rivers2ndKid What was it like to play with Justin Herbert his rookie year? Do you think he might go down as an all-timer?

It was great. I think Justin is a phenomenal player. He do more talking on the field then off the field. I wish him nothing, but the best.

@belacsmoon What influenced you to sign with the Steelers?

They play my type of football. It's a hard-nosed team, hard-nosed city. I think it's a team that will bring a lot of physicality come Sunday.

@Matti_Ice48 Is there a specific player on the Steelers roster you're most looking forward to getting to know?

I'm really just eager to bond with the line. I'm excited to get to know some of the guys.

@9coco9 Are you excited for the Browns-Steelers rivalry? 

(Browns got the better of them in playoffs)

I played in Carolina so I know what big rivalries are like against the Saints. I'm eager to see what Steelers-Browns looks like. I can't wait for it.

@Maloas23 What is your training schedule like? Do you workout every day? 

I workout 5 times a week - a mix of cardio, weights and actual football. You can run and lift weights but you need to keep playing football or else nothing is relevant.

@ just_in_time You were part of an absolutely stacked LSU team in 2013. Do you have any good stories or memories from that team?

I played with a cast of guys. You could have a movie reel of highlights from everyone on that team. Me, Lael Collins, Jerald Hawkins all made it to the league. We were the first all black offensive line at LSU so that was really dope;

@Rhettro Which NFL player was your inspiration growing up?

Kyle Turley 

@fitchkarma66 What was your 'Welcome to the NFL' moment?

Training camp, me and Luke Kuechly. I was coming down to block. I made a great block. I kind of pancaked a guy. So next play, I come the next play I'm trying to do it again. The next play I had a little extra something behind me. So Luke came and nudged me to the side and said hey don't do that. That was kind of my first time being knocked down on the field. 

@Bucante Who is the hardest player you've had to try to block?

Gerald McCoy. I played vs. him for 5 or 6 years. He was ready to always tee off on me. I held my own but he was a tough matchup.

@not_deucetatum Your favorite moment in the NFL so far? 

Getting to the Super Bowl. That's the highlight of my career. That's what you play for.

@fitchkarma66 Do you have any pre game rituals?

I like to be to myself. It's not so much about music or food. I just try to get mentally in the zone. That may be calling my mom before the game or texting my dad or just something to keep me zoned in.

@AntonioRossi21 What is the best advice someone has ever given you?

Don't trust nobody else with your money. You gotta know what other people are doing. I need to have some sense of what's going on. I can't keep a blind eye.

@boblart What has the NFL taught you about hard work?

It's year-round. It's from January to January every time. People might not understand how physically and mentally taxing that is on you. That's why I respect players that stay in the league for a long time.

@LetsgoPens What are your thoughts on the NFL season being extended to 17 games? 

Let's ball. It is what it is.

@steve_perrault What are your favorite kicks of all time?

My favorite sneaker is the Air Force 1. Whether it's white, gray, black green, it usually gets the job done. If I had to pick two, it would be the Jordan 3s or Jordan 4s. 

@tAU5TYNj Favorite clothing/fashion brand?

Aime Leon Dore

@TwoWaysWigs What is your go-to fast food spot?

I'm a big guy from New Orleans so I know really good food. Fast food is not usually on the menu, but I love sushi. I love real sushi.

@SFB_ Vanilla or chocolate?


@abdulrahim1 Bucks or Suns?

I don't really care who wins but I want to see CP3 get one. If he doesn't, I think it's cool to see someone new win at the end of the day.