Khetag Pliev Has Severed Finger Surgically Reattached After CFFC MMA Fight

Adam WellsApril 2, 2021

Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Khetag Pliev had to undergo surgery to have his left ring finger reattached after it was severed during an MMA fight Thursday night.

Per ESPN's Marc Raimondi, Pliev's fight with Devin Goodale at a Cage Fury Fighting Championship event was stopped between the second and third rounds when the referee "noticed Pliev was missing his left ring finger."

Raimondi tweeted a picture of Pliev, who said afterward he's "all good," with his finger reattached (warning: image is graphic):

Raimondi noted that for "several minutes" people were searching for the finger.

CFFC President Rob Haydak told Raimondi they eventually discovered Pliev's finger lodged inside his glove. 

"It wasn't a compound fracture, a break, it wasn't a dislocation, a break, a laceration. His finger was just gone. It's gone," CFFC color commentator CM Punk said on the broadcast.

Pliev explained what happened:

"In the second round, he caught my glove with one hand and held it. I felt my finger snapped. He kept pulling my glove and my finger snapped. We kept fighting. When the second round was finished, I see my [bone] was out in the open. I wanted to keep fighting, because I felt like I had this guy. But the doctor saw that and stopped the fight."

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Pliev told Raimondi he intends to appeal the result with the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission because Goodale was illegally grabbing his gloves during the fight.

Goodale was declared the winner by second-round TKO.

Pliev, 37, is a former amateur wrestler who finished 10th at the 2012 Olympics in the 96kg men's freestyle division while representing Canada. The Russian native is 5-2 in his MMA career.