1. 📹 Exclusive A'ja Interview 🗣

    WNBA MVP sits down with Taylor Rooks to talk wild Aces parade, winning a ring and more. Watch the full show ⤵️

  2. Adesanya's Iconic Quote 😳

    UFC star explaining his 'I'm prepared to die' moment is already going viral

  3. Izzy's ELITE Avatar Knowledge 💨

    Stylebender drops this specific moment from iconic show to explain what he's attached to

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    Nuggets star sat down with Taylor Rooks to discuss about his return after 539 days, playing with Jokic and more. Watch the full show ⤵️

  5. Best of Jayson Tatum Interview

    Jayson Tatum was live in the B/R App with Taylor Rooks and discussed everything from his NBA Finals experience to one day becoming the league MVP 🎥


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  7. 📹 Live Jayson Tatum Interview

    Tatum was live with Taylor Rooks for exclusive interview on playing through a wrist fracture, how felt after Finals loss and more.

  8. Ja Morant Live Interview 🗣

    Warriors drama. Rookie extension. KD trade request. Ja was live in app for exclusive interview with Taylor Rooks.

  9. Shaq Interview with Taylor Rooks 🍿

    Shaq was live in app with Taylor Rooks. Watch the full convo ⤵️

  10. Taylor Rooks x Kevin Love

    Cavs star sat down for an exclusive interview in the B/R app

  11. Live Bradley Beal Interview 👀

    Trade rumors. Future with the Wizards. Beal was live with Taylor Rooks. Watch the full exclusive interview ⤵

  12. Candace Parker Sits Down with Taylor Rooks

    The WNBA legend talks her recent championship, relationship with Geno Auriemma, Team USA snub and more 🍿

  13. Lou Williams Full Interview with Taylor Rooks

    Hawks veteran sat down to talk about his friendship with Allen Iverson, possible retirement and more 🎥

  14. A.I. on Not Having a Title 🗣

    NBA legend reflects on his accolades: 'It bothered me that I didn't win [a championship]...but I won in a lot of ways'

  15. Ja Wants to Dunk on LeBron 😂

    Grizzlies star puts the King on notice during his interview with Taylor Rooks 🎥

  16. Ja Wants $1M to Do Dunk Contest 💰

    Morant tells Taylor Rooks what the NBA needs to change to get him to participate in the dunk contest 🎥

  17. 📹 Live Adesanya Interview 🎙

    Adesanya sits down for exclusive convo with Taylor Rooks to talk Pereira fight, cutting weight and more.

    Watch the full exclusive ⤵️

  18. Full Interview of Ja with Taylor Rooks 🗣

    Ja Morant sits down to talk about replying to haters on Twitter, the new era of stars in the NBA and more 🎥

  19. Quavo Names His ATL Rapper Starting 5 👀

    Let us know in the comments if you agree on his list ✍

  20. Quavo on Trae: 'My Dawg' ❄️

    Atlanta rapper talks about the impact the Hawks star has had on fans: 'He in the A to stay and we proud of him' 🎥

  21. Quavo, Drake Had $50K CFB Bets

    Hear the Atlanta rapper tell Taylor Rooks about betting Drake on Georgia vs. Oklahoma and 2018 CFB title game 🎥

  22. Full Interview of Quavo with Taylor Rooks 🗣

    The Atlanta rapper talks betting with Drake, LeBron’s influence on Migos’ music and more 🎥

  23. LeBron Influences Migos' Music 👑

    Quavo talks about his relationship with The King and how he knew 'Straightenin' would be a hit 🎥

  24. Zion's Beef with 2K Ratings 😂

    Pelicans star explains why his, KD, LeBron, Giannis and Steph’s ratings are too low. Watch ‘Just Playin’ with Taylor Rooks 🎥

  25. 🚨 Live Chuck Interview 🍿

    Charles Barkley talks KD's burners, his relationship with MJ and more with Taylor Rooks. 📳 Tap 'Join Room' to chat 🗣

    🚨 Live Chuck Interview 🍿
  26. Edwards Can't Wait to Play KD

    Idol turns rival. Potential No. 1 overall pick Anthony Edwards FaceTimed Taylor Rooks ahead of tonight’s draft 🎥

  27. Last Taylor Rooks Bubble Vlog 🤳

    Hear from Jimmy Butler, Fred VanVleet, Jayson Tatum, LouWill and more 🎥

  28. Inside the NBA Players' Strike

    @taylorrooks offers a behind-the-scenes look at the historic moment the Bucks refused to take the court. Hear from Doc, LeBron and more 🎥

  29. Anthony Edwards B/R Exclusive

    Projected No. 1 pick hypes himself up and talks possible landing spots ahead of Thursday's lottery. Watch 'Take It There' 🎥

  30. New Taylor Rooks Bubble Vlog 🤳

    @taylorrooks takes you inside the first round of the playoffs, including the historic moment the Bucks refused to take the court 🎥

  31. Anthony Edwards Calls KD the GOAT

    The young rook has Kevin Durant takes. Get ready for Nets vs. T-Wolves by watching ‘Take It There’ 🎥

  32. Edwards’ Dream Starting 5 👀

    Top NBA prospect Anthony Edwards picks his squad of current NBA stars. ICYMI, watch ‘Take It There’ 🎥

  33. Edwards: ATL Would Be a Dream

    Georgia star would love to team up with Trae Young if given the chance. ICYMI, he joined ‘Take It There’ 🎥

  34. Anthony Edwards on ‘Take It There’ (Full Episode)

    The NBA draft’s potential No. 1 pick breaks down his game, talks teams that could draft him and picks his dream starting five 🎥

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    Hear from Ja Morant, Devin Booker, LeBron James, Damian Lillard and more NBA stars inside the bubble 📲

  36. NBA Stars Play Heads Up 😂

    Taylor Rooks puts players on the spot. For more bubble content, jump into the Take It There stream 📲

  37. New Taylor Rooks Bubble Vlog

    LeBron, CP3, Russ and more NBA stars speak on racism and social injustice. Go behind the scenes in Florida 🎥

  38. Inside Look at NBA Bubble

    Taylor Rooks shows us what it's like in Orlando with exclusive interviews, game action & more. Go behind the curtain 🎥

  39. Orlando Journals Week 1 📖

    @taylorrooks takes you inside the NBA bubble

  40. Kemba: Life in the Bubble Is Like AAU

    Kemba Walker speaks to @taylorrooks on the experience of being around players like Bron in the NBA bubble

  41. Boogie: College Hoops Is a Business

    DeMarcus Cousins discusses how younger players choosing HBCUs would change the face of college sports 🎥

  42. ‘Defining’ Full Episode with JJ Redick

    NBA vet JJ Redick joins Taylor Rooks to talk about seeing racism while playing AAU basketball, the importance of powerful Black men like LeBron, and more 🎥

  43. How LBJ, KD Bucked the System 🙏

    JJ Redick explains how reactions to LeBron's 'The Decision' and KD joining the Warriors were racist. Watch 'Defining' 🎥

  44. Redick Saw AAU Teammates Experience Racism

    Pelicans guard JJ Redick realized at a young age that being white was different than being Black. Watch ‘Defining’ with Taylor Rooks 🎥

  45. Redick: 'America' Is 'Messy'

    JJ Redick describes what America means to him and says Trump empowers racist ideologies. Watch 'Defining' 🎥

  46. Sports Stars Define ‘America’

    DeMar DeRozan, Malcolm Jenkins, Matt Barnes and JJ Redick tell Taylor Rooks what the word ‘America’ means to them. For full episodes, head to the ‘Take It There’ stream 🎥

  47. ‘Defining’ Full Interview with Matt Barnes

    NBA champion talks to Taylor Rooks about racism in childhood, the social justice movement and cancel culture 🎬

  48. Barnes: Black HCs Can't Fail

    Matt Barnes discusses how Black NBA coaches don't get the same opportunities as their white peers. Watch 'Defining' 🎥

  49. Barnes on Black Athletes' Distrust of Media

    Matt Barnes joins Taylor Rooks on 'Defining' and talks about the relationship between Black athletes and the media 🎥

  50. Barnes Praises Stephen Jackson

    'Jack is gonna be one of the main people that people think about as far as turning this movement.' Watch 'Defining' 🎥

  51. Barnes: Racist Owners Exist

    On 'Defining' with Taylor Rooks, Matt Barnes says 'a lot' of Donald Sterlings still exist in NBA and NFL 🎥

  52. Barnes: America Is 'a Gift and a Curse'

    NBA champion Matt Barnes talks about what the word "America" means to him on ‘Defining’ with Taylor Rooks 🎥

  53. Jenkins: NFL Must Address Kap

    ‘Until they address [it], nobody’s really going to, like, acknowledge the efforts’ 🎥

  54. ‘Defining’ Full Interview with Malcolm Jenkins

    Saints star talks to Taylor Rooks about Drew Brees, Colin Kaepernick and what the word ‘America’ means to him 🎬

  55. Jenkins on Brees, Race in NFL

    Saints DB talks about the toll of racism: 'I'm exhausted by holding this weight I didn't put on myself' 🎥

  56. Jenkins: Learning Black History Is Vital

    Saints star: ‘We do ourselves a disservice, not only for the legacy of Black people ... but for the perspective of white people' 🎥

  57. Jenkins Explains Racism in U.S.

    ‘You don’t have to hate people in order to be racist.' Saints star Malcolm Jenkins joins Taylor Rooks on ‘Defining’ 🎥

  58. What ‘America’ Means to Malcolm Jenkins

    On ‘Defining,’ Saints star talks about what he loves about being Black and what the word ‘America’ means to him 🎥

  59. DeMar: ‘How Can We Be OK?’

    In new B/R series, NBA star opens up to Taylor Rooks on dealing with trauma in the wake of ‘people being killed for nothing’ 🎥

  60. DeMar DeRozan Opens Up (Full Interview)

    In new B/R series, Spurs star opens up to Taylor Rooks on his experience as a Black man and what America means to him 🎬

  61. Lamar Jackson FaceTime with Taylor Rooks

    👀 Talks Madden cover, curse… 😤 Being compared to Mahomes 🎮 Picks ultimate video game team