Scott Boras: Emperor of the Evil Empire

Dave DeVito@davidjdevitoContributor IDecember 31, 2008

If you take the time to Google the question “What are the characteristics of the devil?”, the first Web site that comes up describes the devil as the following:

“The devil is a liar, cunning, a tempter, deceitful, totally evil, a thief, an adversary, wicked, cowardly, a murderer, without principles, rebellious, fierce, cruel, a sower of discord, a destroyer and proud.  Whenever you see these things, you can be sure you're dealing with the devil.” www.contenderministries.org

In all of the research that I have done on the subject, I have never actually found any proof that Scott Boras has murdered anyone. That said, wow, the closest to the devil of baseball is in fact, alleged “Superagent” Scott Boras.

All joking aside, there is a reason that so many people in so many baseball circles hate this man. Scott Boras has single-handedly changed the game of baseball and it is sickening, to say the least.

His list of major clients has some very famous names including:

·          Alex Rodriguez                                     

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·          Manny Ramirez

·          Daisuke Matsuzaka                               

·          Carlos Beltran

·          Adrian Beltre                                        

·          J.D. Drew

·          Derek Lowe                                         

·          Jason Varitek

·          Kevin Millwood

Here are a couple of real factoids that you may not know.

Did you know that Boras never made it past Double-A ball and that the Chicago Cubs paid for him to go to Law School?

What better of a way to say “Thank You” to a league that gave you the opportunity to pursue a rewarding career outside of its own interests, than to religiously, methodically, and effectively extort it for money year after year?

How about this one?

Scott Boras Corporation, the agency that represents his players, has such a bad reputation outside of the Majors, that he had to create a separate company, Impact Marketing, to handle all of his clients’ endorsements, appearances, and autograph signings.

Now, maybe this is all too harsh.

Maybe this is just a good fella (pun intended) that is trying to scrape by and make a living. After all, it’s not like he has ever held a grudge against a team for say...turning the screws in a Dice-K negotiation that was basically a “take our offer or go back to Japan and disappoint a Continent” situation.

I mean, certainly, it is not as if Mr. Boras would have John Henry fly to Texas to place an offer for Mark Teixeira and call the Yankees and have them best it. Right? Because that would be plain evil, wouldn’t it?

After the A-Rod negotiation debacle that led to Boras having to leave the situation only to be fully paid for his services, it appeared as if, perhaps, a new, slightly humbled Scott Boras might emerge. Not the case.

Still, the Manny Ramirez fiasco of 2008 cannot be overlooked. In February, he was in Arizona at a workout camp with, among others, his good friend Kevin Youkilis. Manny came to camp thinner and in better shape than in previous years. He spoke to the media, got along with teammates, started hitting, oh, and switched agents.

By June, he was smacking Youkilis, knocking over Traveling Secretaries, and suffering from severe Osteoporosis in both knees. All while, the Sox still had two more option years at $20 Million each. But Manny wanted more. And when players want more, they sell their souls to Scott.

In fact, the Mark Teixeira negotiations and the fallout thereafter, may have been his most evil yet. Who could possibly go back and sit in the presence of the men you just used, and abused, days afterward to negotiate for another client?

Even more stunningly, who could look in the eyes of the Red Sox front office that you just raked over the coals and try to convince them that their aging catcher that batted .220 last season was worth a multi-year, Jorge Posada-like contract?

The devil, that’s who!

If someone were to ask Mr. Boras, who throughout time, he wished he could have represented. The answer, would most certainly, be Babe Ruth and Roger Clemens.

The Boston Globe would have reported the Ruth trade: “Frazee, Ruppert, and Huston & Boras agreed to a deal. In exchange for Ruth, the Red Sox would get $1.25 in cash and three $25 notes payable every year at 60 percent interest.

"Ruppert and Huston also loaned Frazee $300 with the mortgage on Fenway Park as collateral. The deal was contingent on Ruth signing a new contract, which was quickly agreed to by Boras at a reported ‘10 years & just keep having the Fed print more money until we say stop’, and Ruth officially became property of the Yankees.”

As for Clemens, the Dan Duquette "twilight of his career" comment would have landed him a lifelong commitment, and a lifetime supply of HGH from N.Y.

OK, perhaps, Scott Boras isn’t actually the devil, but his presence sure has made life hell for a lot of baseball insiders and fans.

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