Five Ways to Know You're a Die-Hard (NFL) Football Fan

Bob Cunningham@BCunningham215Senior Analyst IDecember 22, 2008

The NFL has millions of fans.

Millions of people watch football games every day. Broadcasting companies will kill simply to get the rights to air NFL games because of the viewership it brings in. Not many people know this, but getting the rights to the NFL is what started FOX.

The term "fan", however, is much too general. There are casual fans, who watch only every once in a while.

There are the faithful fans who never miss a game and always follow their team.

And then, there's a different breed. The "Die-Hard Fan."

These people are relatively easy to spot, but can be confused with "Faithful Fans."

Here are five ways to know if you're: A) dealing with a die-hard fan or B) are yourself a die-hard fan. In no particular order.

A Die-Hard Fan Never Turns Off or Leaves a Game

So many times you see fans leaving in droves sometime in the middle of the fourth quarter. None of these people shown are true die-hards.

The excuse always is, "Well, I'm just trying to beat traffic."

Which is fine but, if everyone is trying to beat traffic at the same time... I don't know, I'm just sayin'.

Also, a die-hard fan never turns off a game when watching at home.

Whether you're losing by 50 or winning by just as much, the game should never go off. I believe the truly die-hard even stick around for the post-game shows, but I can forgive it if your team just got thumped and you feel sick, or are looking forward to the start of a good game.

The Status of Your Week is Solely Contingent on the Performance of Your Team

Simply, your team wins = great week.

Take the kids out to dinner, treat the wife, have fun.

Your team just won and nothing could damper the week. You just sank your entire heart and soul into the game and you were paid off. Good for you, enjoy it.

Your team loses = awful week.

I know for me, as an Eagles' fan, if they lose my week is totally ruined.

Colors seem dimmer, songs seem off-pitch and meaningless, and NFL Network, ESPN, and their affiliate websites never come in contact with my TV/monitor.

Sorry, television channels talking about my team's awful performance, I can't stomach the highlights any longer.

You're a Detroit Lions Fan...STILL!

Detroit is easy to take shots at...as well as pass, run, and catch.

But the fact is any Detroit Lions' fan deserves admiration, a pat on the back, and our deepest sympathies.

They watch their team lose year after year after year after year after ye...

The point is, Detroit hasn't done so hot.

I mean, being an Oakland, San Francisco, Houston, Cincinnati, Cleveland, or St. Louis fan is bad enough, but give it up for these guys.

Stick with it Detroit, maybe things will turn around.



Oh boy...

You've Got a Tattoo Hidden Somewhere of Your Team's Logo

Mine is on my shoulder. Oh yeah, a nice big screamin' Eagle on my shoulder.

So when people ask who I root for or which team I like, I simply show them the ink forever in my skin in the shape of a Philadelphia Eagle.

Special props if you've got the outside of a Lion colored in blue and silver hidden somewhere.


Your Dream for Life is to Play For or in Some Way be a Part of Your Team

I know in my situation, I play Division II college football, so it's a long shot. But, a shot nonetheless.

My dream is to be drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles.

If your dream job would be GM, head coach, player, towel boy, field manager, beat writer, hot dog vendor, retails manager, etc. of your favorite team, you're die-hard in my book.

BONUS: Upon Reading the Title of this Article, You Immediately Either Thought of Some Genius Way to Improve Your Team, Got Sick to Your Stomach Because Your Team Lost, Vice Versa, Got Excited Because Your Team is Headed to the Playoffs, or Thought Hmmm...I'm Pretty Sure I'm a Die-Hard, But I Guess Sports Articles Know Best.

Thanks for readin', keepin' it Die-Hard like Bruce Willis.

But honestly, Detroit fans, I'm so sorry.


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