The 50 Worst Blowouts in College Football History

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The 50 Worst Blowouts in College Football History

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    At some point, every team loses a game or two, but some defeats are just more humiliating than others.

    Here is a compilation of some of the worst blowouts in college football history.

    Keep in mind, we strove to keep opponents from BCS conferences running up the score on smaller conference foes out of this list, and games of larger import held a little more weight in the ranking process.

    Some are triple digit blowouts, and others consist of championship-caliber teams getting shellacked.

    This is definitely one list that you don't want your team to top.

50. Rockford vs Trinity Bible, 2003

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    Final Score: Rockford 105 TBC 0

    Let's start this out with some lower division blowouts.

    In a shout out to some Division III brethren, TBC got the pants knocked off of them by Rockford in this one.

    Rockford gained 548 yards, while holding TBC to just 14, and forcing them to go 1-18 on third down.

    The 918 people who attended this game got to see an absolutely ridiculous domination, as well as Rockford breaking the record for most points scored in a Division III game.

49. USF vs Kentucky Wesleyan, 1997

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    Final Score: USF 80 Wesleyan 3

    This game was not between teams in the top tier of college football at the time, but it's still significant.


    Simply because the Bulls beat the first opponent in the history of their football team by 77 points.

    Pretty impressive.

48. Georgia Southern vs Johnson C. Smith, 2004

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    Final Score: Southern 84 Smith 3

    GSU allowed only 128 total yards in this one while amassing a whopping 573—546 of them on the ground.

    That's right, in a game more reminiscent of 1904 than 2004, they attempted to pass the ball only two times the entire contest.

    Southern kicker Jonathan Dudley kicked off 13 times for a ridiculous 798 kicking yards, guaranteeing his leg would nearly fall off afterward.

47. Virginia vs Princeton, 1890

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    Final Score: Princeton 115 Virginia 0

    Yes, there once was a time when Princeton was something of a football power.

    Virginia, as clearly demonstrated by the score you see here, was not exactly a football powerhouse around the turn of the century.

46. Nebraska vs. Arizona State, 1995

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    Final Score: 'Huskers 77 Devils 28

    There was obviously plenty of talent hanging around the Arizona State program in '95, as the team went on to an 11-1 record in 1996.

    However, they finished 6-5 in '95, including this brutal beating at the hands of Tom Osborne's squad, a team in the middle of their most dominating season in history.

45. Florida State vs N. C. State, 1995

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    Final Score: 'Noles 77 Wolfpack 17

    Yes, getting beat by 60 is rough.

    However, consider the fact that FSU boasted a running back with the moniker "Pooh Bear Williams" and it gets more embarrassing.

    The 'Noles and coach Bobby Bowden rolled over teams pretty convincingly on a regular basis in '95, but this was the worst whooping they handed out.

44. Minnesota vs Nebraska, 1983

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    Final Score: Nebraska 84 Goofers 13

    Let's just keep it simple.

    The Huskers had guys with names like Tom Osborne and Turner Gill around their team at the time, while Minnesota was in the middle of just another abysmal Big Ten season.

    Pretty much a mismatch, and the final score showed it.

    Of course, the Gophers only win that season was against Rice, so we probably could have predicted the end result of this one.

43. LSU vs Florida, 1993

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    Final Score: Gators 58 Tigers 3

    Believe it or not, there once was a time when LSU sucked.

    In '93 the Gators were a very good team, no arguing that, but the Tigers allowed this Danny Wuerffel-led unit to come into "Death Valley" and take them to the woodshed.

    Of course, the Gators were the third highest scoring offense in the nation, averaging 39.5 per game over the course of the season.

    Still, scoring only three at home is humiliating.

42. Miami vs Notre Dame, 1985

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    Final Score: 'Canes 58 Irish 7

    In one of the meetings just prior to the beginning of the infamous "Catholics vs Convicts" rivalry, the Irish came out on the wrong end of a pretty severe beating.

    Following the Irish domination of the rivalry in the '70s and before both teams had some very good years in the late '80s, Michael Irvin and the 'Canes handed the Irish one of their worst losses—ever.

    Not to worry, Irish fans, Lou Holtz took over shortly after this game, and got a measure of revenge on the 'Canes during his tenure.

41. Alabama vs Vanderbilt, 1906

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    Final Score: 'Dores 78 Tide 0

    Vanderbilt fans usually suffer in misery as their team stinks up every venue at which they play.

    Back in 1906, roles were reversed, as the 'Dores hung 78 on Alabama.

    Funny how things play out, is it not?

40. Oklahoma vs Kansas State, 1944

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    Final Score: Sooners 68 Wildcats 0

    It was near the end of WWII, and football was a pleasing diversion from the hardships of said conflict.

    At least, it was for Oklahoma fans in this one.

    The Wildcats, on the other hand, may have preferred not to face the Sooners, as indicated by the final score.

39. USC vs UCLA, 1929

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    Final Score: Trojans 76 Bruins 0

    Yes, the 50-0 beatdown the Bruins received at the hands of the Trojans over the weekend was rough, but it's only one of many.

    This one, way back before the forward pass had been invented, was the first meeting of the two programs, and the biggest blowout in the history of the rivalry.

38. USC vs Washington State, 2008

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    Final Score: USC 69 WSU 0

    The Cougars were one of the bottom feeders in the Pac-10.

    USC had been ranked as high as No. 1.

    Pretty sure we all saw this coming.

37. Texas vs Colorado, 2005

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    Final Score: 'Horns 70 Buffs 3

    Before Vince Young led the Longhorns to victory in the greatest game played in the BCS era, the 'Horns stomped Colorado by 67 in the Big 12 title game.

    This is the most lopsided score in any college football conference championship to this point.

    The Longhorns scored pretty much at will, and had scored their points all by the midpoint of the third quarter before taking their foot off the pedal.

36. Michigan vs West Virginia, 1904

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    Final Score: Wolverines 130 WVU 0

    This version of the Wolverines was Fielding Yost's fourth.

    The team played 476 minutes of football, and scored an average of one point for every 50.3 second played.

    What is so special about this particular beating, is that the eventual Heisman winner, Willie Heston, did not score, and yet the Wolverines still managed to hit 130 in only 45 minutes of play.

35. Rutgers vs West Virginia, 2001

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    Final Score: Mountaineers 80 Scarlet Knights 7

    In and of itself, Rutgers getting hammered by 73 does not seem like something that should make us stop and take notice.

    However, the Mountaineers had lost their previous three games by a combined total of 114-27 and were in the middle of a four-game losing streak.

    The Mountaineers only put up high scores of 34 (against Kent State) and 24 (against Notre Dame) all season.

34. Boise State vs Idaho, 2004

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    Final Score: Broncos 65 Vandals 7

    This was pre-Moore and Petersen, and Idaho is not exactly a top-flight BCS opponent, but they sure took it to their in-state rivals this day in a preview for the rest of the country of what was to come.

    Sorry Vandals, you may never see the Governor's Trophy again.

33. Ohio State vs Northwestern, 2007

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    Final Score: Buckeyes 58 Wildcats 7

    Brian Robiskie scored on all three passes he received, and the Buckeyes jumped all over the Wildcats from the outset.

    It was 45-0 at half, even though OSU was playing "Tressel-ball," which at times did not seem conducive to scoring.

    The Wildcats were held to zero yards on the ground and only 120 yards total in the "contest."

32. Michigan State vs Missouri, 2001

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    Final Score: Spartans 55 Tigers 7

    Here was a pretty good one between two teams that are in BCS conferences.

    The Spartans came out swinging behind quarterback Jeff Smoker and running back T.J. Duckett, and the Spartan defense kept the Tigers out of the endzone until the fourth quarter.

31. Missouri vs Nebraska, 2008

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    Final Score: Mizzou 52 'Huskers 17

    Yet another memory the Husker faithful would rather forget.

    Mizzou quarterback Chase Daniel threw three touchdowns, and the Tigers were leading 31-10 at the half.

    The Huskers' score remained at 10 until they scored a touchdown as time expired in the fourth quarter, making this one look closer than it really was.

30. Oklahoma vs Texas A&M, 2003

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    Final Score: Sooners 77 Aggies 0

    Texas A&M was the third school from the "Lone Star State" the Longhorns manhandled in 2003.

    Jason White accounted for five scores before halftime, and Bob Stoops basically admitted to having his guys avoid putting the ball in the endzone in the fourth quarter from the 3-yard line.

    Revenge was sweet against the team that had derailed the Sooners' title hopes the season before.

29. Cincinnati vs Penn State, 1981

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    Final Score: PSU 52 Cinci 0

    Back in '81, both of these teams were independents.

    The Nittany Lions were bound for the Big Ten, while the Bearcats would wind up in C-USA.

    Perhaps if roles had been reversed in this one, the Bearcats would not be wallowing in the mediocrity that is the Big East.

28. UTEP vs BYU, 1980

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    Final Score: BYU 83 UTEP 7

    BYU football owes a ton to former coach LaVell Edwards, including this 76-point beating of UTEP.

    This is one of the few on the list featuring a team such as UTEP against a team such as BYU, but I had to sneak Edwards in somewhere.

27. Kansas vs Nebraska, 2007

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    Final Score: Jayhawks 76 Nebraska 39

    Let's put this into perspective.

    The usual Kansas-Nebraska game went in the Huskers' favor to the tune of 70-0 ('86), 54-2 ('87), 41-3 ('95) or 51-7 ('01).

    The Jayhawks had only beaten the Huskers one time since 1969.

    That's nearly 40 years for you mathematically challenged folk.

    Then the perfect storm of Todd Reesing and a down year for the Huskers hit like a gale-force hurricane.

    At least this one was not at home for the Huskers.  

26. Clemson vs Florida State, 2000

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    Final Score: Seminoles 54 Tigers 7

    It was billed as "Bowden Bowl II."

    It turned into a good, old-fashioned spanking real quick.

    Dad Bobby's Seminoles were just too explosive and stingy on defense for Clemson, and Tommy's unit suffered one of its five losses in a "Bowden Bowl."

25. Georgia Tech vs Navy, 2001

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    Final Score: Tech 70 Midshipmen 7

    Suffice it to say that the Jackets had seven different players either receive or rush for a touchdown, while forcing Navy into five turnovers.

    It was unwatchable.

24. Northwestern vs Ohio State, 1913

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    Final Score: OSU 58 NW 0

    Yes, it was in the days before the forward pass, and yet, the score seems remarkably similar to many of the more recent tallies between these two teams.

    On a side note, you have to love the hair on these guys.

23. Virginia vs Miami(FL), 2007

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    Final Score: Cavaliers 48 Hurricanes 0

    The Hurricanes bullied the crap out of Virginia for many years.

    On this night, the tables were turned.

    In the final game for the Hurricanes in the Orange Bowl, the Cavaliers absolutely destroyed them.

    One of the lowest points, on the field, for the "U."

22. Penn State vs. Lehigh, 1889

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    Final Score: Penn State 0 Lehigh 106

    Yeah, so it happened a very long time ago.

    That said, Joe Paterno claims it was the worst game he ever saw Penn State play...

21. Iron Bowl, 2008

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    Final Score: 'Bama 36 War Eagle 0

    It was the biggest Iron Bowl win in 46 years.

    'Bama had lost the rivalry for seven consecutive seasons, and needed a win heading into the SEC championship game to stay unbeaten.

    They made it look easy, holding the Tigers to just eight first downs and 170 total yards on the day.

    This was also the first time the Tide had beaten the Tigers in Tuscaloosa.

20. Penn State vs Michigan State, 2002

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    Final Score: Nittany Lions 61 Sparty 7

    Larry Johnson was a monster in this one.

    He needed only 264 yards to reach 2,000 yards for the season when the game started.

    With 2:38 remaining in the second quarter, he scored his third touchdown, ending the half with 279 yards on only 19 carries.

    He sat the entire second half.

19. Georgia Tech vs N.C. State, 1918

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    Final Score: Tech 128 State 0

    As if the infamous beating of Cumberland wasn't enough, the Yellow Jackets also beat the crap out of N.C. State a few years later.

    I guess Heisman mellowed in his old age, only allowing his team to win by 128 instead of 222.

18. Ohio State vs Pitt, 1996

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    Final Score:  Buckeyes 72 Panthers 0

    Yes, the Buckeyes mauled another division I football team by 72 points.

    The Buckeyes outgained the Panthers, 602-120, and scored on each of their first 10 possessions.

    Freshman David Boston scored three times for the Buckeyes, as did running back Pepe Pearson.

    Not a good day to be a Pitt fan.

17. Houston vs Tulsa, 1968

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    Final Score: Cougars 100 Fighting Phils 6

    Tulsa was more than routed in this one.

    They were demoralized, embarrassed, and left with psychological damage.

    And now you have Dr. Phil.

    Yes, television's own master of confrontation and intervention was a linebacker on that Tulsa team.

16. Oklahoma vs Texas, 2000

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    Final Score: Sooners 63 Longhorns 14

    Let's clear the air first, here.

    I will always call it the "Red River Shootout."

    It's supposed to be a good game between two historically great rivals, but at times it gets out of hand.

    This is a perfect example of that.

    The game became the most lopsided margin of victory, at the time, in the rivalry, as the Sooners rushed out to a 42-0 lead.

    They held the Longhorns to minus-7 yards rushing, and Quentin Griffin tied the NCAA record for most rushing touchdowns in a game with six.

15. Rice vs SMU, 1916

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    Final Score: Owls 146 'Stangs 3

    Georgia Tech's beating of Cumberland gets all the press from 1916, but the owls handed it to a much better than Cumberland SMU team.

    This was the first in a rivalry that is still running, and has only not been played for seven years since its inception.

    Of some significance, Rice "came back" to win this one after being down 3-0.

14. Nebraska vs Texas Tech, 2004

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    Final Score: Red Raiders 70 Nebraska 10

    This is embarrassing for Husker fans to remember.

    However, it deserves at least a mention.

    TTU amassed 523 yards of offense to Nebraska's 292, and some guy named Sonny Cumbie passed for five scores in one of the Huskers' worst performances ever.

13. Utah vs TCU, 2010

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    Final Score: Horned Frogs 47 Utes 7

    TCU quarterback and redhead extraordinaire, Andy Dalton threw for 355 yards and three scores in this one, effectively putting the Utes in their place.

    Before the game, Utah was ranked fifth in the BCS.

    Afterward, it was clear they had some issues, getting trounced by 40 on their own field.


12. Oklahoma vs Texas, 2003

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    Final Score: Sooners 65 Longhorns 13

    Texas fans would probably rather forget the early part of the past decade when it comes to the Red River Shootout.

    This one was no exception.

    The Sooners scored at least twice in every quarter, forced six turnovers, Mark Clayton set a record for most receiving yards by an Oklahoma receiver with 190 and Jason White tossed four touchdowns in the rout.

    It was somewhat similar to this year's edition of the game.

11. Capital One Bowl, 2011

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    Final Score: Tide 49 MSU 7

    This is definitely one of those flops that Sparty fans would rather forget.

    After yelping for a month about getting shafted as they watched the team they beat during the regular season "steal" their team's spot in the Rose Bowl, they had to watch their team get pantsed by the Tide.

    Alabama terrorized the Spartan's offense all day, and the rushing numbers for the two teams pretty much sum up the day: 'Bama 275 Sparty -48

10. Sugar Bowl, 2008

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    Final Score: Dawgs 41 Warriors 10

    Compared to some of these other blowouts, 31 points doesn't seem like much of a margin of victory.

    However, it was the Sugar Bowl, Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan had been "snubbed" from the Heisman and the Warriors were the last undefeated team in major college football. (If you want to call the WAC "major college football.")

    Hawaii was only the third non-BCS conference team to reach a BCS game, and both of the previous two (Utah, Boise State) had won their games.

    Georgia dominated defensively, limiting Brennan and the high flying Warrior offense to just 10 points.

9. Nebraska vs Florida, 1996

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    Final Score: Nebraska 62 Florida 24

    Fiesta Bowl, 1996.

    This was supposed to be a close game between the No. 1 team in the nation (Nebraska) and the No. 2 team (Florida).

    Instead of a hard fought battle to the end, what we got was utter destruction of the Gators by Tommie Frazier and the Huskers.

    Nebraska's defense contributed to the halftime score with an interception return for touchdown, as well as a safety, in the Huskers' 29-point second quarter.

    It was so bad, Nebraska's back-up signal caller, Brook Berringer, led the team on two scoring drives in the fourth quarter.

8. USC vs Oklahoma, 2005

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    Final Score: Trojans 55 Sooners 19

    Going into this Orange Bowl, there were questions as to which unit deserved the No. 1 spot atop the college football universe.

    By the time the dust had settled, there were no more doubts.

    It was hyped as a classic "Game of the Century," and it turned into a rout pretty early, as the Sooners coughed up four turnovers before halftime, and Heisman winner Matt Leinart tossed two touchdowns.

    This is one of the games that earned Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops his nickname: "Big Game Bobby."

7. 2008 Rose Bowl

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    Final Score: Illini 17 Trojans 49

    Illinois finally had a solid season in the Big Ten.

    Ohio State was in the BCS title game, so the Illini got a shot at the "Grandaddy of them all."

    Of course, by the end, they wished they had been in any bowl but that one.

    USC capitalized on mistakes and miscues, smothering Illini quarterback "Juice" Williams en route to the blowout.

6. Fiesta Bowl, 2001

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    Final Score: Beavers 41 Irish 9

    Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh both caught touchdowns passes, and the Beavers scored 29 points in the span of eight minutes in the third quarter to put this one well out of reach.

    Linebacker Darnell Robinson was a force for the Beavers, recording two sacks, forcing a fumble and snagging an interception en route to garnering defensive MVP.

5. NCAA vs SMU 1987

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    Final Score: SMU "Death Penalty"

    Enough said...

4. Bruins vs Longhorns, 1997

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    Final Score: Bruins 66 'Horns 3

    Not to be confused with the "Mother Road" that runs across the country, this was an absolute trashing of the Texas Longhorns by UCLA.

    The 'Horns had won a surprising Big 12 title in 1996, and were favored in this one, even after starting quarterback James Brown was injured the week before.

    The Bruins had lost two in a row before facing the Longhorns, and were expected to roll over for them in Austin.

    Then things got ugly.

    So bad that Texas fans were booing and nearly running to leave the stadium by halftime.

    The 'Horns turned the ball over a whopping eight times, and UCLA QB Cade McNown threw for five touchdowns by halftime.

    Ricky Williams was held to just 36 yards, and the third-string quarterback, Marty Cherry, never played a game again, instead turning his attention to a milder career in the modeling industry.

3. Florida vs Ohio State, 2007

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    Final Score: Florida 41 Ohio State 14

    The first of two BCS title games the Buckeyes managed to lose, shaping the national perception of the Big Ten as too slow to hang with the SEC.

    The Buckeyes got off to a fast start as Ted Ginn Jr. returned the opening kickoff for a score, then proceeded to injure himself celebrating.

    It all went downhill from there.

    The Gators squashed the No. 1 team in the country to claim the title.

2. Florida vs Florida State, 1997

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    Final Score: Gators 52 'Noles 20

    Many Gator fans would agree that this beating they handed the Seminoles in the Sugar Bowl was one of their fondest memories of this bitter rivalry.

    The Gators had already lost a tough one to the Seminoles earlier in the season, but this win, powered by the tremendous play of quarterback Danny Wuerffel and stellar running of Fred Taylor, gave the Gators a national title after No. 2 Arizona State fell to Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.

    A tough pill to swallow for Seminole fans.

1. Georgia Tech vs Cumberland, 1916

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    Final Score: Cumberland 0 Tech 222

    Most of you have heard the story, but here goes.

    Apparently, the great John Heisman, being a little perturbed about Cumberland's alleged use of professional baseball players to beat Tech 22-0, decided to take retribution into his own hands.

    Cumberland tried to back out of this matchup, but were forced to play or pay $3,000 to get out of it.

    So the slaughter commenced.

    As you can see from the scoreboard, Tech scored more points in each of the first two quarters than most teams do in an entire game.

    This is the biggest blowout in the history of college football.


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