Thierry Henry: Arsenal Legend's 10 Greatest Goals

Khalid KhanCorrespondent IINovember 20, 2011

Thierry Henry: Arsenal Legend's 10 Greatest Goals

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    Many Arsenal supporters were excited to hear the news that Thierry Henry has returned to club to train during the MLS offseason.

    Arsenal's record-holding goal scorer is back in London to train with the team that he loves.

    Thierry Henry is easily the greatest player to ever put on the Arsenal kit. During his eight years at Arsenal under the coaching of Arsene Wenger, Henry made his name as a world-class footballer and the best striker in the English Premier League.

    Many people consider Thierry Henry to be the most dangerous and best player to ever play in the Premier League.

    Henry has scored a remarkable 226 goals during his eight years at the club. So when looking through a collection of over 200 goals, it is very difficult to narrow down the ten best goals out of the bunch.

    But anyways, enjoy and reminisce Henry's 10 best goals during his utter dominance of the Premier League while at Arsenal Football Club.

10. Henry Screamer vs Manchester United (3/28/04)

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    We start off our list with Thierry Henry's screamer vs Manchester United in 2004. 

    In the year 2004, no one on the planet, including Manchester United, could stop Thierry Henry and Arsenal. So when you give Thierry Henry space, he is going to make you pay.

    As Manchester United backed off the Arsenal striker, Henry hit a gorgeous long-range shot, which baffled the goalkeeper with its movement and ended up in the back of the net.

9. Gunner Galactico

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    In 2006, Arsenal would have a thrilling encounter with Spanish giants Real Madrid in the round of 16 in the Champions League.

    Real Madrid were led by the Galacticos: Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, and Ronaldo. With the Galacticos, Real Madrid were the favorites entering this match at the Bernabeau.

    But it was Arsenal, led by Thierry Henry, that would have the last laugh.

    Henry would dribble past three Real Madrid defenders and score the only goal of the contest that would give Arsenal a famous win at the Bernabeau Stadium.

    It was not just the quality of the goal that made it memorable, but also the principle of the goal, as Arsenal became the first English team to defeat Real Madrid at the Bernabeau.

    On that night, it was Thierry Henry that was Arsenal's Gunner Galactico.

8. Henry's Amazing Preseason Goal

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    Even though this does not count as one of Henry's 226 goals at Arsenal, it was one of the best goals that he has ever scored.

    This goal would be a perfect example of Henry's skill. He would perfectly handle a long ball, juggle it, then volley it with his weaker foot with an amazing finish.

    It was an amazing touch of class from the Frenchman. If this goal was during a game that actually mattered, it would probably be higher up the list.

7. Henry vs. Aston Villa (2006)

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    2006 was Arsenal's last season of playing under the lights of Highbury. Henry, who was nicknamed the King of Highbury, made sure to make some memorable moments in Highbury's farewell season.

    This goal against Aston Villa is a perfect example of Thierry Henry's coolness in front of goal. 

    He would receive the ball from a brilliant back heel from Emmanuel Adebayor and calmly finesse the ball into the back of the net brilliantly.

6. Henry Ties Ian Wright vs. Sparta Prague (10/18/05)

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    Arsenal's Champions League group match against Sparta Prague will always be a game to remember for Thierry Henry.

    Henry would go onto tie the Arsenal record with Ian Wright for the most goals scored with the club.

    This goal showed so much of Henry's quality in front of goal. His first touch on the ball was exquisite, and then he was able to curl the ball with the outside of his foot to beat the keeper.

    Later in that game, Henry would score again to become the greatest scorer in Arsenal history.

5. Jaw-Dropping Back Heel vs Charlton (10/2/04)

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    Defenders would try everything possible to stop Thierry Henry. Sometimes they would be successful, and other times they would end up being embarrassed at the hands of Henry.

    That same thing would happen in 2002 as Arsenal were playing Charlton Athletic.

    The Charlton defender held Henry so he couldn't break free, so Henry improvised and back-heeled the ball through the defender's legs and past the keeper.

    To this day many people, including myself, are still in awe of what Henry did that day.

4. Thierry's Half Volley vs. West Ham (8/24/02)

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    In August 2002, West Ham United would become victims of Thierry Henry's brilliance.

    As Arsenal were trailing 2-0 in the contest, Henry would come up with a piece of magic, fantastically making a turn to strike the ball as quick as lightning.

    Easily one of Henry's best goals in the Arsenal colors.

3. Genius at Work vs. Liverpool

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    Could anyone stop this guy?

    Henry would provide another work of magic as he baffled the Liverpool defence with this amazing solo goal.

    Henry blazed past one Liverpool defender before humiliating Jamie Carragher as he blasted past him, allowing him to easily put it into the back of the net.

    When on the ball and at full speed, Henry was just an unstoppable force.

    No wonder why he gave so many teams nightmares with that deadly quality.

2. Henry Shines in the North London Derby (11/16/2002)

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    Scoring a great goal is one thing, but scoring a great goal against your rivals is even better. 

    In my opinion, this is the greatest goal scored in the North London Derby between Arsenal and Tottenham. This particular goal showed all the skills of Henry and exhibited how no one could stop him when he was on.

    Everything about this is goal is just perfect. The commentary included all the way from the beginning to the end, the run and the goal, the celebration and the crowd's reaction summed up the perfection of this goal.

    Without a doubt, this was Henry's second-best goal as an Arsenal player.

1. Thierry Henry vs. Manchester United

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    Thierry Henry's goal vs. Manchester United is not only the best goal he ever scored, but also it is one of five best goals scored in football history.

    This goal that Henry scored against Manchester United defined his brilliance and dominance during his time at Arsenal.

    I've never seen a turn and strike like this before. Anyone who plays football would know this is almost an impossible goal to score. The commentary by Andy Gray puts the cherry on the top.

    An incredible goal by a very incredible player.


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    Thierry Henry will always be loved by all Arsenal supporters around the world. Thierry Henry is the best player to ever put on the Arsenal kit, and he has provided many memorable moments during his time at the club.

    Not only do Arsenal fans miss Thierry Henry, but also all other football supporters around England because no one has ever seen a player quite like Thierry Henry in the Premier League.

    There are not many players that were quite like Thierry Henry.


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