All Hype, No Bite: Reggie Bush and 10 NFL Players Who Likely Miss College

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IINovember 7, 2011

All Hype, No Bite: Reggie Bush and 10 NFL Players Who Likely Miss College

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    When a player is drafted early in the NFL draft, there will always be big expectations for when they finally get onto the field. How long do fans usually give them, though? A season? Two seasons? A couple of weeks? Game 1? It really is difficult to decide on how long it should take a player to transition from the college game to the pro game, but some players just never get there.

    At a certain point, not do the fans give up hope, but so does the team that drafted him. Many players are forced to change teams through trade, and others end up out of a job and are left looking for new work. Due to their hype and known potential, these guys usually find another job, but it is only a matter of time until they are finally out of a job.

    These 10 guys came into the NFL with much hype, but none of them have yet really honed those skills that they had in college into their pro careers.

Honorable Mention: JaMarcus Russell

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    Drafted: Round 1, Pick 1 2007

    College: Louisiana State Tigers

    Position: Quarterback

    NFL Teams: Oakland Raiders


    Although this list is meant for players who are only in the NFL still, JaMarcus Russell needs to be mentioned because he is already out of the league after being the No. 1 pick only four seasons ago. Russell was one of the best quarterbacks coming out of college, and hopes were high when he arrived with the Oakland Raiders. In 31 games, Russell threw 18 touchdowns and 23 interceptions.

    Russell is now out of a job, after failing to come through in only three seasons. His work effort is no longer questionable, it is obviously not there. At this point in time, it is hard to imagine that Russell will ever enter the NFL again.

Matt Leinart

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    Drafted: Round 1, Pick 10 2006

    College: USC Trojans

    Position: Quarterback

    NFL Teams: Arizona Cardinals and Houston Texans


    In 2004, Matt Leinart was the best player in college football. He won the Heisman Trophy and won the BCS national title in a blowout over Oklahoma. The following season he didn't claim the Heisman, but he made the case to be the second-ever person to win the award twice. The Trojans went to the title game once again for the second year in a row, but ultimately fell to Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns. 

    When the Arizona Cardinals took Leinart in 2006, they were expecting to draft their quarterback of the future. Instead, injuries ended Leinart's rookie season early, and that was the point when veteran quarterback Kurt Warner took over. Leinart was never able to come back and take back his starting spot, and ultimately lost the spot in 2010 when the Cardinals went with quarterback Derek Anderson.

    That followed in Leinart's release and his eventual landing with the Houston Texans, where he sits behind quarterback Matt Schaub. Leinart's time is running out, and it is looking like a promising college career is turning into a bust of an NFL career.

Chad Henne

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    Drafted: Round 2, Pick 57 2008

    College: Michigan Wolverines

    Position: Quarterback

    NFL Teams: Miami Dolphins


    In four years at Michigan, quarterback Chad Henne threw for 9,715 yards and 87 touchdowns. Both of these are Michigan records, and considering the recent talent that has come out of the school (Tom Brady), hopes were high for Henne coming out of the draft. The Miami Dolphins saw him as potentially their next option, and they are still waiting for that to show up.

    When the Dolphins took Henne, they still had Chad Pennington. Pennington's career took a hit, though, in 2009, and that opened up the opportunity for Henne to finally take his supposed spot in Dolphins history. While the Dolphins have seen spurts of success over the years, his overall record as a starter is 13-18, including an 0-4 start to this season before he got hurt. 

    Henne has had his chances the last three years, and after this season's injury, the Dolphins may be looking to draft one of the talented quarterbacks coming up in the 2012 NFL draft.

Michael Crabtree

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    Drafted: Round 1, Pick 10 2009

    College: Texas Tech Red Raiders

    Position: Wide Receiver

    NFL Teams: San Francisco 49ers


    Arguably one of the best receivers to come into the NFL in recent memory was Texas Tech's Michael Crabtree. In his two seasons with the Red Raiders, Crabtree totaled 3,127 yards and 41 touchdowns. He was electrifying and dangerous. He was the first ever player to win the Fred Biletnikoff Award twice, and it is hard to imagine him ever being challenged for that spot considering the amount of talent there is in college football.

    Following the 2009 season, Crabtree was injured and had to get surgery on his ankle. This dropped his draft stock, but not too much as he only fell to No. 10. Once drafted, Crabtree stirred a problem by holding out for a better contract. This resulted in him missing the first four games of the 2009 season and increased the hype on him for results he would need to produce.

    In 33 games, Crabtree has only brought in 9 touchdowns and has yet to make the mark on the NFL that many expected of him. The end of the 2011 season will be important for Crabtree, and it will finally determine his place in the NFL as either a bust or star in the making on a team on the rise.

Vernon Gholston

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    Drafted: Round 1, Pick 6 2008

    College: Ohio State Buckeyes

    Position: Defensive Line

    NFL Teams: New York Jets and Chicago Bears


    In his senior year at Ohio State, Vernon Gholston tore up college football. After recording 49 tackles and 8.5 sacks in 2006, he followed up with 37 tackles and 14 sacks. His career sacks were the fifth most in Big 10 history, so expectations were very high for Gholston when he was making his move to the NFL.

    The New York Jets went with Gholston as the sixth pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, and he turned out to be an absolute bust. With the Jets, Gholston appeared in 45 games over three seasons, and in that time he only recorded 16 tackles.

    Following a weak 2010 season, the Jets released Gholston and the Chicago Bears decided to give him a shot considering his potential. Things didn't go as expected, and the Bears ended up releasing Gholston within a month. He has yet to find a new team.

Reggie Bush

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    Drafted: Round 1, Pick 2 2006

    College: USC Trojans

    Position: Running Back

    NFL Teams: New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins


    Perhaps the most electrifying player in college history, Reggie Bush came into the NFL with extremely high expectations of being the next NFL superstar. At USC, Bush was considered an all-purpose player, and being so he recorded 4,470 yards and 38 touchdowns from scrimmage in three years. In his junior year, Bush ran for 1,740 yards and 16 touchdowns. He averaged 8.7 yards per carry that season, and in doing so he claimed the Heisman Trophy (although it was later revoked).

    Following his 2006 season, Bush entered the draft and the New Orleans Saints made him the second overall pick. They had high expectations for Bush, and so did everyone else tuning into the NFL. Bush continued to be electrifying, but he was never a consistent player that was worth a lot of money. To this date, Bush has only scored 30 times both receiving and rushing combined.

    Eventually, the Saints gave up on Bush and drafted their next project in Alabama's Mark Ingram. They moved Bush to the Miami Dolphins, and things have yet to look any different. Bush has certainly upset his fans at this point in his career, and it is only a matter of time till people realize that Bush is going nowhere but down for the rest of his career.

Ted Ginn Jr.

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    Drafted: Round 1, Pick 9 2007

    College: Ohio State Buckeyes

    Position: Wide Receiver

    NFL Teams: Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers


    In Ted Ginn Jr.'s final year at Ohio State, the lanky wide receiver caught 59 passes for 781 yards and nine touchdowns. Ginn was extremely athletic, and he had a lot of potential and many saw him as one of the better players in the draft. His college career wasn't anything amazing, but he was named to the All Big Ten in 2006.

    Most of Ginn's hype comes from the fact that he was selected ninth overall, and he has never fulfilled those expectations. In three seasons with the Miami Dolphins, Ginn only scored five times. He did have 1,664 receiving yards, but in the end he wasn't playing like the fast and athletic player that the Dolphins had expected. With that, they ended up moving him to the 49ers.

    In San Francisco, Ginn has pretty much been nonexistent. He has started only two games in the 20 that he has played, and has only scored one touchdown through the air. One thing that Ginn has been successful at is being a kick returner, but in the end, an overall ninth pick is not worth it for a kick returner. 

Vince Young

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    Drafted: Round 1, Pick 3 2006

    College: Texas Longhorns

    Position: Quarterback

    NFL Teams: Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia Eagles


    In three seasons at Texas, Vince Young threw for 6,040 yards and 44 touchdowns. Not only that, he also ran for 3,127 yards and 37 touchdowns. Young looked to be the superstar player of the future. He was coming off of a terrific 2006 season, in which he won the BCS title game against Reggie Bush and the USC Trojans.

    In the NFL, Young started his career very promising. He was selected to two Pro Bowls, one being in 2006 and the other being in 2009. The problem with Young was that his career was always surrounded by question marks. He ran into many problems with his team and himself, most notably relaying back to psychological problems.

    With a 30-17 career record, many may wonder why Young finds himself on this list. Well, it is because this guy had the chance to be one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play this game, and unfortunately his life took the turn it did and he has been able to fulfill his career with the success it should have had.

Alex Smith

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    Drafted: Round 1, Pick 1 2005

    College: Utah

    Position: Quarterback

    NFL Teams: San Francisco 49ers


    Before Urban Meyer was at Florida winning games with Tim Tebow, he was coaching the Utah Utes, who were led by a young quarterback in Alex Smith. In two seasons with the Utes, Smith threw for 5,199 yards, 47 touchdowns and only eight interceptions. With Utah, Smith claimed two championships, one being the Fiesta Bowl and the other being the Liberty Bowl.

    When the San Francisco 49ers were looking for their quarterback of the future, they went with Smith with the first overall pick. In his rookie season, Smith only completed one touchdown pass in nine games, seven of those being starts.

    The rest of his career has pretty much been the same story, as to this date Smith has only completed 60 touchdown passes and has posted a 25-32 record in games he has started. Things have looked much brighter in 2011, as Smith has already thrown nine touchdowns in just eight games.

    It will be hard to move on from Smith if the 49ers do see success till seasons end, but ultimately they are better off with a new quarterback in 2012. 

Roy Williams

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    Drafted: Round 1, Pick 7 2004

    College: Texas Longhorns

    Position: Wide Receiver

    NFL Teams: Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears


    In college, Roy Williams was one of the best receivers at Texas. As a Longhorn, Williams was the all-time leader in receptions, yards and receiving touchdowns. Considering the type of talent that has come out of Texas over the years, many expected Williams to be just as great in the NFL.

    Williams was drafted by the Detroit Lions, who had a plethora of receivers. He looked to make his mark though, and he did early on. He had eight touchdowns in each of his first two seasons, and finally broke through with a 1,300-yard season in 2007.

    That was the peak and fall of Williams. Ever since then, he has hardly broken 600 yards in a season. With the Dallas Cowboys, Williams fell out of the picture quick, and was replaced by young guys like Miles Austin.

    After 2010, Williams was released by the Cowboys and reunited with Mike Martz from his Detroit days in Chicago. With the Bears, Williams has yet to really succeed like he did back in 2007, and it is turning out to look like 2007 will be all we will ever see of the hyped greatness of Roy Williams.

Brady Quinn

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    Drafted: Round 1, Pick 22 2007

    College: Notre Dame Fighting Irish

    Position: Quarterback

    NFL Teams: Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos


    Coming from the prestigious Notre Dame program, quarterback Brady Quinn was expected to make a huge splash in the NFL. After a promising career with the Fighting Irish, consisting of career totals of 11,762 yards and 95 touchdowns, many expected to see Quinn transition to the pro game relatively easily. This was also because he was coached by former New England Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weiss in a pro-style offense.

    The Cleveland Browns were in need of something, and they were hoping that Quinn would be the guy that would lead this team to greatness for the first time in a very long time. Being regarded as a quarterback of the future, Quinn's 3-9 record as a starter with only 10 touchdowns really isn't what the Browns expected when they drafted him.

    The Browns eventually saw no use for Quinn, and they ended up trading him to the Denver Broncos before the 2010 season. The Broncos were unsure at that time about their future with Kyle Orton. That offseason, the Broncos also drafted quarterback Tim Tebow (who may be a future candidate on this list), who also was planning on going for the spot.

    Orton won out the quarterback battle, and Quinn never ended up seeing the field in all of 2010. Tebow even received playing time before Quinn, and this season has taken the starting spot although Quinn was No. 2 on the depth chart.

    Jeff Chase is from Chicago and is an undergrad at Arizona State University. He currently is interning with B/R and is in process of becoming a Featured Columnist for Arizona State football.

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