NHL in Movember: Best All-Time Hockey Staches

Adam DavisCorrespondent INovember 3, 2011

NHL in Movember: Best All-Time Hockey Staches

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    For a sport that boasts facial hair as a sign of playoff pride and dedication, mustaches and the month in which they are celebrated should also get their due.

    There have been some seriously badass mustaches throughout the years, and even some players are rocking the staches in the league today. 

    With plenty of solid upper lip hairstyles to choose from in league history, we could comprise a pretty decent list.

    With the month of "Movember" being the 11th month of the year and already in full swing, let's take a look at the 11 best hockey mustaches of all time. 

Honorable Mention: Sidney Crosby

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    I'm trying to...but I just can't look away.

11. Joel Quennville

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    NHL coach Joel Quennville always seemed like a pretty clean cut guy, and his mustache reflects that. Very well kept and trimmed, Quennville starts off this list in style. 

10. Bryan Trottier

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    The Hall of Fame inductee has always sported a clean, impressive and not too over-the-top mustache and has been known for the facial hair his entire life. Pretty solid all around. 

9. Pat Burns

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    The late Coach Burns was a tremendous force behind the bench for several NHL teams, and he will definitely be missed in the hockey world. 

8. Tim Thomas

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    After an amazing year that really put him on the map, Tim Thomas acted like former NHL greats and began sporting a solid mustache. 

    Great skills in goal, great skills in growing a stache. 

7. Paul MacLean

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    The fact that Paul MacLean is no longer playing in the NHL and still sporting a mustache like this one is truly amazing. A for effort in my books.

6. Cal Clutterbuck

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    The intensity of Clutterbuck's mustache coupled with the way he combs his hair is almost too ridiculous to handle. Definitely one of the best. 

5. Dave Schultz

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    The sick mustache, the crazy hair and no helmet just brings you back to a time when all the Flyers cared about was hitting people.

    Schultz was a menace on the ice, but he also knew how to grow a stache. This guy is hardcore all over. 

4. Wendel Clark

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    Wendel was one of the best players in Toronto Maple Leafs history at scoring, but he also was one of the best at growing a solid mustache.

3. Dennis Maruk

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    This man is fierce. 

    The former Washington Capital and Minnesota North Star nearly averaged a point per game in his career—probably because the opposing team got the hell out of his way. 

    What a display of facial hair. Bravo.

2. George Parros

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    Parros, one of the most feared fighters in the league today, is actually a Princeton graduate. 

    So, let's just break this one down. 

    Long, thick mustache. Plays for Anaheim but known for his fists. Ivy league English literature major. 

    What an awesome combination. 

1. Lanny McDonald

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    Were you expecting someone else? 

    The former Maple Leafs and Flames player has sported this mustache forever, and it is one of the most recognizable facial hair displays in NHL history. 

    Plus, the fact that the stache was a nice solid red when he played for the Flames just makes McDonald even more awesome. 


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