How Many Arrests Does Each NFL Team Have over the Last Decade?

Justin SparksCorrespondent IIINovember 2, 2011

How Many Arrests Does Each NFL Team Have over the Last Decade?

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    Staying away from law enforcement seems to be more difficult than making paper origami for NFL athletes. Certain teams have bailed out their players and dealt with high-profile arrests more often than they have won games.

    The NFL has seen its fair share of criminals dressed as football players come through the revolving door throughout the years. In the past decade, all 32 teams have dealt with their own self-inflicted PR storm.

    Character has become a tangible quality that most organizations look for when screening free agents and potential draftees. The main exception to that notion being the Oakland Raiders, of course.

NFC North

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    Minnesota Vikings:

    Number of Arrests: 34

    The Minnesota Vikings own the record for most arrests since 2001 in the NFL. The funniest of which was Cedric Griffin's arrest for disorderly conduct due to "pants too low."

    Detroit Lions:

    Number of Arrests: 7

    The Detroit Lions over the past decade didn't exactly do a whole lot of winning. I guess that deters criminal behavior.

    Chicago Bears:

    Number of Arrests: 19

    Terry "Tank" Johnson leads the way for the Chicago Bears with his multiple weapons charges.

    Green Bay Packers:

    Number of Arrests: 13

    How do you get into trouble in Green Bay, Wisconsin? Apparently, you don't. Several of the arrests were outside of Green Bay.

AFC North

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    Cincinnati Bengals:

    Number of Arrests: 31

    The Cincinnati Bengals have the second most arrests in the league since 2001 in the NFL. I guess there's something about those North divisions.

    Cleveland Browns:

    Number of Arrests: 22

    Way back in 2001, Jeremiah Pharms was arrested for first-degree robbery, pistol whipping and shooting an alleged drug dealer, and sentenced to 41 months in prison.

    Pittsburgh Steelers:

    Number of Arrests: 17

    I think we all can recite what Big Ben has allegedly done by now.

    Baltimore Ravens:

    Number of Arrests: 14

    Jamal Lewis plead guilty to using a phone to orchestrate a drug deal.

NFC West

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    San Francisco 49ers:

    Number of Arrests: 9

    Roderick Green was arrested a few years ago with reckless driving and possession of marijuana.

    St. Louis Rams:

    Number of Arrests: 7

    Adding to the comical arrests in the NFC West, Gary Stills failed to pay his child support.

    Seattle Seahawks:

    Number of Arrests: 16

    Raheem Brock reportedly walked out on a $27 tab at a restaurant in Philadelphia.

    Arizona Cardinals:

    Number of Arrests: 8

    None of the arrests were really noteworthy enough to single one guy out here. I guess that's what you get with a retirement destination.

AFC West

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    Oakland Raiders:

    Number of Arrests: 13

    Louis Murphy was pulled over for a routine traffic stop, but he was arrested for having a bottle of Viagra that was not prescribed.

    Kansas City Chiefs:

    Number of Arrests: 22

    During his time in Kansas City, Jared Allen was arrested twice in five months for driving under the influence.

    San Diego Chargers:

    Number of Arrests: 24

    Kevin Ellison plead guilty to possessing 100 pills of vicodin.

    Denver Broncos:

    Number of Arrests: 29

    Brandon Marshall had multiple domestic dispute incidents during his time in Denver.

NFC South

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    Atlanta Falcons:

    Number of Arrests:  14

    I think we all know what happened with a certain individual pictured above.

    Carolina Panthers:

    Number of Arrests: 15

    Jarrod Cooper was fined $137,000, suspended for four games and charged with a DUI with a revoked license and possession of a controlled substance. Ouch.

    New Orleans Saints:

    Number of Arrests: 17

    Biren Ealy was charged with obscenity and disturbing the peace. I'd really like to know the details of that charge, just for curiosity's sake.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

    Number of Arrests: 22

    In recent years, Aqib Talib had been arrested from simple battery and resisting arrest.

AFC South

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    Houston Texans:

    Number of Arrests: 9

    The Houston Texans have been model citizens during their time in the NFL, considering the arrest records around the league.

    Indianapolis Colts:

    Number of Arrests: 21

    Surprisingly, the Colts have several arrests over the last decade despite being under Tony Dungy's supervision for so many years.

    Tennessee Titans:

    Number of Arrests:  29

    The Tennessee Titans are currently tied with the Denver Broncos for third place in the most arrests competition.

    Jacksonville Jaguars:

    Number of Arrests: 25

    Matt Jones was allegedly found sitting in his car cutting up cocaine. Genius.

NFC East

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    New York Giants:

    Number of Arrests: 11

    The Giants have a shockingly tame number of arrests for being located in the New York City area. Plaxico Burress helped out the cause with his high-profile arrest.

    Dallas Cowboys:

    Number of Arrests: 8

    Jerry Jones usually does not mind having immensely talented players on his team as long as they win, even if they have law enforcement troubles. The last decade he's had neither.

    Philadelphia Eagles:

    Number of Arrests: 10

    King Dunlap was arrested for parking on a curb during the lockout and refusing to move. He was trying to pick up an elderly family member.

    Washington Redskins:

    Number of Arrests:  15

    Hey, at least the Redskins are winning at something in this division, because it sure hasn't been football games in the last decade.

AFC East

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    Miami Dolphins:

    Number of Arrests: 24

    Similar to the Washington Redskins, the Dolphins haven't won a whole lot in the division, but they're winning in the arrests category.

    Buffalo Bills:

    Number of Arrests: 14

    Marshawn Lynch was arrested and plead guilty to failing to exercise due care towards a pedestrian. Only in Buffalo could you get arrested for that.

    New England Patriots:

    Number of Arrests: 14

    Forget spending time in jail. The repercussions from Bill Belichick would have me worried.

    New York Jets:

    Number of Arrests: 7

    Shaun Ellis was charged with speeding and possession of marijuana before leaving New York for Boston.