The 25 Coolest Throwback Jerseys

Austin SchindelAnalyst IINovember 1, 2011

The 25 Coolest Throwback Jerseys

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    The old school is back in session.

    Everywhere you look, people are wearing retro jerseys, because frankly, a lot of today's uniforms are boring.

    We want to see those crazy looking Nuggets jersey or the Indiana Pacers getup pictured here.

    Here are some awesome looking throwback jerseys that we want to see back in circulation. This may not be possible for some of those extinct teams (sorry, Nordiques), but the rest have no excuse.

    Check out the 25 coolest throwback jerseys in recent memory.


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25. Houston Rockets

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    Simple, clean and very, very large; these are all ways to describe the Houston Rockets uniform of the '80s.

    Olajuwon and Sampson really filled in these unis before they were changed to this.

    You see the team bring them back every once in a while, reminding us how cool they were during a time where people were trying some crazy new ideas.

    The '80s could be the peak of NBA fashion, and that is saying something. 

24. Chicago White Sox

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    The new White Sox uniforms are flat out boring. Their home jerseys are white with black pinstripes, and their away jerseys are grey and say Chicago on the front; it looks like they are sponsored by Mike's pizzeria.

    These late '80s unis are tight.

    They have the real '80s look with boxed letters and clean colorful lines on the sleeves. At least it has some original flare to it.

    Right now, their uniforms match the team—just kind of there.

23. Chicago Bulls

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    This alternate road jersey was a staple of Michael Jordan's early career. He wore it during the dunk contest and many of his road battles with Larry Bird.

    Today, the Bulls jerseys have less flare. They substituted the word Chicago for Bulls on their pinstripe black jerseys.

    Maybe it was the man wearing it that mattered more than the words on the front, but this classic and classy script "Chicago" needs to come back.

22. Atlanta Falcons

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    Nothing is cooler about these jerseys than the man who wore it and did some pretty incredible things in the process, Deion Sanders.

    The modern day Falcons have worn this jersey from time to time, and each time I see it, I think about Deion getting into the end zone and dancing.

21. Orlando Magic Black Pinstripes

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    This '90s road alternate was filled in nicely by the big Aristotle (along with his million other nicknames).

    The Magic wears this jersey once in a while, and Dwight Howard looks much cooler in it than Orlando's current uniforms.

    Whenever you see pinstripes, you think Yankees (a.k.a. winners), so why do teams keep moving away from it?

20. St. Louis Rams

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    If you are a fan of the Los Angeles or St. Louis Rams, you can appreciate this jersey. They gave it up in 1999, right after they won the Super Bowl.

    The team hasn't won the title since we saw Kurt Warner hoisting the Lombardi Trophy over his head wearing this getup.

    So, what does this tell us?

    Bring back the blue and yellow.

19. Toronto Raptors

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    This is the first jersey that the Toronto Raptors went with after their expansion into the NBA in 1995.

    "Legends" such as Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady and Marcus Camby all wore this jersey at one point or another.

    Now, the organization has toned down the colors and made it very boring.

    Maybe that is the reason that nobody wants to stay in Toronto...they need to invest in new gear.

18. Quebec Nordiques

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    Until 1995, the Quebec Nordiques had one of the coolest uniforms in sports. They moved to Denver and became the Avalanche, who kept up the trend of awesome jerseys.

    The NHL doesn't like to do throwback days like the NBA and NFL, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't appreciate this look and keep buying them on the Internet.

    As the last Quebec Nordiques alumni retire from the NHL, it's important that we keep the jersey alive.

17. Charlotte Hornets

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    Purple, teal and white have never really been men's colors. But, put Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning in them, and they instantly become much tougher hues.

    I like how their jerseys always matched their ridiculous looking court, though.

    They made teal cool again...or maybe for the first time. 

16. Baltimore Orioles

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    These jerseys were prominently displayed during Cal Ripken's early days and haven't lost their luster since.

    I have a theory.

    On the old baseball cap, there used to be an oriole, that looked like a baseball player and was smiling. Ever since they took him off the hat, only bad things have seemed to happen to the ballclub.

    Get that little happy bird back on the cap, and all will return to normal.

15. Sacramento Kings

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    Excuse the Reggie Theus mullet for a minute, and take a look at this Sacramento Kings jersey before they went all purple on us (a much more appropriate color anyway).

    They took the design from the their days in Kansas City, wiped off the KC and put a big ol' Kings in the middle.

    The team was also the first to put its players' names in the middle of the back of the jersey and not on top.

    If we are going to bring the whole uniform back, the mullet and 'stache needs to come with it.

14. Seattle Mariners

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    When the Mariners first wore these jerseys, I doubt they thought it would one day be worn by the best Japanese player in baseball.

    That being said, during this throwback day, Ichiro and the team reminded us how unique these uniforms once were and of the need to bring it back more often.

    It may not be the best color I have ever seen, but this is just their road gear.

13. Houston Oilers

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    The Tennessee Titans have brought this jersey back a couple of times, but it didn't have the same gusto as when Warren Moon and Bruce Matthews wore it.

    There is nothing that says the oil fields of Texas like light blue with red trim, leaving me to believe the designer of this has never been to one.

    The unis work well on a football field, though, and that's all we really need. 

12. Buffalo Sabres

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    This is a lot better than the Sabre uniforms that had red, white and black. It's a throwback jersey, but this is also an alternate jersey right now.

    The current jerseys have what they call "The Slug" on the front, so going back into the past might be the best decision they've ever made.

11. Denver Broncos

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    The Orange Crush needs to come back as soon as possible.

    With John Elway now in charge of Broncos operations, he needs to get rid of Tim Tebow and bring back the old uniforms.

    There may not be a lot of talent in these uniforms right now, but that should not be a deterrent for the organization.

    What's better for a team than changing back to the old uniforms to tell them, "Do it like I did."

10. Atlanta Hawks

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    From 1972 to 1995, the Atlanta Hawks used the "Pac-man" logo and corresponding jerseys.

    Before deciding to use the very odd Hawk holding a basketball, these uniforms were some of the best around.

    Compared to some jerseys today that you need to guess what team they even represent, these unis have "Hawks" plastered on the front. 

    No guesswork there.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    If you are going to lose the first 26 games of your existence, you might as well do it in style.

    The Buccaneers, sporting the creamsicle jerseys and buccaneer on the helmet, have left us with one of the best and worst fashion statements in sports history.

    Not only were they losing, but there was no way you could watch your little 1970s TV and not know exactly who was getting beaten on every week.

    It's great to see them return every once in a while. 

8. Washington Redskins

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    The Redskins logo used to look like this, explaining the decal on the side of their helmet. They don't wear this too often, which I think is a mistake.

    That being said, I don't think it is going to change their chances of winning anytime soon.

    Apparently, it matters who is wearing the helmet and not what's on it.

    Who knew? 

7. Atlanta Flames

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    The Atlanta Flames? Yes, the Atlanta Flames.

    From 1972 to 1980, the Flames (now in Calgary, for all of you paying attention) wore some of the coolest hockey sweaters I have ever seen.

    They had the cool flaming "A" in the middle of their jerseys and great colors. 

    Luckily, the jersey hasn't changed too much on its way to the Canadian west.

6. New England Patriots

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    I generally never give Tom Brady or the Patriots credit for anything good that they do, but when it comes to these throwback jerseys, I need to give them props.

    They generally only wear them on special occasions, like Thanksgiving, because this is what they wore when they got pummeled by the Bears in the Super Bowl.

    Only Brady can wear this and still do well.

5. Pittsburgh Pirates

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    Bring back the mustard!

    Maybe the Pirates, who haven't made the playoffs in (too long to remember) years, might need to spice things up and bring back the striped hats and bright jerseys.

    While they are at it, start pumping "We Are Family" back over the loudspeakers, and change up the culture.

    They say you can't move forward if you don't know your past.'s your chance, buckos.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

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    Back when Randall Cunningham was under center, the Eagles had two jerseys, and they were both awesome.

    There was the solid green lettering with the silver eagle's wings on the helmet.

    Now, they have toned down the the green and added a black uniform to go with it (Take it away, Vince). 

    Don't even get me started on the disgusting 75th anniversary jersey.

    Please bring back the old school uniforms! Please.

3. Washington Bullets

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    It is awesome to see the Wizards bring these jerseys back for the 2011-12 season and beyond.

    Sure, they will not be saying bullets on the front (for obvious reasons), but the red, white and blue theme should be exclusively used in Washington, D.C.

2. Denver Nuggets Rainbow

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    How can you not love the Denver Nuggets' old uniforms that featured the mountains in front of, let's call it a rainbow?

    Everyone remembers Alex English for the most famous model of this outfit, but I couldn't resist sticking Mutombo in there.

    The Nuggets have since moved on to a sleeker baby blue jersey, but there needs to be some support for the return of this jersey on "what were we thinking?" night at the arena. 

1. San Diego Chargers

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    Originally worn from 1960 to 1973, the San Diego Chargers' powder blue uniforms came back during the 2007 season and have been worn nine times since. 

    These have become a fan favorite of the NFL throwback collection and are seen year after year.

    Despite the "powder" title, I can assure you that the Chargers hit just as hard when they play in them.