Why Andy Murray Will Never Win a Grand Slam

Erik WallulisContributor IIIOctober 22, 2011

Why Andy Murray Will Never Win a Grand Slam

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    Many are discussing Murray as possibly "pulling a Djokovic next year," due to his recent success during the end of the year hard court season.

    Murray will never pull a Djokovic, though, because Andy Murray will never win a grand slam title.

    Federer, Nadal and, most recently, Djokovic have all found a means to catapult to the forefront of tennis and assert levels of dominance that Murray has never come close to and never will.

    Here are reasons why.

1. His First Showing Was Awful

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    In the first slam final in which he played, Murray was never in command of the match. He was never even in control of a set, rarely controlled games and was passive in most of the rallies.

    Federer smoked him in straight sets, after the worst year he'd had since his first major title.

    There are many reasons put forth as to why Murray's display was so poor. It was his first time, there was a lot of pressure and he was still young. 

    The case is the same for all great champions, though, and they never succumbed to these pressures in the same way that Murray did.

2. His Next Showings Looked a Lot Like the First

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    Many thought that when Murray reached another slam final that it would be a different story. 

    He had more experience, he was playing with confidence and it was against a player with whom he had a solid head to head record.

    Yet again, he was obliterated in straight sets.

    Murray had set points in the third, but let Federer's racket decide whether or not they would be converted. 

    At the most recent Australian Open, many thought that Murray could take the title due to the fact that the man who had stopped him in his last two runs was not across the net.

    Djokovic destroyed him worse than even Federer ever had, though, leading to the conclusion that it's not just his opponents, but the fact that Murray cannot step up and play well in a major final.

3. He Cannot Defeat the Top Three Players at a Grand Slam

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    Federer always stopped him on hard courts, Nadal always ended his runs on grass and Murray never had much potential as a clay court player.

    Murray simply does not have the game to defeat these legends when it matters most.

    During his matches against Nadal at the All England Club, Murray had several break point chances and opportunities. In their most recent encounter, he took the first set and had a put away forehand to go up a break in the second.

    He hit it a foot out, though, and from then on Nadal never looked back, leaving Murray eliminated by the Spaniard for the second time in a row.

    Since Murray cannot defeat him, Federer or Djokovic at major tournaments, Murray will not win a title, because in order to do so you usually need to beat two of them.

4. His Mentality Is Awful

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    Federer has a cool, unaffected demeanor which allows little to get to him on the court.

    Nadal has an impenetrable, mesomorphic presence that gets into his opponent's heads.

    Djokovic has recently improved his mentality to the point where even Nadal fears him.

    Murray is the only player in the top four whose on court mentality is a detriment to his play rather than a benefit.

    The other four have improved theirs to the point where it has become one of their weapons, but Murray's presence of mind always lets him down at the most important stages of the majors and, until he improves it, he will never have a shot at a title. 

5. He Cannot Overcome British Expectation

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    Murray faces more pressure than the other members of "the big four" due to the fact that a British man has not won a grand slam for what Federer called, "150,000 years."

    The British press can be ruthless, and Murray's unachieved potential has led many to believe that he will end up as the country's next Tim Henman.

    Until he can find a way to not let these expectations get to him, he will never be able to overcome them, as well as the best players in the world, to get his first major title.

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