25 Biggest Manager Outburts in Baseball History

Mark MillerCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2011

25 Biggest Manager Outburts in Baseball History

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    As evidenced by a number of missed calls during this year's postseason, umpires aren't perfect.

    By and large, they do a great job, especially when you consider the short reaction time and high amount of pressure they face.

    But when that call is missed, an umpire has to be prepared to face the wrath of the angry manager. Major league managers have been getting in the faces of umpires for years, but it's the minor leagues where you'll find the real entertainment.

    It seems that minor league fans head to the ballpark just as much as they do for the baseball, and when there's an ejection involved, they typically get their money's worth.

    Here are some of the most hot-headed exits in baseball history.

Braves Minor League Manager Tosses Rosin Grenade

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    Phil Wellman's ejection has been played so much since its occurrence that I'd find it hard to believe many of you haven't seen it yet.

    No matter how many times I see it though, I still find it hilarious that he actually got the urge to turn a rosin bag into a grenade.

Manager Argues Call, Autographs Base, Gives It to Fan

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    It seems like once any manager is done getting in the umpire's face, he moves on, taking his aggression out on the bases.

    On this particular night Gary Robinson changes the same old song and dance up a bit, putting his John Hancock on the base and giving it to a fan in attendance.

Ozzie Guillen Kicks Catchers Mask

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    Fans in south Florida will be in for a treat next season as they welcome the always eccentric Ozzie Guillen as the new manager of the Florida Marlins.

    He certainly won't be changing his attitude in his new role, but I'm not so sure he'll be punting any more catchers' masks going forward.

Saints Manager Takes off Shoes To Prove a Point

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    A manager in a Northern League game in St. Paul, Minnesota felt the need to make his point so clear that he actually felt compelled to remove his cleats and place them on first base to illustrate exactly how he saw things as they went down.

    While he probably earned points for creativity, it didn't get the call reversed so he opted to go the more traditional route and throw items from the dugout onto the field.

Kash Beauchamp Blows a Gasket

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    In another display of creativity after an ejection, Wichita Wingnuts manager Kash Beauchamp actually removes his cleat to give the umpire a quick whiff.

    As if that's not enough, he thought it might help his cause to flash his armpit his way as well.

Lloyd McClendon Takes First Base

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    During a game against the Milwaukee Brewers in June of 2001, Pittsburgh Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon flew off the handle after he thought some unfair calls were handed down on his players.

    He got so infuriated at his ejection that he actually lifted home plate and took it with him into the clubhouse.

    The Pirates would end up overcoming their deficit and would win in extra innings, prompting the team to mount the base in the clubhouse.

Joe Mikiluk Leaves It All out on the Field

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    Asheville manager Joe Mikiluk pretty much gets it all in with this ejection.

    He gets in the umpire's face, puts on a sliding exhibition, pulls up a base and throws everything from the dugout onto the field of play.

    To top it all off, he take a bottle of water and dumps it over home plate.

Earl Weaver

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    **WARNING: Explicit Content**

    Earl Weaver is one of the all-time greats when it comes to hot-headed managers.

    He was ejected from over 90 games during his career including twice being ejected before the games even began and once being ejected during both games of a doubleheader.

    His dirt-kicking, cap-turning in-your-face ways paved the way for the hot-headed managers of today to go on tirades that end up on SportsCenter every night.

One of Lou Pinella’s Many Ejections

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    Known for his short fuse, Lou Pinella provided entertainment for fans in New York, Cincinnati, Seattle, Tampa Bay and Chicago as he voiced his displeasure for umpires frequently.

    This is one of his most-heated altercations, as he blew up in front of his home crowd at Wrigley Field.

Stubby Clapp Thrown out over HBP Call

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    Tri-City Valley Cats manager Stubby Clapp wasn't pleased with the umpire that didn't give his batter first base after he thought he was hit by a pitch.

    It didn't take long for his ejection to come as he immediately spiked his helmet, covered home plate and continued to argue with each member of the officiating crew.

Manager Argues Home Run Call, Hops Center Field Fence

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    It's a good thing they have instant replay on home run calls in baseball today, otherwise I'd have to believe we'd see managers scaling the fences as Norfolk manager Gary Allenson did.

Billy Martin

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    Along with Earl Weaver, Billy Martin was one of the most fiery managers of his time.

    His public disdain for umpires certainly didn't help his cause, as he frequently found himself in the face of the crew chief, kicking dirt in his direction as he screamed profanities.

Manager Loses It After Call Reversal

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    Managers always seem to lose their composure when a call is missed. Some will immediately charge out of the dugout, while others wait until they address the media to voice their displeasure.

    Anger gets taken up another notch when a call that has already been made is reversed, as illustrated by manager Butch Hobson.

Aces Manager VanAsselberg Buries Home Plate

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    Strike zones are always a point of contention when it comes to the relationship between an umpire and manager.

    Whether it's for his pitchers or his hitters, a manager will always protect their players to get the fairest calls.

    When they don't feel the umps are doing their jobsthey bury home plate.

Ryne Sandberg Ejected

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    Former Chicago Cubs All-Star Ryne Sandberg blew his lid after some questionable calls late in a 2009 Summer League game.

    The umpires clearly weren't in the mood to put up with this as they immediately flagged down Sandberg's bench coach to coax him off the field.

Gardy Heads for the Showers after Arguing Call at Third

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    Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire gets ejected just about as often as any manager in the game today.

    Being known as a "players advocate" it shouldn't be surprising that Gardy ends up sticking up for his players, and oftentimes, gets an early exit as a result.

Indiana State Manager Gives Lessons on Being an Umpire

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    We're clearly seeing that the theme here is a displeasure with umpires, but rather than just argue about it, the Indiana State manager feels the need to turn it into a learning opportunity.

    He squats down behind the plate and provides a brief instructional on calling balls and strikes before hitting the showers.

Pitching Coach Gets in the Face of Any Ump He Can Find

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    The College of Charleston pitching coach clearly wasn't messing around as he emerged from the dugout ready to make his point known.

    It must've been more heated than it appears with a security guard emerging late to escort the coach off the fieldalthough there's no way that well undersized guard would get in the way of that coach if it came down to it.

Flying Squirrels Manager Flys off the Handle

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    Flying Squirrels manager Dave Machemer followed the prototypical ejection rant in this video.

    There was helmet throwing, kicking, yelling, jumping and most likely swearing before finally settling down and making his way off the field.

Bobby Valentine Gets in on Piazza's Argument with Ump

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    It's clear that Bobby Valentine felt left out when Mike Piazza decided to get into it with the home plate umpire as he quickly gets in between the two to start a tirade of his own.

    The two would ultimately separate and take on different umpires before being ejected.

Jerry Manuel Gets Sent to the Shower after Arguing Strikes

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    Arguing balls and strikes will get you rung up almost immediately as Jerry Manuel quickly found out.

    As is often the case, Manuel didn't really show his true colors until after the umpire had already sent him on his way.

Jose Offerman Punches Umpire

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    Former major leaguer Jose Offerman received a lifetime ban from the Dominican Winter League for throwing a punch at umpire Daniel Rayburn.

    It's not really clear whether or not he actually connects with his punch, but either way, it's behavior that no league should (or will) tolerate.

Manager Buries Home Plate, Sends All Three Bases into the Outfield

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    As we've seen, burying home plate is commonplace in the world of manager ejections.

    We've also seen that lifting a base can occur. What we haven't seen as often is a manager doing it all.

    Jacksonville Suns manager Andy Barkett starts off burying home plate before heading to each base to remove them and hurl them into the outfield.

Nationals Manager Gets the Ax Two Pitches into the Game

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    There isn't anything too eccentric about this ejection. But I think it's impressive that a manager has such an issue with an officiating crew that he has a short enough fuse to get ejected after only TWO pitches.

Wally Backman Goes Ballistic

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    **WARNING: Explicit Content**

    Well, I guess we're saving the best (or maybe worst) for last.

    Former major leaguer Wally Backman really lost his cool here as manager of the South Georgia Peanuts.

    Luckily enough, he just happened to be miked up this particular day (imagine that).