Chicago Cubs: 10 Major Leaguers the Cubs Could Send to Boston for Theo Epstein

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IIOctober 19, 2011

Chicago Cubs: 10 Major Leaguers the Cubs Could Send to Boston for Theo Epstein

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    When the news broke out Tuesday that the Boston Red Sox initially requested Matt Garza for Theo Epstein, I am sure not a single fan thought what they were hearing was true.

    The Chicago Cubs have been waiting for a week now to get their new GM, and it appears that the reason is because the sides are more than far apart, they are in completely different worlds.

    In the end, the Cubs are likely not going to involve any current major league talent, but rather use a few prospects and some cash.

    I don't expect the Chicago Cubs to give up major-league talent, but if they were to, there are a few players who the Cubs and many of their fans would be more than happy to see moved in whatever deal possible.

    Want a big-league player, Boston? Take a look at these 10 guys...

Alfonso Soriano

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    Please! Will somebody just take Alfonso Soriano away from us!

    You may be shocked to think that the Boston Red Sox would actually take Soriano, but I ask why not?

    Word is that David Ortiz may be on his way out, and they should be looking for a new DH. Soriano can't field the ball that well, but when he can hit, boy, he can hit.

    I don't think the Red Sox would actually take on Soriano's contract, but I honestly don't think this is that far-fetched. It is sort of a win-win for both teams.

Blake Dewitt

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    When the Chicago Cubs traded Ryan Theriot for Blake Dewitt, they figured they were getting their second baseman of the future. Dewitt lost out to Darwin Barney. Yep.

    Dewitt is nothing special, but he is a decent utility guy. He could play a few positions around the infield, so he could really help any team. He just doesn't really fit the Cubs.

    They already have utility guys, and that role will be done prominently by DJ LeMahieu in 2012.

John Grabow

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    Another bad Jim Hendry signing.

    John Grabow was actually a really good pitcher when he was with the Pittsburgh Pirates, but of course all that went away once he got to the North Side.

    The Chicago Cubs need some major help in their bullpen, so what better way to start than by getting rid of a major problem?

    Plus, he just looks too much like Ryan Dempster, only lefty.

Carlos Zambrano

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    The Boston Red Sox want a starting pitcher, right?

    Well, the Cubs want to rid themselves of the Carlos Zambrano drama.

    Hmmm, I think we have a match!

    Zambrano is actually still a pretty good pitcher, so he could thrive in a new setting. Or he could just be the same nutcase he was in Chicago, but just this time in Boston.

Randy Wells

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    What's that? You think Carlos Zambrano is too much of a nut case?

    All right, well while I insist on Zambrano, the Cubs could also deal Randy Wells.

    Wells, turning out to be a one-hit wonder, could also satisfy this starting pitching itch the Red Sox have.

    The Cubs pitcher can be pretty good from time to time, especially going many innings when he starts. He just isn't ideal, though.

    The Chicago Cubs will have Andrew Cashner hopefully starting this coming season, and perhaps Jeff Samardzija is going to get his third shot at starting.

Jeff Samardzija

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    I know in the previous slide, Jeff Samardzija was mentioned as a possible starter for 2012. I also consider him a possible trade piece in any situation.

    This may be more of a personal thing, but I just don't like the guy. I think Samardzija is way too inconsistent and his name is way too hard to spell and say (I literally wrote it once and then I have been copying and pasting it throughout this slide).

    Samardzija is just one of those guys that I could truly live without. The Cubs gave him a ridiculous contract, and at this time, it is mostly all in his pocket. 

Tyler Colvin

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    Can we finally call an end to the Tyler Colvin experiment?

    The guy has proven to be just as much of a prospect as a major leaguer.

    Epstein is likely going to fill the voids the Cubs have with a big bat in the outfield, and Colvin has proven time and time again that he just isn't consistent enough to make an impact on this team.

    Colvin also has been said to be no good in the infield, so that eliminates him from first and third base.

    I don't see Colvin fitting much into the Cubs' future plans, so why not trade him for the guy who is going to make the Cubs' future?

Geovany Soto

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    Of all the "possible" players, Geovany Soto would definitely be the hardest to pull the trigger on. The guy was so good in his rookie season, and many Cub fans are hoping to see him turn it on again.

    He so far hasn't been able to do so, and a combination of Wellington Castillo and Koyie Hill may be a potential better situation.

    I couldn't imagine the Cubs parting with their All-Star catcher for a general manager, but if it is what the Red Sox are going to be asking for, the Cubs may have to budge.

Tony Campana

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    Tony Campana is fast. All right, what else?

    I agree, Campana is fun to watch run around the bases, and he is a potential steal threat whenever he gets on, but there is no way that this guy will ever start more than 20 games in a season.

    If the Red Sox want him, they can have him. I don't think the Cubs will part with the quickster for Epstein's duties, but there is no reason he should be eliminated, considering he really doesn't bring anything to the table.

Mike Quade

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    Hey! How about this for an idea! Your general manager for our manager!

    They don't want Theo Epstein, and we don't want Mike Quade. And with Terry Francona recently let go, the Red Sox are in need of a manager.

    Why would the Red Sox do this anyways? They know that once the Cubs get Epstein, he is going to fire Quade. They might as well just wait till then to sign their guy, right?

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