Chicago Cubs: Why Theo Epstein Would Be a Good Fit in Chicago

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IIOctober 10, 2011

Chicago Cubs: Why Theo Epstein Would Be a Good Fit in Chicago

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    The talk of Chicago is Theo Epstein.

    The Boston Red Sox general manager is still employed in Bean-town, but that hasn't stopped Chicago fans from speculating that the man who defeated the Red Sox curse will be coming to answer their woes in the Windy City.

    Epstein, who has been silent on the issue, could be finding his way out of Boston sooner then many would think.

    After seeing his manager ousted from his post, Epstein may be looking to stick it to the Red Sox, even if it is his childhood team.

    Here are five reasons why Theo Epstein would be a good fit for the Chicago Cubs.

He Can Reel in the Big Fish

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    Let's face it, the Chicago Cubs are not going to build an incredible team based all around their farm system.

    There will be gems like Starlin Castro and Carlos Marmol (at times), but in the end, Cubs' fans want to win quick and they want to win now.

    The only way you can get that done is by bringing in proven talent.

    The Cubs have done that in the past, and at times it has worked. Other times it has been a massive failure.

    Epstein has been successful at bringing in great players.

    This season, Carl Crawford didn't see the success that many had hoped for, but that story isn't written off yet like Soriano in Chicago.

    Epstein would be able to play with the Cubs farm system while he also brings in the right players to take the franchise to new heights.

He Puts Together Winning Teams

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    Not only did Theo Epstein put together two World Series winning teams over 10 years, but he also never had a losing season.

    The Boston Red Sox play in arguably the most difficult division in baseball, but year after year, they have stayed competitive with the New York Yankees.

    The Yankees and Red Sox have been neck and neck over the years, but Epstein has continued to show an effort to compete at the highest level against the Evil Empire.

    Epstein built squads that took the Red Sox to six playoff times in 10 years, and that is some consistency that is needed on the North Side.

He Will Bring in a Great Manager

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    Jim Hendry brought in great managers, but Dusty Baker and Lou Pinnela tended to be very "one and done."

    Don't even get me started on Mike Quade.

    That being said, Epstein would make his first move as general manager to fire Mike Quade and bring in a manager that he knows would have much success.

    Don't forget, Terry Francona was very unsuccessful in Philadelphia

    Epstein, with much riding on his shoulders, brought in Tito and they made things happen.

    As previously mentioned, they never had a losing season in Boston, and they also won two World Series.

    Epstein has an eye for talent, and the Cubs certainly need a fresh look on things.

He Will Take Things Out of Ricketts' Hands

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    Tom Ricketts is treating the Chicago Cubs like his favorite new toy.

    He has been keen on the fact that he has control, and has seemed unwilling to give up that control.

    Ricketts has two options.

    He could either hire a puppet, or he could bring in someone to get him a nice return on his investment.

    If he is smart, he would hire the right guy and hand over the control he enjoys.

    I know, it is tough to spend so much money on something and not have control, but Ricketts needs to learn to trust someone else with his money.

    Isn't that what his whole family's company is about anyways?

    Theo Epstein is that guy who can take control from Ricketts. He has the track record, and he will only take the job if he has full control.

    Otherwise, he has no reason to move on.

He Is a Curse Breaker

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    The title says it all.

    Whether you believe in curses or not, the Chicago Cubs have outlasted the Boston Red Sox in being "cursed" of claiming a World Series title.

    That is because a guy named Theo Epstein came in and answered to one of the biggest challenges in sports. And then he decided to prove a point and win another World Series in Boston.

    Now, I am not saying Theo Epstein practices witchcraft or something, but the point is that he isn't afraid to take on this challenge.

    Boston fans are much rougher than Chicago fans.

    We want to win, but we are almost starting to get used to losing after 103 years.

    If Epstein were able to bring the Chicago Cubs a World Series, he knows his name would go down in history as one of the greatest general managers of all time.