5 Reasons Michael Vick Is the Best QB in NFL

Bradlee Ross@rossbeCorrespondent IISeptember 13, 2011

5 Reasons Michael Vick Is the Best QB in NFL

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    In the past year, Michael Vick has risen from the ashes of his former self to become one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

    After a few years in prison, it seemed his career was probably over. But he led the Eagles to a division title last season, and this year has probably the most talented team on paper around him.

    A lot is expected of him this year, and he'll deliver.

    Here are five reasons he's the most talented signal-caller in the NFL.

Most Versatile Player in the Game

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    Vick is the most versatile player in the NFL.

    Last season, he became the first player to pass for 300 yards, rush for 50 yards, throw four passing touchdowns and rush for two touchdowns in a single game.

    I'm surprised they didn't have him catch some passes as well, because he could.

    He's fast, strong and has a strong arm. He could play any offensive skill position and be successful.

He's Improved

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    Vick has improved tremendously since his early days at Atlanta when he was considered a runner who could pass rather than a passer who could run.

    He's a passer first now. Vick had a QB rating of 100 and ran for nine touchdowns last season, both career highs.

    His passing percentage and passing touchdowns were also career bests at 62.6 percent and 21.

    He's playing the best football of his career.

He's Matured

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    Vick has come a long way from early in his career.

    Although people remember him mostly for dogfighting, the early part of his career was also riddled with rumors of theft, drug distribution and STD's.

    However, Vick's prison stint and bankruptcy seems to have changed him.

    No negative stories have come out about his personal life, and he appears to now be the model of maturity and good decision making.

    Those things are important in determining who the best quarterback in the NFL is.

He's Had Mentors

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    One of the reasons Vick is the best are the influences that have affected him in a positive way.

    One of the biggest was Donovan McNabb, whose job Vick ultimately was given. McNabb, one of the best quarterbacks in the league at the time, taught Vick how to be a franchise quarterback.

    Andy Reid was another important mentor who believed in Vick when no one else did.

    Tony Dungy also helped make Vick into the player he is now by showing him the right way to behave in his public life.

    These influences helped Vick grow and made him into the NFL's best quarterback.

He's Got the Talent He Needs

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    To be the best quarterback, you have to have talent around you. Vick's got tons of it.

    Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and Nnamdi Asomugha are just a few of many that surround Vick.

    The free-agent signings this past offseason and the development of young talent has gotten rid of all the excuses for losing in Philadelphia.

    And Vick, the best QB in the NFL, will live up to it.


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