NFL Roster Cuts 2011: 5 Minnesota Vikings Who Deserve to Be Let Go

Ray TannockSenior Analyst IAugust 31, 2011

NFL Roster Cuts 2011: 5 Minnesota Vikings Who Deserve to Be Let Go

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    With roughly 80 players still remaining on the Minnesota Vikings roster, and under a week left to reach 53, the Vikings will be looking hard at whom they need to cut, as well as who deserves to go—two opposing situations that will be answered this week.

    Here are the five player I think deserve to be let go for various reasons. 

Caleb King: RB

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    In his first day at camp after the supplemental draft, King dropped two passes and looked flat and out of shape. These are issues the Vikings do not need to deal with right now, considering they have to trim back to 53 by next week.

Brandon Burton: DB

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    Burton has the size and speed, but you need a lot more than that in the NFL to make a roster.

    Burton has looked more like a failing project than anything else, with only a few good highlights to speak of. The Vikings need depth, but unless Burton really does something in the next preseason game, it may be time to get rid of him altogether.

Ryan D'Imperio: RB/FB

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    He's already been waived and he's done nothing to prove he has been a solid conversion project from LB to FB. The Vikings will now have to decide if they even want to put him on the practice squad.

    Based on his poor body of work, perhaps he deserves to go.

Steven Burton: WR

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    Burton flat out need to go.

    He hasn't accomplished anything, is dropping more passes than most draft picks drop in their first four preseason games, and is miles away from making this roster—or any other at this point.

Greg Camarillo: WR

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    There is a growing outlook that Camarillo's place in Minnesota is no longer there, and it may be supported with so many other mentionable names on the field right now.

    If anything, he deserves to go in an effort to find other eventual work.

Charlie Johnson: G

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    When you are the Indianapolis Colts and you get rid of the guy protecting the blindside of Peyton Manning, you are saying something about the player. Nobody should've expected much out of Johnson, who is having a terrible camp and preseason.

    This is not the guy Vikings fans want protecting an aging Donovan McNabb. How's the gym idea sound now, Mr. McKinnie?