Shooting Stars: The NBA All-Pure Shooting Team

Michael WhittenbergSenior Writer INovember 14, 2008

Pure shooters.

One of the most beautiful things about game of basketball. And definitely my favorite attribute of the game.

The teams listed below consist of the NBA's all-time pure shooters. But unfortunately, only 10 guys made the team. There have been many types of pure shooters to come and go in the NBA.

Shooters like Larry Bird and Reggie Miller had a jump shot that was simply unstoppable. While guys like Ray Allen and Peja Stojakovic have a deadly shooting form that no on could duplicate no matter how hard they tried.

If I could throw together a team of pure shooters in their prime, this is what it would look like.

The Unstoppables

The unstoppables are defined as the guys who were pure long distance bombers who could also score with the best of them, and were also clearly unstoppable.

Fortunately for these guys, they stand in a very short line.

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LARRY BIRD, Boston Celtics (1979-91):

Bird is definitely one of the NBA's all-time best scorers, but he is also one of the best pure shooters, too. His shooting form might have looked normal, but his release was excellent; especially while watching it in slow motion.

Aside from his MVPs and championships, Bird also won three consecutive three point shootout titles, and is one of only two players in league history to have three shootout titles.

Bird has 649 total three pointers in his career, but is nowhere near the top 30 all-time leaders in three point field goals made.

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Reggie Miller
Miller is the all-time in leader in three point field goals made with 2,560. Photo courtesy of NBA.com
REGGIE MILLER, Indiana Pacers (1987-2005):

Miller is without a doubt the greatest shooter of the 90s. As great as scorer as Miller was, he is mostly known for shooting lights out from long distance.

Reggie was the master of catching and shooting, and only Michael Jordan has scored more points than him at the shooting guard position. His 25-point fourth quarter in the 1994 playoffs against New York, where he scored two three pointers in a span of three second is the one highlight of his career we will never forget.

He's also one of the NBA's greatest players to never win a championship.

Simply put, the greatest three-point clutch shooter of this generation.

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Sliky Smooth Js

Players who had the prettiest shooting forms fit in this category. Shooting forms that make you think to yourself, "man, now that's a pretty shot."

In other words, pure textbook shooters.

DAN MAJERLE, Phoenix Suns/Cleveland Cavaliers/Miami Heat (1988-2002):

Thunder Dan wasn't a deadly scorer, but he sure was deadly from long range. He had one of the quickest releases, making it nearly impossible for defenders to block.

Majerle is 11th all-time in three point field goals made, and is still second all-time in most three point field goals made in an NBA Finals game.

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Glen Rice
Rice is fourth all-time in total three point field goals made. Getty Images
GLEN RICE, Miami Heat/Charlotte Hornets/L.A. Lakers/New York Knicks/Houston Rockets/L.A. Clippers (1989-2004):

One of the more underrated scorers in NBA history--Rice's silky smooth jump shot was just too beautiful for words. Rice was the definition of "pure shooter", and shot 40 percent from long range during his career.

Rice finished third in the league in scoring in 1997, trailing only Karl Malone and Michael Jordan. He also shot 47 percent from deep the same season.

G Money, one of game's most prolific shooters.

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RAY ALLEN, Milwaukee Bucks/Seattle Supersonics/Boston Celtics (1996-present):

Allen is the best pure shooter in the game today, period. Not only that, but he has secured his place in NBA history as one of the game's all-time best shooters.

No other human being can duplicate his form, no matter how much time they put in the gym. Even Reggie Miller proclaims Allen as the game's best shooter, and maybe second all-time after Miller.

His performance in the 2001 three point shootout contest is one of the best moments in three-point shootout history.

To end it off, the prettiest stoke you'll ever see.

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Houston wasn't just a great shooter, but a deadly scorer as well. Photo courtesy of NBA.com
ALLAN HOUSTON, Detroit Pistons/New York Knicks (1993-2005):

Allan's smooth touch was just as smooth as Glen Rice's, if not smoother. Houston is 14th all-time in three pointer made, and was one of the league's prolific scorers in the mid 90s and early 00s.

H20 was explosive off the dribble, and probably had his career cut short because of nagging knee problems.

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DELL CURRY, Utah Jazz/Cleveland Cavaliers/Charlotte Hornets/Milwaukee Bucks/Toronto Raptors (1986-2002):

Curry was the big fundamental when it came to shooting. he shot 40 percent from deep from his career, and is 23rd all-time in three pointers made.

You might have heard of his son, Stephon Curry from Davidson, who has taken after his father as a pure shooter.

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The Best of the Rest

MARK PRICE, CLEVELAND CAVALIERS/Washington Bullets/Golden State Warriors/Orlando Magic (1986-98):

Price is the best pure shooting point guard to ever play the game. Aside from having one of the all-time best three point field goal percentages in NBA history, Price is also first all-time in free throw percentage.

Before LeBron James ruled Cleveland, Price was the last guy known as a icon to the Cavs' organization.

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After 10 years, Stojakovic is still one of the game's best pure shooters. Getty Images
PEJA STOJAKOVIC, Sacramento Kings/Indiana Pacers/New Orleans Hornets (1998-present):

Peja has an awkward slingshot release, but he's still one of the best pure shooters in the game today. He is already eighth all-time in total three pointers made, and is on pace to make his way into the top five of that list when it's all over for him.

Peja Stojakovic: awkward, but effective.

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CRAIG HODGES, San Diego Clippers/ Milwaukee Bucks/Phoenix Suns/Chicago Bulls (1982-91):

Hodges is one of the best pure shooters of all-time, but many have never heard of him. He is mostly known for his success in Chicago, winning three straight three-point shootouts during All-Star Weekend.

Hodges was a deadly spot-up shooter that played with Michael Jordan during his early years. He is also 27th all-time in three-point field goal percentage.

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