Bob Kraft: The Patriots' Perfect Owner

Mitchell GoldenCorrespondent INovember 13, 2008

Watching the pregame show for the Jets-Patriots matchup (which I will provide a breakdown for after the game), I was shocked to see who the NFL Network hosts were interviewing.

They were not interviewing a retired coach. They were not interviewing an injured player, or an established journalist. Rich Eisen and team interviewed the Patriots owner, Robert Kraft.

Let's make this clear: I love Bob Kraft. He deserves a spot among the great owners of all time like Art Rooney and Ralph Wilson. The Patriots, and Patriots fans, are blessed to have such a prototypical owner.

For those who don't know the impact of Kraft on the Patriots organization, here it. is in short:

Growing up as a devoted Patriots fan, Bob Kraft aspired to be a season-ticket holder. Years later, he held season tickets to the owners box after years of sitting on the frozen bleachers of Schaefer (later Foxborough, among others) stadium.

His devotion is unmatched. Not only did the Patriots suffer endless tragedies on the field, but those metal bleachers were painful. Without a seat pad, your butt was bound to stick to the frozen cold bench. Robert Kraft was a brave soul.

Now, as one of the most successful owners in NFL history, Kraft sets an example for all owners. He is actively involved with the team and fans, and loves the game more than most—and the game loves him back.

I've never seen any owner get a standing ovation quite like Robert Kraft. He walks out onto the field before every game, and the crowd eats it up.

This is because Kraft knows his limits. He loves his team and his fans, but leaves the football to his football experts: Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli. Unlike some (Cowboys) owners, Kraft realizes that his hired men know more than him.

Because of this, he has received the spoils of three Super Bowl victories, and an undefeated regular season—and a pregame interview on NFL network.


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