Out on DVD: Get to Know Raiders DB DeMarcus Van Dyke

Dallas Davis@SpreadANDTotalCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2011

Out on DVD: Get to Know Raiders DB DeMarcus Van Dyke

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    On a team that specializes in initialed nicknames (DHB, Run DMC, CJ, etc.), we introduce you to someone you already know: DeMarcus Van Dyke.

    From this point on, possibly for the rest of his career, we shall refer to him as DVD. I like the ring to it.

    DVD is a player who, with a little grooming, might have a chance to make a huge splash in his first couple of years. Unfortunately (perhaps fortunate for DVD), the Raiders have been bitten by the injury bug early, and DBs are the most affected.

    DVD is suddenly catapulted near a starting role should CJ (Chris Johnson) be forced to miss extended time. Hue Jackson told us not to worry in a conference yesterday, however no real updates were given on his exact time frame.

    Only time will tell, but in the mean time, let's veg out on some DVD clips sent straight to YouTube.

Mr. Flash

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    First off, cue the video to 1:10 and notice the acceleration. Impressive.

    The next thing you should do is go back to :40 and check out our other draft pick, Chimdi Chekwa from the Buckeyes. It's not a surprise that the Raiders draft speed, in fact it's stating the obvious. That might be a stereotype on paper and yet another reason to bag on the Raiders, however once you see the speed on film, it's hard to disagree with the logic.

    DVD can fly, and as he showed in the first preseason game, he is capable of staying right there with Larry Fitzgerald. With a little work, Rod Woodson will have him slapping balls out of receivers' hands so fast that we won't even know what happened.

    Just a thought: I wonder if both Van Dyke and Chekwa have talked about how dysfunctional their colleges have been in the past year. Could be reason for a long standing friendship?  

All Inclusive Highlight Reel

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    As per normal for me when I hear of a new draft pick or addition, I spend some time checking out their mixed-and-matched highlight reel.

    DVD has intensity, as does every player hailing from the U.

    I hope that gets him a head start in the big league.

Doing the Right Thing from the Start

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    It's often important to me that I see new guys extending their services to the community. So many players nowadays choose to hold-out, demand more money, or to simply be released because it wasn't where they envisioned themselves.

    DVD, much like Denarius Moore, strikes me as a shy young man striving to shine. He might not be the best speaker, but it seems as if his heart is there at face value. I don't know why I let vibes take a huge role in judging a player, but I like the way DVD is stepping up in first couple of weeks.

    Cheers, DVD. I will be waiting to update this article with many more highlights to come.