5 Reasons the Saints Won't Regret Losing Reggie Bush

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIAugust 16, 2011

5 Reasons the Saints Won't Regret Losing Reggie Bush

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    It’s exactly what you fans want, another article from a Saints fan bashing Reggie Bush. Don’t worry, I’ll go light this time.

    I’m not going to lie; When it was first announced that Bush was being traded to Miami, I really felt indifferent about the situation.

    I wasn’t overzealous that we got rid of Bush, but I wasn’t upset we lost him either. If Bush would have taken the pay cut, I would have loved to have had him on the team for Sean Payton to add more toys for his creative mind.

    The bottom line is he didn’t take the pay cut and left the team, and these are five reasons as to why the Saints won’t regret losing Bush.

1. Mark Ingram

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    Many consider Bush a bust, so when Mark Ingram was first drafted I’m sure there were a couple of skeptical fans out there wondering how good Ingram will be.

    However, Ingram has one thing going for him that Bush didn’t: He played in the SEC. Ingram rushed week in and week out against the best players in college in the best conference in the nation, so he sort of knows what it’s like to endure a grinding season.

    Ingram possesses both power and speed, plus finishes off runs with the best of them. Bush made a lot of special plays for the Saints over his tenure in New Orleans, but I have reason to believe Ingram will make more.

2. Darren Sproles

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    Sean Payton might have lost one of his favorite toys to play with in losing Bush, but the front office sure didn’t hesitate to bring in a toy with familiar features.

    Darren Sproles will replace the versatility factor that Bush brought to the offense, and he’s familiar with Brees. Sproles is a small, speedy back that when given the tiniest of spaces can burst through the line and pick up some quick yards.

3. Fumbles

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    Perhaps Bush’s biggest flaw was that he constantly tried to play the hero. We’ve all seen Bush electrify the crowd with his dazzling moves and breath-taking punt returns, but at what price?

    Bush is sitting back there and waiting on the punt as the crowd chants “Reggie! Reggie!.” He muffs the punt or catches the ball and makes a few dazzling moves only to turn the ball over.

    That’s a sight these eyes have seen way too many times. Though at times it can be exhilarating and exciting, the cost isn’t always worth the reward.

4. Money

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    I’ve already elaborated on this, but Bush was overpaid. He missed a lot of games and had way too many turnovers to be making $11.8 million a year.

    Getting rid of Bush frees up that money and allowed the Saints to pick up guys like Sproles, Shaun Rodgers, Olin Kreutz and Aubrayo Franklin.

5. Injuries

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    I could type up all the days that Bush has missed with the Saints, because he has sustained an injury in every year he's been with the New Orleans Saints.

    Check out Sports Illustrated’s visual of Bush’s injuries. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/nfl/players/7751/injuries.html

    Also, I know this video wasn't one of Bush's injuries, but that is the definition of "You got jacked up!"