Washington Redskins: Offensive Position Battles to Watch During the Preseason

Josh McCainSenior Writer IAugust 7, 2011

Washington Redskins: Offensive Position Battles to Watch During the Preseason

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    The Washington Redskins are in the midst of a rebuilding process. 

    With the rebuilding there are many positions that are up for grabs.  Sure there are folks who are considered the starters, but in all honesty there are many spots where a surprising upstart or veteran who's looking for one last shot could step up and take a spot.


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    The number one question on every Redskins fan's mind is "who is going to be the starting quarterback for the 2011 Redskins?"

    During the 2011 NFL draft Mike Shanahan made a comment that he thought John Beck was the most talented quarterback in the 2007 draft class.

    That could be taken as a great compliment, but when you look at the three quarterbacks (Jamarcus Russel, Brady Quinn and Kevin Kolb) taken ahead of Beck it really isn't saying much.

    Rex Grossman finished the 2010 as the Redskins starting quarterback.  He wasn't overwhelmingly great but he wasn't terrible. 

    One would think that it was his job to lose but John Beck hit the radio circuit and seemed to convince everyone that he was in fact the Redskins starting quarterback.

    It will be interesting to see how this shakes out but my guess is that at some point Beck and Grossman will have each started a regular season game.

Running Back

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    When Clinton Portis was cut before the lockout it appeared that Ryan Torain would be the starter when the 2011 season kicked off.

    Then the Redskins drafted former Cornhusker Roy Helu and traded for Tim Hightower.

    Still it looked like Torain had the leg up to be the opening day starter.

    Of course that is until Torain hurt his wrist and now has to watch practice for the next three to four weeks.

    Now it looks like the starter could very well be Tim Hightower.

Wide Receiver

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    Obviously with the re-signing of Santana Moss we know who one of the Redskins starters is, but the rest is really up in the air.

    Jabbar Gaffney looks to be another starter but after him its a huge question mark.

    Not only did the Redskins draft a couple of receivers and bring in a couple of veterans, they also have several guys returning.

    Malcolm Kelly, Brandon Banks and Anthony Armstrong all look to make the roster but there won't be room for all of them.

Tight End

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    Chris Cooley has been the starting tight end for the Redskins for the past several seasons.

    Then of course there is also Fred Davis. 

    With the Redskins being so wealthy at tight end it's gotten many people talking about possibly trading Cooley. However, proven by this year's free agency, there isn't a large market for tight ends.

    While both men are on the roster there will always be talk on what to do with them.

    Since they are both very talented I say keep them both and find ways to get both of them on the field.