Florida Marlins: 5 Reasons Management Is Finally Serious

Michael Dunbar@dunbarnationContributor IIIAugust 7, 2011

Florida Marlins: 5 Reasons Management Is Finally Serious

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    The Florida Marlins are well-known for dealing players such as Dontrelle Willis, Miguel Cabrera, Gary Sheffield and Edgar Renteria.

    In fact, tracing back to 2004, the Marlins have been talking about becoming a spender once the new ballpark is constructed.

    Unfortunately, despite placing clauses in player contracts such as Mike Lowell, the deal was delayed and the Marlins continued to gut the roster of talent throughout the years.

    Surprisingly, there have been five moves during 2011 that indicate that the Marlins may finally be dedicated to build a contender for years. 

1. The Florida Marlins Traded for Alfredo Amezaga and Mike Cameron

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    Sure, this is not trading for an elite player but these moves were crucial.

    The trade for Mike Cameron gave a veteran presence and helped fill a positional need in center field. 

    The trade for Alfredo Amezaga is more of a move to help bring a fan favorite as well and gives the Marlins another super utility player on an injury-filled roster. 

2. Not Trading Hanley Ramirez nor Logan Morrison

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    With all of the problems that he has caused, there is still no question that Hanley Ramirez is currently the face of the franchise. Therefore, for better or worse, it is absolutely necessary for the Marlins to keep Hanley for at least next season and the opening of the new stadium. 

    As for Logan Morrison, he is one of the young budding stars at age 23, but he has a history of using his Twitter account to lash out against the organization. Thus, considering that they did fire Joe Girardi after winning NL Manager of the Year, I was surprised and grateful to see that LoMo has stayed put for now.

3. "Firing" Edwin Rodriguez

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    The media everywhere declared in June that manager Edwin Rodriguez quit the team. However, history has shown that any manager in the midst of a historic losing streak usually gets the hook before the ship recovers. 

    However, that is beyond the issue. Rodriguez did a better job of letting pitchers pitch deeper into games but made questionable decisions nearly every game that left fans reminded of Fredi Gonzalez.

4. Hiring Jack McKeon as the Interim Manager

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    The media and everyone around the MLB had jokes and concerns about the Marlins signing Jack McKeon as the interim manager at the age of 80.

    However, the same manager that was able to reverse the 2003 team's fortune has been tremendous for the Marlins this season. Although it is unlikely that we will make the postseason this year, young players such as Mike Stanton and Logan Morrison are finally hitting and playing with more of a purpose.

    In fact, this signing has rejuvenated Hanley Ramirez, who has been a much better player in the second half of the season than in the first half.

    Another great thing about the move is that, the team is unable to secure a manager next season, ol' Jack is a manager that the players respect, the organization loves and one that can rally our fanbase to the new stadium. 

5. Not Being a "Seller" at the Trading Deadline

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    Last season, the Marlins were "sellers" at the trading deadline, dealing veterans Cody Ross and Jorge Cantu. Those two moves were actually great and placed the players on both teams that went to the World Series.

    Similarly, we had an opportunity to deal players of our pitching staff at the trading deadline this year. With how the reliever market was this season, Leo Nunez could have been dealt for some prospects. In addition, Anibal Sanchez or Ricky Nolasco could have been welcomed additions to a contender this year.

    However, management decided to stay put, and that, more than anything, is the best indicator that they are motivated to keep the core together.  


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