10 of the Most Devastating Knock Downs Fighters Have Surprisingly Stood Up from

Jorge Alarcon-Swaby@sonofcubaCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2011

10 of the Most Devastating Knock Downs Fighters Have Surprisingly Stood Up from

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    In Boxing, a single punch can determine a fight in the blink of an eye. It can cause a fighter to be left on one side of the ring looking lifeless while another celebrates on the opposite side. A single punch can also have career-altering effects on a fighter, and In a sport as violent as boxing it is no surprise that throughout the years we have seen many of those night-ending punches. But in some rare cases some fighters have found the will and determination to stand up and ask for more.  

    In this list you will find 10 of the most devastating single-punch knock downs that fighters have somehow gotten up from.

10. Nonito Donaire Drops Fernando Montiel

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    Knockdown at 1:59 

    The scariest part of this knockdown was not the force of the punch but the way Montiel reacted after getting hit with the tremendous left hook, as he hit the floor his hands and feet seemed to be out of control as if he was possessed. 

    Most people watching including the HBO Commentators thought the fight was over right there and then, surprisingly Montiel got up and was allowed to continue, but the fight was stopped a few second later.  

9. Muhammad Ali vs Joe Fraizer

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    Knockout at 9:26 

    Frazier was one heavy-handed heavyweight. For Ali to take that punch from him the way he did and to get up as casual as he did is extremely impressive and is further proof that Ali had one of the greatest chins in boxing history. 

8. Kendall Holt Drops Timothy Bradley

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    Knockdown at 4:41 

    Not only did Bradley take a monstrous left hook from Holt, he stood up, kept his composure and went on to win a unanimous decision that night.  

7. Ike Ibeabuchi vs. Chris Byrd

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    Knockdown at 2:11 

    Part of what makes this knockdown so brutal is the way Byrd looked as he got up from the canvas, stuff drooling from his mouth, his eyes looking in different directions along with his wobbling legs as he tried to convince the ref that he was ok.

    The ref would allow the fight to continue but the damage had been done and the fight was stopped 15 seconds later at the end of the round. 

6. Ron Lyle Drops George Foreman

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    Knockdown at 6:10 

    In what was named fight of the year in 1976 and what will go down as one of the greatest fights in the history of boxing, Foreman stood up from a devastating punch by Lyle which many thought was the end of the fight.  

    Impressively Foreman would recover and eventually stop Lyle in the fifth round with a combination of power punches. Truly a must-see fight for all boxing fans. 

5. Felix Trinidad Drops Fernando Vargas

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    Knockdown at 1:45

    After being knocked down twice already in the fight with vicious punches from the heavy-handed Trinidad, Vargas surprised everyone and stood up from a tremendous punch landed in Round 12 that connected flush and snapped back Vargas's head.

    He would continue fighting until eventually his corner would throw in the towel after he was brutally knocked down once more in the same round. 

4. Earnie Shavers Drops Larry Holmes.

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    Knockdown at 2:21

    It's impressive that Holmes was able to get up and recover from such a punch, but it is even more impressive the way he was able to come back, dominate and land enough devastating punches on Shaver to stop him in the 11th round.  

3. Edison Mirando Drops David Banks.

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    Knockdown at 0:14

    The fight was stopped, yes, but after getting hit with a flush-straight right that sent him through the ropes, Banks still managed to get back in the ring and stand up right at the 10 count as the ref stopped the fight. Impressive showcase of courage by Banks.   

2. George Foreman Drops Joe Frazier 4 Times

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    Knockdowns at 0:34, 1:31, 1:52 and 2:50 

    In a fight in which Frazier went down four times in just two rounds, all four knockdowns can easily hold their own slide on this list so I will put all four into one.

    It is incredible to believe that Frazier stood up after the first knockdown, it was even more impressive to see him still able to walk after the second, and finally as he got hit by a monstrous punch that put him down for the third time, he just jumped right back up in his traditional bounciness and from that moment everyone watching realized that Frazier would have to be killed in order for him not to get up.  

    Thankfully the ref also realized this and stopped the bout. It is still one of greatest showcases of courage and determination by the warrior named Joe Frazier. 

1. Tommy Morrison vs Razor Ruddock

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    Knockdown at 2:59

    As the fight was heated in Round 6, Ruddock was chasing Morrison towards the ropes and Morrison timed him perfectly and landed a left hook that put Ruddock down dramatically.  Looking at the replay it is impossible to imagine how anyone can get up from such a punch.

    Ruddock would continue fighting but the fight would be stopped towards the end of the same round.