Zack Follett Video: NFL LB Says Goodbye to the Detroit Lions After Release

Tom Kinslow@@TomKinslowFeatured ColumnistAugust 3, 2011

When Zack Follett injured his neck, it could have ended his career, only he fought back.

The linebacker recovered and made it all the way back to the Detroit roster, but his body wasn't willing to continue suffering the punishment that goes with being a professional football player. The Lions cut Follett, and it's a move that will likely end his career.

When you find out the type of risk Follett was taking, you can understand why Detroit didn't want to take a chance on the linebacker and his unstable health.

Per the Detroit News:

Follett was momentarily paralyzed in the Giants game, though he regained movement in his extremities before being rushed to the hospital.

During his eight-month rehab, he said doctors told him that injured area was so fragile that another similar hit could cause permanent paralysis.

Still, he fought to come back and was cleared for training camp. He had a strong couple of days of practice, but was held out on Tuesday. He said in the locker room afterwards that it was a scheduled day off, but apparently there was more to it.

In the wake of his release, Follett took to the Internet, where he has a bit of a cult following to express his feelings about the end of his NFL career. As you would expect, Follett, a devout Christian, made it clear that he was at peace with his lot in life, saying it was all part of a bigger plan.

For a man what has gone through so much, you can't help but be proud of him for facing this kind of adversity with so much optimism. Other men would crack under the weight of a ruined career and failing health but not Follett.

With the NFL behind him, the linebacker knows that he's on to bigger and better things and has relied on his faith to get him through. You can't help but admire that attitude, even if you don't share his religious beliefs.

There is a reason that fans latched on to Follett and it's because of his upbeat attitude about everything that happens in life. Retirement might be something that's hard to grasp for an athlete in the prime of his life, but it's obvious that Follett will be just fine.