Vince Young's Dream Team Comment: More Fodder for Philadelphia Sports

Mike Raffone@theemikeCorrespondent IIAugust 2, 2011

New Eagles' back-up QB Dream Team comment stirs more controversy for Philadelphia sports
New Eagles' back-up QB Dream Team comment stirs more controversy for Philadelphia sportsStephen Dunn/Getty Images

For years Philadelphia has furnished the sports media world with front page fodder.

From the NBA's most hapless team the 1972-3 76ers, to the NHL's most polarizing franchise the 1970-6 Flyers..... 

From the Phillies fan's silly sex for World Series tickets scheme in 2009, to last year's inexplicable Eagles signing of Michael Vick..... 

From the senseless boneheads cheering a seriously injured Michael Irvin in 1989, to the cowardly cops tasering a teenager running onto the field at a 2010 Phillies game.....

 .....Philadelphia has routinely earned its sports reputation as irrational, unruly, and at times, repugnant.

As memories wane of this spring's intentional vomiting incident during a Phillies game, American sports fans now have reason to continue piling on Philadelphia sports..... long after the final whistles blow.

Thanks to newly acquired back-up QB Vince Young, fans outside Philadelphia will again be able to direct their ire against the City of Brotherly Love during this coming NFL season.

Referring to his new Eagle squad as the Dream Team, Young and his innocuous comment will no doubt serve as bulletin board material for opposing Eagles fans and teams throughout the 2011 NFL campaign. The Eagles, and more specifically Young, can expect his Dream Team quip to become an ongoing nightmare for the rest of the year.

A constant barrage of criticism will follow him and his teammates wherever and whenever they play this coming Fall. Taunts, trash talk and cat calls for failure will envelop his new team like the condemning cloud that vexed the Miami Heat this past NBA season.

Like LeBron, Dwyane and Chris, Vince Young and company can expect a similar avalanche of angst directed their way.  

Certainly the Eagles radically improved an already strong team by acquiring All Pros Jason Babin and Nnamdi Asomungha as well as stalwart defenders Antonio Rodgers-Cromartie and Cullen Jenkins. 

But what on earth was Young thinking to even flirt with making such an audacious Dream Team statement?

Remember, the mercurial former All Pro QB saw his tenure in Tennessee implode due to his own idiotic immaturity. Now Young finds his career resuscitated as a clipboard carrying back-up. He should learn to keep his mouth shut and his arms open to embrace his new opportunity as a role player rather than spokesman for his new team. 

Already universally maligned, Philadelphia sports doesn't need any additional reasons to be disparaged. 

Ironically, Vince Young's first hand-off as the Eagles new back-up QB wasn't a football to an awaiting running back. It was a careless casual comment to an awaiting media eager to make Philadelphia front page sports fodder.....again.  

Straight talk. No static. 

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