CM Punk on Jimmy Kimmel and the Top 10 Late-Night Appearances in WWE History

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIJuly 29, 2011

CM Punk on Jimmy Kimmel and the Top 10 Late-Night Appearances in WWE History

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    Good evening all you night owls, it's the midnight hour and you know what that means. It is time for....the love line.

    Not really.

    Since WWE made the jump from wrestling to sports entertainment there have been many appearances by many of our favorite Superstars and Divas over the decades.

    While some are more adapted to that kind of publicity, every active performer hoping to make it big in this business should take the time to sharpen up their skills. All press is good press and seeing one guy or the other just being themselves and having some fun helps us relate to them on a more "human" level.

    It is the best time when we share a laugh with people you didn't even expect of having a fun attitude.

    I have a list...of all the show appearances our WWE stars have been on since the 80's. Here are the ones I think are the most entertaining.

CM Punk Takes on Archie on Jimmy Kimmel

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    I bet Archie is going to be announced as the TRUE WWE Champion on Monday. 

    CM Punk is the "hottest" active Superstar at the moment. And in my opinion, Punk's also the rightful WWE Champion no matter what people or some kid says.

    It is nice to see another side of Punk's personality here in this video. He is funny yet serious and I hope to see this kind of action on RAW next week.

    Just imagine, Triple H, John Cena and CM Punk trying to one-up each other trying to determine just who is the rightful holder of the WWE belt, no sorry...championship title.

    Must See TV!

The Miz vs. the Ginga Ninja

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    Late night appearances are some of The Miz's forte. It goes quite well with the self-proclaimed moniker "the most must-see WWE Superstar in history."

    I think that confirms he is just about an anti-old school wrestler as can be. He is good in the ring but even more amazing on the mic and on television. You can perhaps attribute that to his Real World days.

    The Miz is totally at ease here and full of energy. I also think he must be totally nervous in this one because the biggest match of his career was going to take place a few weeks later.

    We can see what kind of "face" he would make eventually also. Always positive and happy. WE should all surround ourselves with such people in life. The world would be a happier place.

John Cena Gets Whacked! on SNL

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    I just found the kryptonite I needed against John Cena's character...TRACY MORGAN!!

    Eat that John!

    Got to admit, I like seeing Cena play along to this and it reconfirms my belief that he must be a totally "cool" guy in life.

    Why hasn't he hosted Saturday Night LIVE yet!?

Macho Madness Rules Arsenio Hall

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    Oh Yeah! Stay in school and say no to drugs. Wise advice from the "Macho Man" who may be one of the greatest performers EVER.

    He portrayed one of the most unique characters ever and I don't know where he dug to get all that magic out. A wonderful soul that man was. The greatest honor we could give him would be to immortalize him in the WWE Hall of Fame sooner rather than later.

    The business owes him so much and it was because of pioneers like him it got as big as it is today.

    Way to go Randy! Another stellar performance by the "Macho Man."

John Cena Kicks Ass on Late-Late Nights

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    Say what you want about his character, John Cena has a nice, friendly personality and it is because of that he has millions of fans worldwide.

    For some reason, I get the feeling he appears very humble and simple there. Am I wrong? I don't know him but is The Rock really honest when he says Cena is a total phony?

    I want his T-shirt! No not the fruity pebbles one, the "dirty" one.

    Always the consummate worker, John Cena loves to mix promoting the business with a little comical pleasure.

    Move over Lex, HE is the "total package."

The Undertaker Pillow Fights with Cousin Sal

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    He is a nice, reasonable long as you pay the Taker is due...on time!

    I don't believe I have ever seen The Undertaker so nice ever in my entire life. He is so tall it's scary. No wonder he went with Michelle McCool. Not only is she beautiful but she is 5'10" also. You need that kind of height just to look good next to him.

    The Phenom bowed out to the Pillow Master but luck for Sal, he escaped with his title and his life.

    Run Sal Run!

    Please, powers that be, allow Undertaker a little more time to continue giving us some more spectacular moments. It would feel so unnatural without him. 

Roddy Piper Shoots on KRON-4

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    Isn't "Rowdy" Roddy Piper looking as comfortable as possible? The man probably is the best neighbour on his block too. 

    Roddy Piper has a legendary career and is a  winner of the greatest war on Earth, the battle with cancer.

    They say positive thoughts and energy are the key well he is a living proof that there is a cure. I know from experience, it is the one, true way to remain alive and well.

    Now, this may not have been a late-night talk show appearance but I chose this one because it shows us that WWE Superstars and Divas may appear bigger than life on TV sometimes but in the end, they are all human beings, and if you met them in the street, the least they could do would be to say hello.

    Piper would.

    Forget Randy Orton and his cigarettes, I want Roddy over for dinner with the wife and kids. At least I'd know there is a real chance he'd say yes.

Stone Cold Goes MAD

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    Hilarious! Who knew Austin had it in him. Tear the trailer apart!!

    MADtv has always been known to be crazy and inventive but adding Stone Cold to the mix? Priceless.

    Love the get-up Steve. That hair really suits you. All that was missing guessed it, BEER!

    Cat fight! Better than porn? LOVE it!

    Very soon, I am certain we will get an appearance of "The Rattlesnake" on RAW. The angle with CM Punk is too hot to contain and the two are involved in a little war of their own through social media. The clash of lifestyles between them could only be resolved in the center of the ring.

    WrestleMania XXVIII anyone?

    With JR back on RAW as an announcer, anything is possible in WWE. 

The Rock Imitates John Cena on SNL

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    OK so he impersonated "Superman"...same bloody thing!

    Lois Lane and Co. are so mean to Clark! I mean, he saves them all like 50 times and they still have time to make jokes about him. I'm not playing with them anymore.

    That hair looks nasty on Dwayne Johnson's head. Superman's a homosexual?! NO WAY! He too manly! Saturday Night LIVE is my personal favorite late-night show...when I actually stay up long enough to watch one.

    It wouldn't surprise me if we eventually start seeing John Cena, The Rock, Kelly Kelly and The Miz in skits down the road. They would fit right in.

    John Cena vs. The Rock set for WrestleMania XXVII...will we get them to imitate each other as preludes to their match?

    I would sincerely hope so.

Triple H and Chyna Not Short of Fans in 1999

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    No one can ever deny the true comical skills Triple H possesses. He is amazing and Chyna looked great back then.

    LOW BLOW! Now he really is known as Martin "Short." Ouch! He actually told the WWE Champion to bring his pecs together and make a one good one. Genius!

    Triple H now is the head of WWE (on screen) and after last week, I am glad to know that hasn't in any way removed his sense of humor. A part of me still hopes Chyna does NOT go through with pursuing her Adult film roles because she is a one-of-a-kind performer that deserves to be Hall of Fame bound.

    Could hell freeze over? Will Chyna ever return to WWE? I've said it many times and they have proven it just as much...anything can happen in that company.

Just for Fun...SUMMERTIME RULES!!!!

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    These are the days of summer! Every night should have a late night and no sleep! It is so brief that we need to take advantage of every moment.

    Like Harry and Ron do with Lindsay Lohan...before the fall.

    With SummerSlam around the corner in its new permanent home in Los Angeles, expect many more media appearances by your favorite Superstars and Divas over the next weeks...make that years.

    I believe it is vital for the new (WWE—wrestling) formula the figureheads are going with from now on. It gives everyone some exposure and with the recent success of Zack Ryder's online show perhaps we could even witness the birth of other version starring say Kelly Kelly for example.

    This is great! It gives those like me who don't fancy late-night talk shows a reason to stay up.

    Can you say win-win?

    Here...check this out.