CM Punk: Top 10 Candidates To Take the WWE Title

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIJuly 28, 2011

CM Punk: Top 10 Candidates To Take the WWE Title

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    HUMP day is here!!

    Not much left until the weekend and some drinks on amazing Québécois terraces surrounded by beautiful women aka French Canadian Divas.

    Before we get to pleasure, we need to attend to some much-needed clarified business.

    Your one and only, true WWE Champion is CM Punk. The man defeated John Cena for the championship fair and square, a week ago at Money In The Bank.

    The best part: He sealed it all with a kiss right to Mr. McMahon's face and escaped into the insanely energized crowd, belt in hand.

    With his status yet resolved at the time, the then-CEO of WWE ordered a new champion to be crowned by means of a tournament. What we didn't expect was the arrival of Triple H and his relieving Vince of his functions.

    The tournament was ordered to carry on nonetheless and two Superstars became champions this past Monday.

    A new era was beginning but before the man holding the belt could rejoice, music started playing and out came CM Punk, still wearing his championship proudly around his waist.

    Holding the title up high to the cheers of the fans, the man spoke no words, yet everyone understood that the one, true champion had returned to set the record straight.

    One question remains...who are the ones who would dare question his position?

John Cena

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    His victory this past Monday makes his the record-breaking nine-time WWE Champion. Will it stick? We will find out on Monday as Triple H promised to resolve the matter.

    Since CM Punk is the rightful champion, that makes John Cena a usurper—an infidel!

    There should be an intense show next week where all parties (Cena, Punk and HHH) will state their claims but logically, CM Punk should remain champion as he was never defeated nor did he surrender the title.

    Vince McMahon's rash decision to hold a tournament is also invalid. I never heard him say he was "stripping" him of the title in the first place if I remember correctly. Words hardly mean anything in WWE anyway so the best way to settle all of this would be in the ring.

    CM Punk vs. John Cena II

    The winner is the undisputed WWE Champion.

    The only problem is...what about the other former WWE Champion?

Rey Mysterio

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    Rey finally became WWE Champion...for only an hour. His dream was cut short by a returning John Cena and a one-two-three count.

    It is unfortunate because it seems Rey Rey is in line for a major push and you could have fooled me if it begins like that, a loss of the most prestigious title in all of sports entertainment.

    That still entitles him to a rematch I believe.

    Who will be "gentlemanly" enough to give it to him? John Cena or CM Punk? Or perhaps both! 

    SummerSlam is just a few weeks away and with so many people involved in this angle right now, we have some really interesting yet uncertain times ahead of us.

    A Triple Threat could resolve the matter but I'd rather have quality and go with a classic one-on-one match.

The Miz

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    The former WWE Champion and self-proclaimed "most must-see champion in history" had his chance to regain the gold in the finals of the tournament.

    As I mentioned in the last slide, so many people are now involved in the WWE title picture. You have to count him as one who may have a legit claim as well.

    He was in the finals and lost to Mysterio. Were it just about them two, then naturally there would a rematch, no? The Miz had some words to say afterwards in which he blames John Cena and Triple H for the entire situation the WWE is in right now.

    That could have lit a fire somewhere. Here's a way we could see things (rumors):

    No. 1: Rey Mysterio and The Miz are supposed to have a match or feud come SummerSlam.

    No. 2: Triple H vs. The Miz was a proposed match for WrestleMania XXVIII.

    Is there a story developing here? I can see where it can go but will it go there? As a Miz fan, I am happy he got out of that Alex Riley mess they got him in. Doesn't matter to me right now if he is WWE Champion, just as long as he can continue to shut critics up and have a series of great matches with other great Superstars.

    Mysterio, Punk, HHH...those are great Superstars.

Alberto Del Rio

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    The current holder of the Raw Money in the Bank briefcase has a chance to make history once again.

    Not only is he carrying that contract everywhere he goes but he is also the last No. 1 contender to the title if my memory serves me correctly.

    Alberto Del Rio won a match after Punk got "suspended" that guaranteed him a championship opportunity in the future.

    Fellow writer Drake Oz said it so well in his piece this morning: Del Rio could become champion while still holding the briefcase. I don't believe that's ever been done in the WWE before and would really shock the hell out of me.

    Isn't that the most genius thought ever? I would love to see that!

    His star has been dwindling in the last few weeks. Maybe this could jolt him back in the right place.

Triple H

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    Triple H may have become the new figurehead of the company but do not count the 13-time world champion out of the title picture just yet. He has but to snap his fingers and a title match would take place.

    Let's give him credit. He re-signed CM Punk for crying out loud! Theoretically anyway.

    I had written a piece months ago on who would be the one to dethrone The Miz as champion and Triple H was the one to top that list. I could swear it was going to unfold like that and at SummerSlam no less.

    The point was to get CM Punk as champion soon after at Night of Champion with him pinning "The Game" for the belt. Funny how all these guys end up in the same place at the time I had decided.

    It may not be exactly the same but I wasn't crazy. Could Triple H actually upset everyone and take the belt off CM Punk this year?

    You don't really think he would let John Cena hold more WWE titles than him unless there was a good reason for it, right?

    They don't call him the "Cerebral Assassin" for nothing, you know.

    I doubt an in-ring return is in the plans. His replacing Vince is the best thing to happen for WWE in a long time. I just can't wait to watch SmackDown on Friday and Raw next week.

    The future looks brighter than it's been in years.


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    He is the World Heavyweight Champion. For a time, he was the only champion in place as well. If anything, he would love to remain that way.

    I have spoken out loud about it several times, written many articles on the subject and debated over my views countless times...I want an undisputed WWE Champion.

    Now seems like the perfect time for it to happen. In the next few months at least. Christian even acknowledged he was the sole champion on some recent tweets.

    The Friday spoilers are out and it seems we get some Superstars crossing over for one night. Maybe it will be the World Heavyweight Champion's turn on Monday to head over to Raw and crash the party.

    CM Punk vs. Christian

    The so-called "IWC" would love this one. Champion against champion, winner takes all and becomes the undisputed master of WWE.

    I will not enter a debate on how it would leave some others out of opportunities because I don't believe that at all. I agree to disagree and that'll be that.

    There was already talk on unifying the titles late last year but it was dropped. Now seems like a great time to reopen the discussion gentlemen.

    There can be only one, no matter how you spin it. Raw, SmackDown—makes no difference to me.

Kofi Kingston

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    CM Punk and Kofi once reigned as the World Tag Team Champions back in 2008 and a feud between them has never materialized which is a shame. 

    As much as it would be a breath of fresh air, I am certain the series of matches they would have would be spectacular.

    Kofi Kingston made it to the semifinals of the tournament. His impressive victory over MITB-winner Alberto Del Rio allowed him to advance and brought hope to those who would see him as a main-eventer.

    His momentum was cut short when former champion and old nemesis The Miz pinned him in return to move on to the finals.

    I would actually love to see old partners dish it out in the ring. 

    This scenario could work as we haven't yet determined, although quite obvious, if CM Punk turned "face" on Monday. Both are true fan favorites and it could be a way for Kingston to finally break out of mid-card hell.


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    R-Truth was another semifinalist in the title tournament. He was defeated by eventual winner Rey Mysterio and once again was denied a title opportunity.

    His stories on how WWE "conspires" against him may get to CM Punk's ear and eventually make Triple H sign them to a championship match down the road...


    The return of John Morrison put that scenario and any title aspirations on hold as there is much business left unsettled.

    Both sides have their legions of supporters. Some wish "The Truth" to become champion and others desire above all to have John Morrison finally get what he deserves: a WWE championship.

    I expect this to be a sizzling feud and with two hot summer months left, I will not be disappointed.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    This one is a long shot but you never know. Anything can happen in WWE as we know, and with the recent social media war between Punk and Austin, I wouldn't put it passed them to settle it all in the ring eventually.

    Much to everyone's delight.

    Wouldn't this be one of the best things you would ever hear or see in pro wrestling?

    On one hand you have...

    CM Punk

    A revolutionary man that speaks his mind and may have ushered in a new era, all the while following a "straightedge" lifestyle.

    On the other...

    Stone Cold Steve Austin

    A revolutionary man that speaks his mind, fears no consequence and has ushered in a new era. The "Rattlesnake" would stand in the ring with two half-full cans of beer after kicking the crap out of his opponent.

    It would be a match made in hell Part Two. Just imagine the amazing TV moments we would have hearing these two going at it, even if just verbally. 

    CM Punk comes out and delivers a killer promo then...shattered glass noise...out comes Austin!

    I can just picture JR yelling: "Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!"

The Rock

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    The one and only. 

    Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock has been on the receiving end of some comments made by CM Punk during his heartfelt speech a few weeks ago.

    Punk claims the megastar is a sell-out and an ass-kisser. Those are bold words and we know The Rock backs down to nobody right.

    Here is a quote from the "Great One" following Punk's victory two weeks ago:

    "Congratulations to new WWE Champion . Gonna be a helluva run for you. I hope our paths cross."

    Could he make good on that comment and confront CM Punk down the road? We now know The Rock will make an appearance at this year' Survivor Series pay-per-view event in November.

    I couldn't express the feeling of witnessing an angle between Cena, Punk and Rock. You wouldn't even need the WWE title in there. The match would be legendary enough as it is.

    The year seems to be getting better and better every week. The road to WrestleMania XXVIII may have already begun, eight months in advance.

My One and Only Wish Is...

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    With all this talk about who the champion is and who are the challengers, I want to respond by saying I honestly don't care who as long as we can get that current, disgusting, horrible piece of garbage championship belt out of WWE forever!

    The "Thuganomics," bling-bling, chic-a-ching strap has to go and I was sure the tournament was going to reveal the corporate heads had heard our prayers.

    Oh! Yes everyone, we are many who desire a change. It has been long enough.

    A new era, a new champion, a new belt...simple operation.

    I want to congratulate Rey Mysterio on winning his first WWE championship, he and The Miz for getting into the finals and giving us a great match and to John Cena who, despite my feelings about his character, has made history as the one to have held it for the most time.

    It was all in vain, boys—CM Punk is back and he is the real world champion. WOOOO!

    Check this out. 

    You'll love it here.