NASCAR Sprint Cup: 5 Scary and Ridiculous off-Track Accidents

Melissa Bauer-Herzog@mbauerherzogCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2011

NASCAR Sprint Cup: 5 Scary and Ridiculous off-Track Accidents

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    With Kasey Kahne's wreck during the off-weekend, the debate has once again started.

    Should drivers be limited in what they can and can't do off the track?

    While this debate (like others in NASCAR) starts at the littlest provocation, here are some scary, some crazy and some ridiculous off the track incidents that NASCAR stars have suffered over the last few years.

No. 5: Denny Hamlin

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    Denny Hamlin loves playing basketball when he's not on the track and last season, that saw him in the operating room after winning Martinsville to repair a torn ACL.

    While the plan had been to wait until the next offseason, Hamlin went through surgery in late March of 2010 and came back to seriously challenge Jimmie Johnson for the title. The joke after the surgery was that all drivers should have it if they wanted to improve their racing.

    This isn't as crazy as golf cart surfing or breaking bones when playing Frisbee. But it definitely is one of those non-race related injuries that has you wondering how the driver hasn't gotten seriously hurt in the car if he can take so much damage out of it.

No. 4: Kasey Kahne

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    Unlike other drivers that went to France and the Congo among other places during last weekend's break, Kasey Kahne jumped in his World of Outlaws car.

    However, the race didn't go as planned when Kahne went over the wall and landed by the grandstands of the track. He walked away from the wreck uninjured but his crash has restarted the debate about off-track activities for drivers.

    Skip to 1:15 for the crash.

No. 3: Dale Earnhardt Jr

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    During an off weekend in 2004, Dale Earnhardt Jr stepped into a Le Man's car to race with Boris Said at Infineon Raceway. However, things didn't go as planned as Junior was in a crash during practice that sent his car up in flames.

    Junior only suffered minor burns from the crash but had to be replaced by Martin Truex Jr in his Sprint Cup car the next week at New Hampshire.

    The wreck is around the 50 second mark.

No. 2: Carl Edwards

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    Who knew Frisbee could be so dangerous? Carl Edwards found out the hard way when he was playing the game in 2009.

    "I know this probably sounds ridiculous to a lot of people and I could hardly believe it myself. I was playing Frisbee with a couple of buddies and we both went for the Frisbee at the same time. I put my foot on it, my friend dove for it, and the next thing you know ... we all heard a pop." Edwards told

    Edwards took a hard hit earlier that year that sent him flying at Talladega and came out uninjured so the irony of him breaking his foot playing Frisbee makes this off track incident even more crazy.

No. 1: Jimmie Johnson

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    While this incident seems out of this world, you just have to remember that boys will be boys.

    Jimmie Johnson was enjoying his first off season as a champion when he fell off a golf cart at a charity golf event and broke his wrist. That doesn't seem all that bad until the next part is added in... he fell of the golf cart while on the roof golf cart surfing.

    You seriously cannot make that up.

    Johnson did miss four weeks of testing in December of 2006 due to the break but was back in the car and ready to go for Daytona testing in January and won another Championship the next season.


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