WWE: 4 Years Later, "Mr. McMahon" Finally Written off TV

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst IJuly 21, 2011

I've had a few days to digest the events of Monday night's episode of RAW. Knowing full well that WWE was going to have a bunch of viewers for RAW coming off the highly-successful Money in the Bank pay-per-view, anticipation was for something big.

Bombshells had been coming fast and furious for the past few weeks with the end of the CM Punk saga. This past Monday had a lot of questions to answer about Punk, who won the WWE Championship the previous night at Money in the Bank.

From the very start, CM Punk was not a part of the discussion. The fans chanted his name, but Vince would give Punk the Chris Benoit treatment and avoid saying his name. The explanation was swift and to the point. Punk was stripped of the title for leaving and the title was vacated.

It kind of made you wonder why it was such a big deal for someone to win it and leave the company if that's what they ended up doing.

At the end of the night, McMahon was going to address the John Cena situation. Since the storyline presented this part as McMahon immediately firing Cena, this didn't make a lot of sense.

The build-up led to Triple H's entrance into the storyline, telling his father-in-law that the WWE Board of Directors removed him from his services. There was some emotion, some shock, but more importantly, some truth to it.

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Vince McMahon was "killed" in a limo explosion in 2007, but the storyline was pulled after Chris Benoit's death weeks later.
Vince McMahon was "killed" in a limo explosion in 2007, but the storyline was pulled after Chris Benoit's death weeks later.

It was WWE's way of finally getting the character of "Mr. McMahon" off television. The problem is that it was more than four years after they wanted to do it.

It was June 11, 2007 and WWE tried a storyline with Mr. McMahon getting into his limousine, only for it to explode. McMahon was presumed dead and the storyline was followed out so perfectly that WWE's corporate office had to issue an official statement denying McMahon's actual death.

Two weeks later, a three-hour RAW planned to be a "memorial" for McMahon ended up being a tribute for Chris Benoit after his shocking passing the previous weekend. McMahon stood in the ring of an empty arena and broke kayfabe, showing the line from storyline and reality.

This all would lead to McMahon embracing the break in kayfabe and turning his way off television into a selfish cry for help by his character. Years later, it is still talked about who would have been the presumed murderer of Mr. McMahon with Paul London of all people being named as a possibility.

Because of this change in storyline, McMahon had a new storyline put on television with his illegitimate son being revealed. It wasn't a solid storyline, but for having just a few weeks to scramble for something, it did the trick.

It was going to put Mr. Kennedy on a new level as a member of the McMahon family. Internet rumors leaked the result and the answer was changed to Hornswoggle. Thanks, people who love spoilers.

It wasn't until June 2008 that WWE would try again. This was when Mr. McMahon would give away $1,000,000 across the episode of RAW. After a few weeks of this, the stage collapsed, injuring McMahon in a pile of rubble. Surely, this would be the way to end the need for the boss.

We were wrong as McMahon would come back in January 2009 as a part of the Chris Jericho storyline with Stephanie McMahon, as well as get involved with Randy Orton and the WWE Championship at that year's WrestleMania.

The following June (seeing a pattern here?), McMahon would announce the sale of Monday Night RAW to Donald Trump, a man who won a bet with Mr. McMahon at a WrestleMania, forcing Vince to have a shaved head.

Mr. McMahon would eventually buy the show back from Trump, which prompted McMahon to have weekly RAW guest hosts, which we all loved so much. McMahon would appear randomly until Bret Hart was a guest host on January 4, 2010.

After harming Hart, McMahon would have a match at WrestleMania against The Hitman in a losing effort. Hart would become the general manager of RAW, but not have good luck dealing with the debuting Nexus.

After firing Bret Hart as GM, McMahon created the Anonymous RAW GM position on June 22, 2010. Oh, look; it is yet another June date. On that same night, Nexus destroyed Mr. McMahon, which put McMahon in a "coma."

McMahon would not be seen again until February, where he announced that someone would host WrestleMania, which ended up being The Rock. McMahon would also appear during the finale of Tough Enough, greeting winner Andy Leavine with a slap.

McMahon would reappear after CM Punk's comments about him and this storyline that we just took part in took place. It would be the final storyline for McMahon, who was relieved of his duties this past Monday. Monday marked the fifth consecutive year that WWE programming has attempted to write off Mr. McMahon to no avail.

We all know that this isn't anything serious or new. Triple H is already an authority figure backstage and has been for a few years now.

McMahon is also not relieved of all his duties by the WWE Board of Directors, especially since McMahon himself sits alongside of it . Any "doofus" (I'm looking at you, HHH) could go on WWE's corporate website to prove that.

Now that Vince McMahon seems to finally be done with television, McMahon can sit behind the scenes like most CEOs do. It is simply a sad state to see a character essential to the Attitude Era be written off in such a way as to harm the reputation of him in his own house.

McMahon is one of the most infectious personalities in wrestling history as fans could easily sway from one side to another in a moment's notice.

On an episode of RAW without CM Punk and no match for John Cena, pairing Mr. McMahon with that loss will give enough moisture. WWE as a whole also appeared weaker as Sin Cara, the first major person signed by HHH, ironically, tries to serve his suspension for violating the Wellness Policy.

In reality, HHH has been running things backstage for a lot longer than the last few days. While we can't know for sure all that has happened since HHH began to have more power, we know that in the past few weeks, CM Punk walked out of WWE, Chavo Guerrero asked for his release and HHH's pet project of signed talent was caught taking steroids.

Mercilessly, Vince McMahon ended his television career this past Monday. WWE would later retract Vince being relieved of his duties, reminding us that he was still Chairman and CEO of the company, but that he was no longer "Chairman of the Board for RAW." I, too, can make up job titles, WWE. The company is basically pulling Vince and the character of "Mr. McMahon" off of television.

However, they have been trying for years to do so and I have been shown so many ways for McMahon to be written off. Is this really the last time we will see Vince McMahon on television?


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