WWE News: Vince McMahon Fired by the Board of Directors; Triple H New CEO

Bryan FloryAnalyst IJuly 19, 2011

There was breaking news at the end of Raw just when we all thought that the Miz would face Rey Mysterio for the WWE Title.

Vince McMahon interrupted the match and said that the match would take place next week, because he had something more important to do.

Vince then called out John Cena to fire him, as was expected.

What was not expected was that Triple H returned to announce that the Board of Directors had a meeting this morning, and they voted to relieve Vince of his duties and replace him with Triple H.

No word if this is a storyline or actually true (because this would have to be public knowledge if it were true, since WWE is a public company).

But nonetheless, it is a way to keep people interested without CM Punk, as Triple H will apparently be involved in daily on-camera action now.

More to come as information is available.

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