The Top 10 Funniest Interviews with Rafael Nadal

Jeff Cohn@jeff_cohnCorrespondent IIIJuly 18, 2011

The Top 10 Funniest Interviews with Rafael Nadal

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    Anybody who has heard Rafael Nadal speak in an interview is accustomed to his most frequently used phrase: "Well for sure, no?"

    But, the King of Clay has come up with many other laughable lines over the years as well.

    Rafael Nadal means no harm off the tennis court. He constantly commends his fellow players and says how good they are, even when he himself would beat them in comfortable fashion.

    He is also very humble when speaking about how good he is at the game of tennis.

    The almost-too-niceness that he displays makes the things he says funny sometimes.

    He has been learning English over the years, but he still has trouble conveying his ideas properly in the English language. This also makes several things that he says comical.

    The following videos are Rafael Nadal's top 10 most hilarious interviews or sayings from his career, in order from least funny to funniest. You should enjoy for sure, no?

10. Rafa Da Vinci

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    The small grammatical errors he produces turn out to be funny, and usually it just sounds incorrect when people do that.

    With Nadal, we are used to it and appreciate it.

    Oh, and I watch films instead of reading books as well, Rafa.

9. Rafael Nadal: The Destroyer

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    This is the first of many interviews with Jim Courier, since the interviews he conducts are very entertaining and funny.

    This video was from the 2011 Australian Open, after Nadal beat home-favorite Bernard Tomic in the third round.

    Start at 1:47 and play until three minutes in.

8. Where Is the Love?

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    After Nadal beat Gael Monfils at the U.S. Open, he went to change clothes on the court just as he always does after a match.

    A crazed male fan jumped onto the court from the court-side seats and ran over to Rafa to give him a hug and kiss him. Rafa seemed to enjoy it although it was a major security breach, as the man was taken off court immediately and arrested.

    He was asked about what happened in this press conference.

7. Nadal's Body (Part 1)

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    Many athletes would agree that his body is near-perfect, but that isn't the way Rafa intended to describe how he was feeling.

    Once again, the way he says it with such humbleness makes for a hilarious contradiction.

6. Nadal's Body (Part 2)

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    Women around the world all love to admire Rafa's physical traits, and he is well aware of that fact.

5. Rafael Nadal Is Still No. 2 Today

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    After slaughtering Roger Federer in the 2008 French Open final, he still acknowledged that he was not the better player at the time.

    His honesty about his ranking is incredibly sincere, yet the way he says it is hilarious.

    Start at 1:34.

4. Technical Issues Meet Rafa

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    After his tough loss to Novak Djokovic in the 2011 Wimbledon final, he wasn't comforted any when the microphones for his interview malfunctioned.

    There are two funny things about this video:

    1. He switches words around and winds up saying some highly suggestive things about Nole.

    2. The repetitive "hello" that he throws around is funny, especially when the viewer at home could hear everything he was saying while the Wimbledon crowd couldn't hear a thing.

3. Rafa on Video Games (Part 1)

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    This is perhaps a funnier video than the next one, but it happened first and explains a little bit of the following video, so it is listed first.

    Just watch the whole thing—there are too many jokes to explain.

2. Rafa on Video Games (Part 2)

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    Once again—too many quotable phrases to list.

    Start at 2:53 and watch the rest of the interview from there.

1. Federer and Nadal: Rivals?

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    This laugh-a-palooza still cracks me up to this very day, even though I've seen it so many times.

    These two have a very special rivalry, but an unusually special friendship off the court as well.

    Just looking at Rafa's innocent face in person would probably make me laugh nonstop, too, so I can't blame Roger Federer for that.

    I hope you've enjoyed Rafael Nadal's comedy act.