The 10 Worst Athlete Acting Performances of All Time

Bell Malley@milesmalleyAnalyst IIIJuly 30, 2011

The 10 Worst Athlete Acting Performances of All Time

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    Athletes are amazing at what they do, or else, evidently, they wouldn't be athletes at the professional level that they are in. Athletes crave all the attention they get from playing sports.

    Sometimes, though, because of all the high praise they receive for their tremendous athletic skills, they view themselves above the rest in all aspects; they consider themselves the best at more than they really are.

    This is why, sadly, we have been forced to listen to Shaq, Ron Artest and Allen Iverson try their hands at rap.

    For this same reason, many an athlete has tried his hand at acting. Some—don't get me wrong—actually do fairly well (very rarely, though), but most of the time, their skills stop with their athletic abilities and don't translate to the big screen.

    Some are so bad it can give you a general distaste for the whole movie; thus, we present to you the 10 worst athlete acting performances of all time.

    Hope you enjoy.

10: Brett Favre in There's Something About Mary

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    Listen, I know people may disagree, because his scene was literally one minute long. But have you ever seen a worse delivered, and more seemingly rehearsed, line than Favre's?

    Sorry, the trailer doesn't even include the scene, but i scourged through youtube clips and couldn't find his scene. I'm sure most people have seen this classic though, so it doesn't matter that much.

9: Michael Jordan in Space Jam

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    Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player to ever play. Michael Jordan is not, though, the greatest actor to ever act.

    It seemed like a match made in heaven: the highest profile athlete with the highest profile Disney Animation profile. And the movie did have relative success, but that was because of the magnitude of Jordan's fame; definitely not because of his acting skills.

    As lovable of a movie as this is, Jordan's role is certainly deservant of a spot on this list.

8: The Rock in Game Plan

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    You're getting better Rock. At least you're not single handedly destroying movies like you used to. 

    The Game Plan, for a younger audience, isn't actually that bad of an idea; it's cute, and the little girl who played the daughter was talented for her age. But the Rock, who as an athlete was unbelievable, really should not have stepped into the acting scene in this movie.

    Watching such a legendary tough guy get sucked into this kind of role was frankly embarrassing. Not a great career decision by the Rock's part.

7: OJ Simpson in the Naked Gun Trilogy

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    I'm going to be honest---I loved the Naked Gun Trilogy. I thought they were hysterically funny, and had some hidden gem acting scenes and word play that were brilliant.

    On the same token, I thought it was a gigantic mistake, other than the publicity it was surely brought, to bring O.J. Simpson into these movies. 

    Sure some people liked seeing him there, but his acting was as bad as it was during his own trial. 

6: Hulk Hogan in Thunder in Paradise

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    Hulk Hogan, like Rock, is another tough guy who thought his dominance in his respective spot would translate into acting success.

    His reality TV series got pretty good numbers (though bad reviews and personally, I find it ridiculously stupid), but his acting in movies, primarily Thunder In Paradise, was ripped apart from critics all over.

    A watchable movie at best.

5: Dennis Rodman in Simon Sez

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    Actually, because of his crazy personality and on court antics, I thought that Rodman was one of the few athletes capable of putting in a good performance. How wrong I was...

    The movie itself has a pretty bad script, and wasn't that good, but that can only be slightly correlated to Dennis Rodman's performance. Everything he said looked so memorized, and his acting lacked any flow or creativity; basically the opposite of his game.

4: Howie Long in Firestorm

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    In this movie Long portrays a smokejumper, trying to stop criminals of finding money hidden in the forest. What I found criminal was the former ends' acting performance.

    The movie could have been relatively good, but Howie Long didn't live up to the potential that the director saw in a defensive end (??)

    All in all, a pretty dismal performance. 

3: Brian Bosworth in Stone Cold

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    I'll let the trailer speak for itself...stay out of acting Bosworth. Become a bad to mediocre commentator like most ex football players who want to stay relevant. Please. 

2: Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Destroyer

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    I won't lie...I thought Arnold (really don't feel like writing his last name) was very good in Twins, and memorable in Terminator. 

    But in both Conan movies (the barbarian and the destroyer) he was dreadful. Conan the Destroyer was one of the cheesiest, and worst action movies of the last three decades. 

    Arnold's muscles obviously wooed girls, but didn't do quite enough for movie critics, who teared this apart. 

1: Shaquille O'Neal in Kazaam

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    As bad as Shaq's normal raps are, at least they're funny. His raps in the movie, and his overall acting, is just plain awful.

    Though his acting in Blue Chips was far from great, I'll give him credit for not destroying the movie. Here, there are no words bad enough to describe his acting.

    I love Shaq, but that might just fade if he ruins a perfectly good day with an acting performance this bad again.

    The worst athlete acting performance...yet. 

    Please leave your own opinions; and hope you enjoyed!