WWE: Ranking the Top 25 Current Superstars on Their In-Ring Ability

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIJuly 14, 2011

WWE: Ranking the Top 25 Current Superstars on Their In-Ring Ability

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    Welcome, Bleachers, to what should be a slideshow full of debate and controversy.

    I am going to rank the top 25 current WWE superstars solely on their in-ring ability. I will look at each superstar and try to be as unbiased as possible.

    Remember that this is a listing of superstars based on ability—no strength, power, gimmick or anything else.

25. Justin Gabriel

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    Gabriel is only at 25 because his partner seems to hold him down in the ring. Gabriel has all the talent in the world, but I want to see him in some one-on-one matches.

    If he gets rid of Heath Slater, Gabriel will be in the top 10 of this list.

24. John Cena

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    "What! John Cena has no in-ring ability at all! This Nate Scaccia guy is terrible!"

    Before you use the "Cena only knows four moves line," think about how good he was when he was the "Chain Gang Rapper." Everyone was a Cena fan because he was an edgier character and was fresh and exciting.

    Times have changed, and now Cena is "SuperCena". His lack of moves isn't his fault. It's the way the WWE books him.

23. Randy Orton

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    For the reasoning behind his place, you can use everything I said In John Cena's slide. Orton has been turned into Cena, version two.

    But remember when he was in Evolution? He was exciting, and everyone had high hopes for him.

    He proved everyone right and became a World Champion multiple times. The WWE has booked him to be a "John Cena" on the Smackdown brand.

22. Rey Mysterio

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    Years ago, Mysterio would have been in the top five of this list. He has gotten older, and his ability has suffered. That's not to say he can't be good in the ring any more, but he has just been turned into someone the fans are getting bored with.

    He has had the same "underdog" gimmick for years. After you win the World Heavyweight Championship and defeat just about every "Goliath" superstar, can you really be called an underdog?

21. William Regal

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    Regal was, and still is, a very good technical wrestler. Regal could still go toe to toe with anyone in the ring. He has gotten older and is no longer an "active" in-ring superstar.

    With that said, his abilities need to be recognized, so he lands at 21 on this list.

20. Santino Marella

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    This is another case where WWE booking ruins a superstar's ability to perform. Marella, believe it or not, is a very good wrestler and has above average in-ring skills. We don't see these skills that often because he is to busy doing The Cobra.

    But trust me, under that Italian comedy act is an above-average wrestler.

19. Natalya

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    The first diva to appear on the list. Natalya is one of the best divas, ability-wise, in the WWE today.

18. Zack Ryder

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    Unless you watch WWE Superstars, you may be wondering why Ryder is on this list. Ryder has ability, and he should be receiving a push very soon from the WWE.

    If his push goes well, I see Ryder winning multiple Intercontinental/United States Championships in his career.

17. and 16. Jimmy and Jey Uso

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    Since they are just now getting to show off their abilities, it will be interesting to see how far they can go in the WWE.

    I haven't seen enough of these two to decide which one goes at 17 and at 16, so I will let you guys figure that out.

15. Beth Phoenix

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    Beth Phoenix is a very technically sound diva. Most of the time she is trying to make her opponent look good in the ring. When Phoenix is in a match, it is obvious how much more she can do in the ring than her opponents can.

14. Gail Kim

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    The reason you may not know who Gail Kim is once again comes down to WWE booking. Kim is not given any chance to shine in the WWE, but when she is given the chance, she will leave you speechless.

13. Christian

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    Christian is a very good wrestler for his age. While it is obvious he is slowing down and losing some of his skill, Christian still has very good in-ring ability.

12. Alberto Del Rio

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    Del Rio seems to have all the skills it takes to become a WWE Champion. Nothing more can be said really. Del Rio is good in the ring, and that is why he lands at No. 12.

11. Alex Riley

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    Time will tell how much ability this youngster has. Riley has shown flashes of greatness in the ring, and I hope it continues.

10. Drew McIntyre

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    Once again WWE booking ruins the way a superstar looks in the ring. McIntyre has all the potential to be great in the WWE. In a year or so, he will be one of the main guys in the WWE.

No. 9 Kharma

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    She hasn't been able to showcase her talents in the WWE yet, but when she returns you will see why she is No. 9 on this list.

8. Evan Bourne

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    The high-flying Evan Bourne is one of the quickest superstars in the WWE today. If he ever gets a title run of some kind, it should be an exciting one.

7. Sin Cara

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    "He botches too many moves."

    "He can't speak English."

    Despite those problems, Sin Cara has still captivated the WWE audience. Cara is adjusting to the "American" style of wrestling. Give him some time, and he should be able to compete without any botches.

6. Sheamus

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    Sheamus has great in-ring ability. He was pushed to the top too quickly, but he has rebounded since then. Sheamus will be in the WWE for a long time and will win many more World Championships.

5. Wade Barrett

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    Wade Barrett is just like Sheamus. Both men are good in the ring and have the other skills it takes to become a World Champion. Barrett is overdue for his World Championship, but it shouldn't be long before he gets his first one.

4. Tie Between Kofi Kingston and John Morrison

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    Both of these men are good in the ring. Both of these men deserve a main-event push. For one reason or the other, neither of these two have gotten what they deserve quite yet. Since they are so much alike, I couldn't put one above the other.

3. Daniel Bryan

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    Another guy who deserves to get more than what he has. In the WWE, talent and ability isn't everything. If it was everything, Daniel Bryan would be your WWE Champion.

2. Tie Between Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler

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    These two guys are also very much alike. Rhodes and Ziggler are both great in the ring, and they will only get better in time. There is a good possibility that in five years the WWE Champion will be Rhodes, and the World Heavy Weight Champion will be Ziggler.

    There is also a good possibility it might not take five years for this to happen.

1. CM Punk

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    No, I am not jumping on the CM Punk bandwagon. I have always been a Punk fan, and it is obvious that he is the best wrestler in the WWE today.


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    That concludes my list of the "Top 25 Current WWE Superstars Based on In-Ring Ability."

    Who should have been included in this list? Who should be kicked off?

    Leave you comments below.

    Thanks for reading.