Aaron Rodgers: Top 5 Women He Is NOT Dating

Michael KimbleContributor IIIJuly 12, 2011

Aaron Rodgers: Top 5 Women He Is NOT Dating

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    Aaron Rodgers has been linked romantically to many different celebrity women. However, while rumors have spread regarding his love life, there is very little evidence to support that he is actually with these women, as many times these rumors sprout when he is simply in a female celebrity's company in public. In addition, Rodgers has denied any and all of these romantic pairings, obviously making these rumors quite questionable in their validity.

    This article will look at the many women that Rodgers has been paired with, and how valid these rumors really are.

5. Julie Henderson

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    In 2009, Rodgers was reported to have been seen with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Julie Henderson.

    Evidence For: Rodgers was seen going to dinner with Henderson in New York City and 'cozying up' to her, as the New York Post reported.

    Evidence Against: According to Wisconsin sportswriter Jason Wilde, Rodgers denied the rumor. This would be the first in many denials Rodgers would have to give.

4. Hillary Scott

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    Rodgers was also seen numerous times with the lead singer of Lady Antebellum, and yet another Internet rumor was started.

    Evidence For: Rodgers was seen fairly often with Scott, particularly in Vegas where several compromising photos of them were taken.

    Evidence Against: These "compromising" (and blurry) photographs are simply them talking to each other. Again, very little evidence given the number of articles written about them as a 'couple.'

3. Mila Kunis

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    Another rumor spread by the New York Post, Rodgers was linked to Mila Kunis, who is starring in the new movie "Friends with Benefits".

    Evidence For: Rodgers was seen with her at a Hollywood party.

    Evidence Against: Apparently, he was actually with another celebrity, Jessica Szhor (who we will get to later). And in addition, Rodgers denied the rumors through Twitter.

2. Erin Andrews

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    Aaron Rodgers was also said to be have been spotted with ESPN Sideline reporter Erin Andrews.

    Evidence For: Obviously, they have similar interests. Also, she was apparently spotted with him in Green Bay having lunch with him.

    Evidence Against: Rodgers didn't necessarily deny this one, but said that it 'wasn't anyone's business'. So it's possible this one could have some validity to it. But again, this is a rumor that appears to be based on flimsy evidence of a possible lunch date in Wisconsin.

1. Jessica Szohr

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    Of all the Internet rumors, this is the one that appears to get the most attention, and have the most validity. This rumor was even mentioned nationally, when ESPN First Take analyst Skip Bayless speculated that Rodgers was dating "a wild child 'Gossip Girl.'"

    Evidence For: Szohr is apparently from Wisconsin, and has been to multiple Packers games, both home and away games. There were also alot of sightings of the two, particularly during his Super Bowl run.

    Evidence Against: In April, Rodgers' family actually identified the woman Rodgers has been seeing for years, a girl he met at church camp named Destiny Newton. So after all this time, he is not dating a celebrity, he is dating his high school sweetheart. Case Closed. (Of course, this could be just another Internet rumor, as well. We'll never truly know)

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