Money in the Bank: Why R-Truth or Alberto Del Rio Will Leave Chicago with Gold

Dakotah Horace@32OrtonEdge32dhContributor IJuly 11, 2011

Who will win this year?
Who will win this year?

The way I see it, there are only three possibilities for this year's Money in the Bank. 

I am almost positive that one of these will happen, but I'm sure we all know how WWE can drop the ball. 

1. Alberto Del Rio wins.

Simple.  Ever since even before his debut, ADR has been hyped to be a future champion, and I feel the time is now.  His "destiny" gimmick is about as stale as a 10-year-old cracker, and WWE needs to toss it. 

I envision ADR versus John Cena at SummerSlam. 

ADR has Cena beat down, then Cena, instead of hulking up as usual, pulls a possum pin and wins.  ADR is pissed, Cena's still too weak to stand.  The briefcase is cashed in and Cena taps out to Del Rio's cross arm-breaker. 

This will provide a nice Cena-Del Rio feud that I can see going places.

2. The Miz wins.

Hear me out. 

The Miz would be the second repeat winner in history after CM Punk.  That's another accomplishment to brag about, and it sounds a hell of a lot better than "the most must-see champion." 

But, I want him to lose the match. He can win more later, he's only 30.  And no, I'm not a Miz hater.  In fact, I was aboard the Mizfit train before most. 

I think we need someone to lose just so we don't fall into a rut of piss-poor excuses for matches where the champ just won a grueling match and then the MITB winner goes out, does his finisher and leaves with the gold. 

It's getting pretty old, and we need excitement.  No one wants to see the same match every year (or depending on how long they don't cash in, twice a year).

3. R-Truth wins.

Ever since this new "crazy" gimmick started, it became clear to me that the Truth needed gold.  He plays his character perfectly, and can put on a great match when he doesn't take breaks for water and a smoke. 

I can see him cashing in on whoever wins at SummerSlam—or even the same night that he wins the case.  It would be perfect: "The conspiracy is over?  How ya feel about THAT, little Jimmy?  You got GOT!"

Of course, it's entirely possible that none of these things happen.  But one can only hope.  Please respond with your thoughts or any errors I made.


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