World Football: 10 Footballers and Their Celebrity Lookalikes

James WillisAnalyst IJuly 6, 2011

World Football: 10 Footballers and Their Celebrity Lookalikes

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    So, 10 footballers and their lookalikes. Where to begin?

    For a long time people pointed out lookalikes while watching football. Some stretch the imagination slightly further than others.

    How often, though, does anyone actually bother comparing pictures of footballers and their "lookalike" celebrities?

    Well apparently someone now has. Turns out, that someone's me, and I find very little more exciting than good lookalikes.

    Alright, so that's not strictly true. There are a lot of things that are a lot more exciting, but just for proof that footballers do have lookalikes that don't stretch the imagination to extreme lengths, here are 10 footballers and their surprisingly close lookalikes.

Chicharito/Bruno Mars

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    Have you ever seen these two in the same room? Well, no, and there's a reason for that. Because Bruno Mars has never publicly admitted to wanting to serenade Chicharito, aka Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez.

    Also, though, they do look quite alike. Perhaps if Bruno Mars trimmed his hair ever so slightly, grew a bit taller and threw on a Manchester United or Mexico shirt then it could be even more evident.

    This is one of the most common lookalikes in the Premier League, with someone pointing it out at least every day. Still, I'm sure they can be forgiven. The resemblance is uncanny.

Georgios Samaras/Freddie Mercury

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    Perhaps a slightly less popular one to notice, but still equally true.

    Georgios Samaras, the Greek striker for Celtic, looks exactly like Freddie Mercury, the somehow remotely English singer from Queen.

    Although they'll only look like each other for as long as Samaras keeps his hair long.

    To be honest though, as long as we don't ever see Samaras dressed up in drag, dancing during his housework, the world will just be a better place.

Fabio Capello/Heston Blumenthal

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    The pair of them look completely crazy. Enough said, really.

    Fabio Capello was crazy enough to take on the job that has completely destroyed countless managers' careers, and Heston Blumenthal is simply crazy, with half the things he cooks.

    Obviously you'd need to make sure Capello shaved his head first to see if the comparison would truly work, but there is a striking resemblance.

Xavi/Josh Radnor

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    For those of you who don't know, Josh Radnor acts the title character in the popular TV sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. Actually, I should rephrase that or it sounds like he acts the mother—he actually acts the main character in the show.

    Xavier Hernandez acts as the "behind the scenes" saviour for Barcelona and Spain. Well, that was until he was finally noticed for his efforts on a global scale during Euro 2008 when he was named player of the tournament.

    I think the only thing that would stop people from noticing the two had switched would be Barcelona's drop in performance—and How I Met Your Mother would need to be subtitled.

Diego Forlan/Gene Wilder

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    Perhaps a little bit of a stretch depending on which pictures and which era you choose. But more recently Diego Forlan looks very similar to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's Gene Wilder.

    I'm sure Forlan won't mind being compared to a comedy icon, even if it is just for looks, and I think Wilder would probably be even happier about being compared to an athlete.

    Still, the two bear a striking resemblance from the right era, so perhaps if there's ever a Uruguayan spin on the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story, then perhaps Forlan has his post-football career sorted?

Fernando Torres/Bruno

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    Okay, so on a sporting level the pair aren't too similar (Obvious joke alert) because Bruno would probably have scored more than one goal for Chelsea by now.

    Anyway, enough of my unbelievable sense of humour. The pair do actually bear quite an embarrassing resemblance as well.

    Perhaps Sacha Baron-Cohen made sure he modeled Bruno on Fernando Torres, or perhaps it just shows Torres needs to spend more time on his sport than his appearance.

Marouane Fellaini/Screech

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    Where are they now? The Saved by the Bell edition.

    Well apparently, Screech (Dustin Diamond)  has gone on to become a successful footballer for both Everton and Belgium. He's also decided to impersonate his childhood hero, Carlos Valderrama.

    Alright, so I doubt Valderrama's actually either Screech's or Fellaini's childhood hero, as good of a player as he was. But if you did take Screech out of Saved by the Bell and threw him into football, there's no denying what he would look like after a few more years.

Dimitar Berbatov/Andy Garcia

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    Perhaps it's the picture, perhaps it's just actually true. Dimitar Berbatov could well have been Andy Garcia's conjoined twin at birth who was later removed. A quick change of name so he didn't ride his brother's coat tails to success, and voilà.

    For those who haven't quite gotten the layout of this slideshow yet, I'd like to add here they are not actually twins. You should not go writing that down at any pub quizzes.

    If they did have to be twins though, or brothers at least, they could probably pull it off, despite their different accents.

Chris Kamara/Lionel Richie

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    Who would've thought that it would be Lionel Richie smiling in the lookalike picture and not Chris Kamara?

    Football's resident commentary clown, loved by millions, looks like a dead ringer for the old Motown singer Richie.

    Perhaps if it all goes tear-shaped for Kamara, he could join a lookalike agency as his arguably more famous, well, lookalike? Or vice versa, if Richie happens to follow football?

Neil Warnock/Mrs. Doubtfire

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    No wonder they didn't recognise their dad for so long in that film. Just to make filming easier, and makeup cheaper, they apparently had Robin Williams act his own parts in the movie, and Neil Warnock acted the "Mrs. Doubtfire" parts.

    At least that's what they should've done. It would have made the movie even more of a success financially.

    After his Hollywood career failed to take off, Warnock moved to England to make the most of his talent as a football manager. Well, that's what I like to believe, anyway.