WWA: The Worst Now Defunct International Wrestling Promotion

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Worst Defunct International Wrestling Promotion

WWA are the initials for the international promotion World Wrestling All-Stars.

The WWA was founded in Australia by Andrew McManus in 2001. The WWA was one of many promotions to start after the demise of WCW and ECW.

WWA was founded in October of 2001 and became defunct by May of 2003.

Current TNA announcer and non-wrestling personality Jeremy Borash was assigned as the booker and head of talent.

Wrestlers like Jeff Jarrett, Sting, Road Dogg, Scott Steiner, Jerry Lynn, Lex Luger, Stevie Ray, Sabu, Rick Steiner, Psicosis, Devon Storm, Juventud Guerrera, Shane Douglas, Buff Bagwell and Disco Inferno were mainstays in the promotion.

The WWA also signed AJ Styles, Kazarian, Shark Boy and Christopher Daniels. However, such talent like Jarrett, Sting, Road Dogg and Scott Steiner were constantly in the main event.

Most WWA pay-per-view events were criticized for their short matches that weren't put on to their fullest potential and comical story lines. 

On February 24, 2002, the WWA had their first and only pay-per-view event in the United States. Their pay-per-view was called The Revolution and took place in Las Vegas.

Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Randy Savage were advertised for the event but never showed up. Savage was even advertised for a World title match against Jarrett.

Three or four of the matches on the card lasted no longer than five minutes. Most of the pay-per-view matches were squash matches.

The WWA would lose its biggest draws in Jarrett, Scott Steiner and Eddie Guerrero to the WWF or TNA.

Their planned Australian tour was postponed due to injuries or poor ticket sales. The WWA claims the reason for postponing the tour was because of injuries. It is believed the tour was actually moved due to very poor ticket sales.

Either reason would make the promotion look bad. Not staying healthy or not selling tickets.

Retribution was the fourth pay-per-view and it only lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Lex Luger was booked in the main event, despite being in being "badly out of shape." Luger refused to wrestle for even five minutes. He didn't care if it was a main event world title match.

The main event for Retribution was Lex Luger vs. Sting for the WWA Heavyweight Championship. The match only lasted for about seven minutes. Most of the match was said to have been Luger pacing around, dodging any action.

May 2003 was the final WWA show. The decision was made to end the show.

Chris Sabin united the WWA Cruiserweight title with the TNA X Division title and Jeff Jarrett united the WWA World title with the NWA title.

The WWA is the worst now defunct international wrestling promotion for a number of reasons:

  1. The matches were far too short.
  2. No young talent received a push.
  3. Their pay-per-view events had short matches and were rarely two hours long. The amount of wrestling was incredibly out-weighed by the amount of promos.
  4. There was too many comical story lines.
  5. Jeff Jarrett was the "top star." This would feed his ego.
  6. (IWC hates this one) The "old people" received main-event pushes.

The WWA served as a home for all the previous WCW and ECW wrestlers. WWA was like a pro wrestling retirement home.

You'd be lucky to find a WWA match that lasted more than five or seven minutes.

The production of the shows was terrible. There was no replays or split-screen shots shown. The main event was constantly hogged by older stars who were past their prime (Jarrett, Sting, Steiner.)

The promotion gave empty promises like the debuts of Nash, Hall and Savage.

The WWA was just an entirely crappy promotion and idea. I don't understand how they survived for more than two years.

Their booking, matches, promos, story lines and production was horrible.  

RIP World Wrestling All-Stars: October 2001 - May 2003.

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